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Restaurant Owner: ‘I Refuse to Vote for Bernie After Seeing His Bad Behavior’

While in the San Francisco area to meet with members of the DNC over the weekend, Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) managed to turn one restaurant owner against him due to his atrocious behavior.

Interestingly, a convoy of top-level Democrats met at a well-respected restaurant called John’s Grill. The Grill is a 108-year-old San Francisco establishment.

Restaurant owner John Konstin said that Secretary of State Alex Padilla,  Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi were all in attendance. Mr. Konstin called Mrs. Pelosi, “pure class,” Politico reported.

And then there was Mr. Bernie Sanders. “It was all very nice, except for cranky Bernie,” Konstin told Politico in an exclusive interview. According to the report, Sanders was hateful, cranky, and downright rude the whole time he was in the establishment.

Mr. Konstin said that “He didn’t want to shake hands, he didn’t want a picture.” “He wasn’t nice to any of the staff,’’ he said. “He lost my vote,” Kostin noted.  “He had the lobster bisque, a tomato salad, and a Diet Coke,” The Restaurant owner added.

When you watch Bernie sanders deal with people at his rallies, you can imagine the Vermont senator being this way in public places. He has been documented yelling at people while other times, he ignores honest questions.

Interestingly, many Bernie voters from 2016 voted for Trump when Hillary and Obama stole the election from Mr. Sanders. They said they felt cheated, so they retaliated and voted for Donald Trump. Who could blame them?

Now, with the way the 2020 Dems are acting, it looks as though they plan on doing the same thing in this election cycle as well. The debate moderators in the last two debates weren’t taking Bernie seriously.

Mr. Sanders is a part of the far-left Democrats who are trying to “rewrite history” to benefit the party. He wants to eliminate the first and second amendments as well.


Additionally, according to his campaign website, Sanders is a full supporter of AOC’s “new green deal.” Not only is he a supporter, but he also makes an oath that if elected, he will push the legislation through to Congress. You remember, the green new deal that says we must tear down all existing structures, eliminate cows, and halt all air travel.

With policies like this, it is hard to imagine Sanders having any supporters at all. Then again, there are some crazy people out there these days.

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