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Democrats Not Feeling the Love for Incompetent DNC Boss Tom Perez

With the midterm elections just over a year away and the wheels coming off of the Democrat clown car, some are pre-blaming Tom Perez for the coming electoral debacle. Perez was installed by Obama loyalists to hold off Bernie Bro Keith Ellison, a radical firebrand and loose cannon who would transform the DNC after Debbie Wasserman Shultz turned it into ...

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New York Shake Shack to Test Out Robotic Personnel in Blow to $15 Minimum Wage

Commie-lite crackpot Bernie Sanders has become a political force among young, uneducated and unskilled Americans because like the candy man, he is promising them free stuff. Free college tuition, free health insurance and other socialist bennies which someone inevitably has to pay for and it won’t be Bernie’s Bolsheviks. One of the more popular crusades of the socialist left is ...

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Early Poll Shows Bernie Leading the Pack for 2020 Dems as the Left Embraces Socialism

The permanent election cycle just keeps churning on. We have not even hit the one-year mark since the last presidential election and already, the handicappers are placing their early bets on the winning horses in the 2020 race. And it’s Bernie Sanders leading out of the gate. This has now become akin to a football game with the 2018 midterms ...

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Bernie’s Single-Payer Bill Will Lead Democrats Over a Cliff


Senator Bernie Sanders will introduce his single-payer health insurance plan on Wednesday and Democrats are tripping over themselves to sign on. The Democratic party’s who’s who of 2020 presidential hopefuls has signed on to the plan. Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and others have co-sponsored the bill that will likely cause a massive loss of Democrat Congressional ...

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Unhinged Hillary Wanted to Make Voodoo Dolls of Critics

The 512-page outpouring of radioactive bile that is Hillary Clinton’s magnum opus What Happened? was released on Tuesday and the people who are mining it for juicy details are continuing to produce tantalizing tidbits of the workings of a truly diseased mind. Most of the already deeply discounted book that could be more accurately entitled Her Kampf has been a mishmash ...

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Some Dems Wish Hillary Would ‘Just Shut the F*CK Up and Go AWAY

With Hillary Clinton’s return to the national spotlight only days away as she will hit all of the talk shows to promote her delusional account of her election disaster entitled What Happened?, some Democrats aren’t thrilled that she continues to make everything about her. Excerpts of the book have already stirred up internal squabbles between warring factions of the party ...

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Democrat Challenger Calls Out Crazy Bernie’s Phony ‘Robin Hood Shtick’

Two of the more interesting contests to keep an eye in 2018 both involve Democrats. Not only Democrats but the truly deranged progressive ones who have been the leaders of the far-left revolt within the party which is now also being blamed for Hillary Clinton’s loss. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, the fake Indian will be facing off against a REAL Indian ...

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New York Times Op Ed Warns Democrats Over Radical Leftist Shift

It doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to see that the Democratic Party is stumbling leftward like a drug-addled headless jackass and is perilously close to the edge of a cliff. The rise of the so-called Resistance and the rigid dogma of forced diversity as well as a descent into the morass of Russian conspiracy theories has turned normal Americans ...

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Freedom Doesn’t Mean Free Stuff

As we celebrate the 241st birthday of America, a recent survey found that over 70% of people think our Founding Fathers would be unhappy with the state our country today. The Revolutionary War was fought to free ourselves from the tyranny of an English king so that we may live as free people and govern ourselves as we see fit. ...

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Guess Who’s the Subject of an FBI Investigation – It’s Not Trump

burlington college

For all his ranting against capitalist white-collar crime, “progressive”, a.k.a. socialist, Bernie Sanders himself may well have been involved in that type of case. According to an exclusive story posted on VTDigger in April, the FBI is, in fact, investigating allegations that Sanders helped his wife Jane Sanders fraudulently obtain bank loans for Burlington College, an institution no longer in ...

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Democrats Could Be Down for the Count After Montana Special Election Loss

The Democrats continued their losing streak on Thursday when Republican Greg Gianforte prevailed to win the race for the open House seat in Montana’s special election. Gianforte’s victory was the latest in a series of crushing blows for a party that has lost its way politically and has degenerated into a leaderless pack of conspiracy theorists, hatemongers, and babbling fools ...

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The Left Has Become So Deranged that Bernie Sanders is Now Defending Ann Coulter

The Resistance is becoming so extremely toxic that even some high profile leftists are beginning to turn against it. None other than Bernie Sanders is unbelievably siding with conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter after violent Alt-Left thugs threatened her if she dared to show up to speak at Berkeley. It was a tactic right out of Nazism 101 as ...

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