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Political Correctness Wins as Cleveland Indians Do Away With Chief Wahoo

Last summer’s Supreme Court ruling which decided that “offensive” trademarks were protected free speech would have seemed to lead to an end to the madness of the left’s war on team mascots and nicknames. While the Washington Redskins were victorious against the cultural cleansers who had brought in the feds to force the team to change its name, fascism never ...

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MLB Postseason Wednesday: Current Standings, Who’s Playing and Where to Watch

Cubs - Nationals game 3

Update: The Washington @ Chicago game from Tuesday was postponed due to weather and will be played at 4 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 11. Two matchups are featured in Wednesday’s MLB playoff schedule as the Chicago Cubs face the Washington Nationals at Wrigley Field for game 4 of their division series and the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians fight for ...

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MLB Post Season Monday: Who’s Playing and Where to Watch

MLB logo (600 x 371)

Monday’s MLB playoff schedule features three games that could send a team packing and one that is still neck-and-neck in a full afternoon/evening of baseball. The Houston Astros and New York Yankees both failed to seal the fate of their opponents on Sunday, but they get another chance to do so as they face the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland ...

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MLB Post Season Sunday: Who’s Playing and Where to Watch

MLB logo (600 x 371)

Major League Baseball postseason games have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of baseball’s top teams and Sunday’s schedule sets up two of them to go home. The Cleveland Indians have bested the New York Yankees in the best of five MLB ALDS series two games to zero thanks in part to an errant base-on-balls call that led to a 4-run ...

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Yankees and Red Sox Both Head Home in Deep Holes Following Road Losses

The Boston Red Sox were unable to find an answer for the formidable postseason surge of the Houston Astros and after Thursday’s 8-2 beating were clubbed like baby seals again in Friday’s early ALDS game. The Astros are firing on all cylinders now and once again chased Boston’s starting pitcher early. Lefty Drew Pomeranz was given the hook after allowing ...

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Team Nickname Activist Faces Charges of Stealing Native American Grant Money

Ever since the beginning of the Barack Obama era, cashing in off of festering racial grievances has been a booming business. Thanks to Barry and his reliance on the exploitation of racial divides for political gain, the nation has been set back decades in race relations. One area that has attracted plenty of profiteers and grifters is the push to ...

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