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Bernie’s Opening Statement Has People Asking: What’s Up With His Voice?


2020 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ opening statement had people taking to social media to wonder what was going on with his voice.

Sanders spoke about President Donald Trump in his opening statement during Thursday’s Democratic debate. He also mentioned billionaires controlling “the economic and political life of this country,” but many only took to social media to discuss how his voice sounded throughout the statements.

“And that is, it goes without saying that we must and will defeat Trump, the most dangerous president in the history of this country. But we must do more. We must do more,” Sanders said.

Meghan McCain, co-host of  MSNBC’s “The View,” tweeted urging that “Someone give Bernie a lozenge,” adding “good lord.”

“Bernie is literally sacrificing his vocal cords for the good of the American people right now,” John Ladarola, host of “The Damage Report,” tweeted. Bloomberg Business reporter Emma Kinery also took to Twitter to ask, “Can someone get Bernie some water?”

“Bernie winning the hoarserace,” Ariel Edwards-Levy, a reporter for Huffpost, added. TIME editor Anand Giridharadas, wrote that he Sanders has come down with “an infection.”

Michael Tracey, a journalist, gave another take and suggested that Bernie had been “vaping too much,” and managing editor of Occupy Democrats wrote that “Bernie prepped for this debate by smoking 12 packs of cigarettes.”

Bernie’s face looks like it’s going to explode. Can @GStephanopoulos please do a wellness check during the break?” Fox Nation host Tami Lahren asked.

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