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Army Reportedly Warns About Possible ‘Incel’ Shootings At ‘Joker’ Screenings

The U.S. military issued a warning to servicemembers reportedly about the potential for mass shootings at showings of the new “Joker” movie. The warning was widely distributed to military service members after the Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly uncovered alarming social media post from “incel” sources, Gizmodo reported. “Incel” is a term referring to a subculture of involuntarily celibate men ...

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California Adds Iowa To ‘Travel Ban’ Due To Its Refusal To Cover Gender Transitions In Medicaid


California’s attorney general announced the state added Iowa to a “travel ban” on account of the Midwestern state’s refusal to cover gender transitioning procedures within Medicaid. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra made the announcement on Sept. 13 prohibiting taxpayer-funded travel to Iowa for public employees and state university students as of Oct. 4, The Sacramento Bee reported. “The Iowa Legislature ...

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Biden Slams Bernie’s Medicare Plan: ‘For A Socialist You Got A Lot More Confidence In Corporate America Than I Do’

Former Vice President Joe Biden cornered Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on healthcare during ABC’s Democratic Presidential Debate, Thursday, saying that his plan depended on corporations to be dependable for Americans. Biden challenged his rival Democratic presidential candidate on his health care plan, after briefly confusing him for “the President,” saying that it puts too much faith in corporate employers that, ...

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Walmart Introduces Unlimited Grocery Delivery to Keep Pace with Amazon

Walmart announced Thursday that it is launching a new unlimited grocery delivery subscription service this fall in an effort to challenge Amazon and other competitors who offer similar services. The new service will charge subscribers an annual fee of $98, or a monthly fee of $12.95 for same-day grocery delivery, requiring a minimum order amount of $30, according to a ...

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Hong Kong Protesters Call On Trump To Liberate The City

Protesters in Hong Kong reportedly called for the assistance of President Donald Trump in liberating the city, as demonstrators marched to the U.S. Consulate on Sunday. The march started at the Chater Garden public park in Hong Kong’s business district, then moved towards the U.S. consulate in the city, CNN reports. Protesters planned to present a letter to the U.S. ...

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8 Elementary School Children Killed In Chinese Stabbing Spree |

Eight children are dead and two injured after a stabbing spree at a Chinese elementary school took place Monday. The massacre occurred in the Chaoyangpo village of Enshi city in Hubei province at at approximately 8 a.m. on Monday, the first day of the new semester, police said Tuesday, the Associated Press reports. The suspect has been identified by authorities ...

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Suspect In Texas Shooting Reportedly Lost Job Before Rampage

The suspected gunman in the West Texas shooting Saturday was reportedly fired from his trucking job hours before he opened fire along an Odessa roadway, killing seven people and wounding 22 others. Police pulled over the 36-year-old suspect for a routine traffic stop along a highway connecting Midland to Odessa, Saturday, when the suspect opened fire, killing both law enforcement ...

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CDC Reports 931 Cases Of Mumps In Migrant Detention Centers, Affecting Detainees And Staff Alike

A massive outbreak of mumps is plaguing migrant detention centers across the U.S., according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. There have been 931 cases of mumps in 57 Customs and Border Protection detention facilities across 19 U.S. states from September 2018 to August 2019 , the report states. The disease has reportedly afflicted migrant detainees ...

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Exoplanets Could Have Better Life-Hosting Environments Than Earth: Scientist

A new study suggests that planets identified beyond our solar system may have more favorable conditions for sustaining life than the earth does. The study shows that certain exoplanets may contain “favorable ocean circulation patterns” that would be very conducive to producing and sustaining life, according to Fox News. “This is a surprising conclusion,” lead researcher Dr. Stephanie Olson of ...

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Florida Woman Arrested For Stuffing Dog Into Hot Car After Trying To Get It Euthanized

Authorities arrested and charged a Florida woman with animal cruelty Thursday after being caught on camera shoving her dog into a hot car trunk. Sara Perry, 27, reportedly brought her “visibly emaciated” dog Neptune to an animal shelter in Brevard County, Florida, to be taken in or euthanized, according to the county sheriff’s office, Fox News reported. The shelter told ...

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ICE Denies Shutting Down Hotline For Detained Migrants Following ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Episode

Immigration and Customs Enforcement denies allegations that it shut down a hotline for detained migrants to contact a free lawyer. The California-based organization Freedom for Immigrants offered a free hotline for detained migrants to request pro bono legal representation while in detention centers, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday. ICE shut down the hotline less than two weeks after it ...

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Thousands Of Migrants Accept Free Rides Home Under UN-Run Program, Official Says

Over 2,000 Central American migrants have returned to their homelands via a U.S government program offering free transportation back to Central America. The “Assisted Voluntary Return” program has transported 2,170 migrants who were either detained at or never got to the U.S. border, according to Christopher Gascon, and official from the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM), Reuters reported. ...

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Woman Burns Down Man’s House Because He Ghosted Her After He Invited Her Over To Hook Up

A New Jersey woman allegedly set a man’s house on fire after he stopped responding to her text when she went to his home for a late-night hookup. Taija Russell, 29, was arrested Tuesday for the alleged arson of a home in Woodbury on August 4, Business Insider reports. Russell was reportedly charged with attempted murder and aggravated arson for ...

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Border Patrol Finds Four Tons Of Marijuana Hidden In A Shipment Of Jalapenos

Border Patrol agents in California reportedly seized four tons of marijuana hidden in a shipment of jalapeno peppers Thursday. A 37-year-old male Mexican national driving a tractor-trailer reportedly drove through the port of entry at the Otay Mesa cargo facility in California with a shipment of what was thought to be jalapeno peppers, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. ...

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Schumer Tells Trump To Spend Border Wall Funds Fighting Domestic Terrorism

Chuck Schumer

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told President Donald Trump in a written letter Wednesday to spend his requested $5 billion for a border wall on efforts to combat domestic terrorism. Schumer, alongside Sen. Patrick Leahy, argued in the latter that programs with more direct links to public safety should be prioritized when allocating federal funds, and that a border wall ...

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