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What’s up with the Yankees’ ‘Thumbs Down’ celebration?

Yankees Thumbs Down Gesture

If you’ve just started watching the New York Yankees in the postseason, you may have seen the players showing thumbs down after good plays, hits, and home runs. So why are the Yankees doing that? Where other teams use the spotlight, long-distance high-five or other obviously positive gestures to show appreciation for teammates’ awesome feats, the Yankees were given a ...

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Chicago Cubs SHOCK Nationals With 9-8 NLDS Win

When we last left the Chicago Cubs following Wednesday’s butt-ugly loss at rainy Wrigley Field, they looked like a demoralized bunch who would only go through the motions in game five against the Washington Nationals. But that’s why they play the games. The Nats were riding high after a dominant performance by flu-stricken ace pitcher Stephen Strasburg and had the ...

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Stricken Strasburg Comes up HUGE as Nationals Push Cubs to Brink of Elimination

In one of the most gutty performances in the annals of postseason sports, Washington Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg shrugged off the flu and threw the game of his career on Wednesday afternoon in rainy and dreary Wrigley Field against the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs. It had been reported that Strasburg was as sick as a dog and wouldn’t ...

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ANTIFA Cell Unfurls ‘Racism is as American as Baseball’ Banner During Red Sox Game

Now that pro football has been completely ruined thanks to national anthem protests and race-baiters belonging to the cult of Kaepernick, the radical left is trying to trash baseball as well. The sport has long been dubbed “America’s pastime” and often invoked as being as American as mom and apple pie, and according to a motley crew of trouble makers ...

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Team Nickname Activist Faces Charges of Stealing Native American Grant Money

Ever since the beginning of the Barack Obama era, cashing in off of festering racial grievances has been a booming business. Thanks to Barry and his reliance on the exploitation of racial divides for political gain, the nation has been set back decades in race relations. One area that has attracted plenty of profiteers and grifters is the push to ...

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Houston Astros Don’t Miss a Beat, Clobber Twins After All-Star Break

The Houston Astros picked up right where they left off prior to the MLB All-Star Break. Last Sunday, the Astros destroyed the Toronto Blue Jays by a 19-1 score and an American League leading 60 wins. On Friday, in their first game back from the four-day break, they ran their total to 61 by clobbering the hapless Minnesota Twins by ...

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Aaron Judge Breaks Joe DiMaggio’s Rookie Home Run Record

New York Yankees star rookie Aaron Judge was already well on the way to sports stardom with his ability to blast the baseball halfway to the Moon but he has now taken a giant step towards immortality. On Friday, Judge slammed his 30th home run of the season in a home loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. The shot to deep ...

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