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Underwhelming Anti-Trump Tax Protests May Be Last Gasp for Zombie Resistance

Shortly after hordes of brain dead zombies marveled at the military might of North Korean despot Kim Jong-un during a Pyongyang missile parade, their brainless American counterparts marched on Washington and in other cities to demand that President Trump release his tax returns.

The left’s heavily promoted “Tax March” didn’t turn out hundreds of thousands like the great inauguration weekend choreographed pink pussy hat uprising did but it attracted the usual gaggle of die hard loons, jackleg con artists, identity politics grifters and half-baked Democratic party crackpots.

While the turnout was underwhelming – as was the media coverage – the Hillary dead-enders and hardened anti-Trumpers who worship at the altar of Michael Moore showed up with much enthusiasm on Saturday.

As reported by The Hill “Thousands turn out at rallies demanding Trump release tax returns”:

Thousands of people turned out Saturday at rallies across the country demanding that President Trump release his tax returns.

More than 25,000 people turned out to a rally in Washington, D.C., the Tax March group said in a statement. Local news outlets in cities including Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago reported that thousands of protesters came to their marches as well.

Organizers for the rallies had previously predicted a turnout of around 100,000 nationwide, though the actual turnout was unclear, estimated roughly in the tens of thousands.

Democratic lawmakers joined protests in D.C. and various celebrities made appearances at the rally in New York calling on Trump to release his tax returns, bringing attention to a long-running controversy stemming from his White House campaign.

The tax tantrum is another holdover from the doomed Clinton campaign and has lost more than a bit of its fizzle now that the great Trump-Russia conspiracy has turned out to be a politically motivated bucket of hogwash that has virtually disappeared from the media – and will continue to do so considering that it has always been a big nothingburger.

Much like the “grab her by the pussy” tape, Trump University, the alleged mocking of a handicapped New York Times presstitute, the Khizr Khan tempest in a teapot and at least a dozen other phony scandals the tax return crisis is yet another zombie attack on Trump – still shuffling around despite the devoid souls of the participants.

But it did provide moonbat Maxine Waters who should have long ago been packed off to the funny farm another national forum to fulminate against Trump and the woman who is the biggest nut in the can for the Dems did not disappoint.

Message to Democrats, if all you’ve got is a flaccid failure of a tax return scandal and babbling grannie Waters then you are in very serious trouble. Especially when the crowds continue to shrink to the point where not even haughty resistance commander Michael Moore sees fit to promote the event on his Twitter feed – a staggering illustration of just how little of substance that these moronic dirty tricksters have left in the bag.

While Trump is actually working on the job of being the leader of the free world by seeking to make shredded kimchee out of the North Korean madman, these useful idiots are still acting out in the streets long past the point where real Americans give a damn – if they ever did in the first place.

If the POTUS succeeds in doing the planet a favor and working with China to rid the world Lil’ Kim then it will be interesting to see what TheResistance does when his approval ratings spike to levels along the lines of George H.W. Bush after Gulf War I. Panic would be the first word that comes to mind because it will be too late to alter the plan of attack that the Democrat brain trust has chosen for the 2018 mid-terms. It could be a massacre that makes Custer’s last stand look like a picnic and it’s too late for the opposition party to avert yet another historic electoral catastrophe of their own making.

But that is what awaits the Democrat dumb bunnies who put all of their stinky eggs in one rotting basket instead of actually reaching out to the white working class people who gave their historically malodorous candidate a thumbs down at the ballot box in November.

The Democrat clown cars are speeding towards the edge of the cliff now with the pedal to the metal.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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