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Texas Rep’s Gohmert and Fallon Destroy Woke Fascism in Newsmax Interview

Reps Louie Gohmert and Pat Fallon both appeared in an interview together on Newsmax where they were discussing the recent voter ID moves by various states. One subject specifically discussed was the decision by Major League Baseball to move the all-start game from Georgia to Colorado.

Rep. Gohmert was asked about the push back on the Texas law that has been proposed, similar to that of Texas. He said that the organizations that spoke out against the law were either racist to the max or that there was no issue with the law based on how those businesses operate. He said there was nothing racist about the bills, but there was one additional professional sport that he would not watch this year.

After the Newsmax host shared how expansive the Georgia law was in expanding access to voting compared to New York and New Jersey, Rep. Fowler said that what was being said reminded him of the quote in hoping the alligator would eat you last. He spoke about how Republicans and conservatives were the ones defending corporations from the woke agenda and that they were stabbing them in the back.

Fowler did not hide his feelings as he continued his comments. He said that this was simply woke fascism that cannot be tolerated. He said the law does not make it more difficult to vote, but that it makes it more difficult to cheat.

Gohmert continued saying that these major sports were cutting off their noses despite their face. He said that they were destroying their fan base as the woke fascists come after them. Gohmert said that he would like to see someone get into talk to the CEO of Dell Computers without a photo ID. That the arguments that the company is making is simply ridiculous.

What the two Texas Representatives said is entirely true. These businesses are simply out of touch with what is taking place in American culture. They want to overlook their own ID rules, while insisting that ID rules are racist. You can see the full comments in the video below.

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