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Paranoid Leftist Conspiracy Mongers Now Fear that Trump Will Call Off 2020 Election

The left has spent the last nine months floating around in an alternate universe of denial and Russian conspiracy theories and are ready to burn up during reentry to the reality-based world.

Now it isn’t only that President Donald Trump was working hand-in-hand with the Kremlin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, or that Trump is mentally unfit for office, or that he is going to destroy the planet by threatening North Korea.

It’s even worse!

The lunatic left is now putting on their tinfoil pink pussy hats over the batty and paranoid idea that Trump is planning to delay or even cancel the 2020 election.

This based on a poll reported by the notorious fake news factory at the Washington Post that over half of Republicans would be down with putting off the election if the POTUS requested it.

Via USA Today “Poll: More than half of Republicans would support postponing 2020 election”:

A poll found that 52% of people who identify as or lean Republican said they would support postponing the 2020 election to ensure that only eligible citizens could vote if it was proposed by President Trump.

The survey, conducted by two academics and published in the Washington Post on Thursday, interviewed a sample of 1,325 Americans from June 5-20 and focused on the 650 people who said they were or leaned toward the GOP.

The poll also found that 56% said they would support such action — which would be taken to stop alleged voter fraud — if it was supported by both Trump and Republican members of Congress.

Trump has created a “voter integrity” commission to look at what he perceives as fraud in the U.S. election system. The commission met for the first time last month.

Still, it’s important to note that no Republican politician, including the president, has actually suggested this.

But the poll is highly suspect and not only because the Washington Post is behind feeding it into the echo chamber.

According to Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire:

This headline has, of course, launched a thousand thinkpieces from Leftist media sources who believe that Republicans are all fascists in hiding, ready to emerge and crown Trump monarch of a new United States Kingdom.

There are a few problems with this line of thinking.

First off, this was essentially a push poll: it primed respondents to answer “yes” to the question of postponement by first asking them about the popular vote results and the possibility of voter fraud. Only then were Americans asked about whether or not they supported a possible postponement.

Second, because this was a push poll, Republicans responded to the question they thought they were being asked rather than the question they were being asked. They were asked whether they would support a 2020 election postponement based on Trump’s assertion of voter fraud; they read beyond the question to the motive, and then answered whether they believe voter fraud exists and whether it is a serious problem.

Third, this result neatly parallels a poll from WPA Research in June 2016 that found that 67% of Democrats would take an unconstitutional Obama third term over a Hillary Clinton win. Another poll from the Economist/YouGov in November 2014 found that 39% of Democrats wished the Constitution could be changed to effectuate a third Obama term, including 64% of black respondents.

All of which suggests that (1) Americans can easily be manipulated by polling verbiage; (2) Americans are in favor of rules so long as those rules favor their side; (3) both of the prior two conclusions apply to both sides of the political aisle.

The usual suspects are all over it to whip up a frenzy among the useful idiots of “The Resistance”:

What’s next, that Trump is secretly in control of an army of humanoid lizards that eat transgenders?

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