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Return of the Living Dead: Environmentalism by Other Means

While the environmentalist hordes have been momentarily beaten back, a recent conference Planet Under Pressure 2012 shows the weakened movement is not liable to give up so easily. Leftists intend to get their money and power by hook or by crook. The manmade climate change agenda is a means to that end. Like every good horror flick, just when you ...

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Thanking the President: A Racist Conservative Finally Confesses That Obama is Pure Awesomeness

Throughout Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, racist conservatives (an oxymoron) have suffered through the leadership of a man who is nothing but pure awesomeness. Unfortunately, some of us have been unable to come out of the closet and articulate our appreciation because, well — he’s black. I know, I know. We’re trying to run a respectable establishment here. As long as ...

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Will America Ever Bridge The Racial Divide?

In wake of the recent tragedy involving the death of Trayvon Martin in FL, America has once again been thrust into the arena of the debate involving race. Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who was labeled a “white Hispanic” by some mainstream media outlets, and thus began a flurry of racial attacks that were relentless. Since there ...

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Coming Soon to a Doctor’s Office Near You – The Global Warming Debate

When Chad Kent, the resident Constitutionalist here, came to me about a story on Global Warming folks weaseling their way into the field of medicine, I was moderately intrigued. He told me about a paper that had been published by American Family Physician, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians, that was giving physicians suggestions on how ...

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Obama’s Marxist 2012 Reelection Campaign

Barack Obama’s 2012 taxpayer-funded reelection campaign contains many elements, including massive doses of class warfare and racially-divisive rhetoric, (think, ” If I had a son he’d look just like Trayvon”) massive misinformation about the viability of taxpayer-funded green energy programs, the always-loved-by-the-far-left-radicals hate-speech directed at anyone in America who is successful (think taxing anyone making over $250k) with that last aspect also including the misinformation-laden ...

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The Left’s Childlike Mentality: America as the Daycare State

Modern-day liberals have a child-like mentality.  As if living by the book All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, liberals believe in the virtues of sharing and never fighting – values codified as Marxism and pacifism, respectively. But the leftists’ “revolutionary” pre-pubescent point of view goes well beyond cutesy naïveté: it will be the source of ...

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The Best Week for Conservatives Ever?

In the first time since the 2010 elections, a conservative awakens to the electronic newspaper on his porch, and all of a sudden the sunshine is a little shinier, the crispy bacon is a little baconier, and the orange juice is a little juicier. Obamacare is being railed against in the Supreme Court. The president is being condemned for his ...

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Demz in Da Hood

The entire Democratic House minority has adopted a “wear your hoodie to work” day in solidarity with Congressman Bobbi Rush, who was dragged off the House floor by “da man” after delivering a stirring and extremely lucid speech on the late Trayvon Martin. Rush caused a scandal by breaking House rules on decorum when he sermonized from The Bible while ...

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Democrats Provide More Support for a Universal Theory of Political Stupidity

It has been remarked that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result. That’s true, but that’s also the definition for stupidity. We spend like there’s no tomorrow – and if we keep it up, there won’t be. We tax businesses into extinction.  We measure our economics in terms of compassion ...

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Jefferson's advice to the Supreme Court

Since the Supreme Court is in the middle of hearing a case that will decide if our republic is going to continue or will degenerate into a tyranny of unlimited government power, this seems like a good time to go back and look at some of Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on how we should interpret the Constitution. In a letter to ...

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Obama's Energy Plan: Wind, Water & Algae for America's Future

President Obama unveiled his bold new energy strategy today before christening a Fulton steam barge in Flatbrush, Missouri upon the Mississippi River. The president stood atop a soap box and delivered an address while reading from a hand-cranked teleprompter especially designed to save energy. Thousands of locals gathered to celebrate the carnival-like atmosphere, complete with waterwheel-driven Ferris wheels, windmill-powered carousels, ...

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