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Florida Woman Arrested For Stuffing Dog Into Hot Car After Trying To Get It Euthanized


Authorities arrested and charged a Florida woman with animal cruelty Thursday after being caught on camera shoving her dog into a hot car trunk.

Sara Perry, 27, reportedly brought her “visibly emaciated” dog Neptune to an animal shelter in Brevard County, Florida, to be taken in or euthanized, according to the county sheriff’s office, Fox News reported.

The shelter told Perry it could not take in her dog because it was at full capacity, nor could it perform animal euthanasia for the public, according to Fox News.


The shelter’s refusal prompted Perry to become “extremely angry,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said on the agency’s Facebook page. A bystander filmed Perry dragging her dog by its leash into the trunk of hot car, the sheriff said.

Shelter workers reported Perry to county animal services.

The dog was “visibly emaciated and appeared to be uncared for” when investigators located it, Ivey said, adding that a veterinarian said the dog was “in very poor health and was extremely malnourished.”

Authorities charged Perry with felony animal abuse “for the despicable way she treated this poor, helpless pet,” Ivey said.

“The abuse of this innocent pet makes absolutely no sense and can only be attributed to someone who has zero compassion for animals, and, quite frankly, shouldn’t be allowed to even own a plant, much less a pet,” Ivey said in a video the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office released.

“Anyone who can do something like this to an innocent pet could just as easily do it to a human, so I have zero remorse about locking her up or sympathy for any excuse she may have for her actions,” he continued.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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