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This Is How The Government Helps Start A New Business

There should now be no doubt in anyone’s mind that without a teleprompter Obama would not have become president. Why you may ask? Because without a teleprompter the truth just happens to slip out of his mouth. As we now know from his latest slip of the truth, that he believes that anyone who starts a business should not take ...

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America Does Not Build Business, Business Builds America

In a speech given Friday to supporters at a campaign stop in Roanoke, Va., the current Oval Office occupant told business owners they owe their business success to government built infrastructure saying: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me because they want to give something back.  ...

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Insulting Small Businessmen Everywhere

In a speech July 13, 2012 at a Roanoke, VA fire station Barrack Obama shared a key reason many are in disagreement with this president. In less than one minute he defines the difference between those who still believe in the American Dream (where if one works hard enough with the right ideas one can be a success) and those ...

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Selections on the Rise of the Totalitarian Mentality

Introduction Americans for decades have taken it for granted that their nation’s heritage of liberty will carry forth, as if of its own volition, into future generations. Yet the hour is now upon us when burgeoning tyranny is at last rearing its monstrous head. The painful realization for many Americans that we are losing our beloved republic has finally struck ...

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Attack Ads–Do They Work?

A new ad from Obama’s campaign repeated charges that Romney, while working at Bain Capital, shipped American jobs to China and Mexico (FALSE); that Romney has personal wealth in investments in Switzerland and Bermuda (TRUE–it’s called Diversification and it’s legal); and that as Massachusetts governor, he sent state jobs to India (FALSE). The mocking nature of this advertisement makes me ...

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WaPo Hypes Poll On…Weather!? Buries Anti-Tax Hike Sentiment

With the scorching heat and the infamous derecho that left D.C. in the dark on June 29, it seems perfectly logical for folks in the Washington area to blame “global warming” as we all bake in the 100 degree heat. In fact, The Washington Post conducted a poll that showed that a majority of Americans believe that world temperatures are ...

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The Left’s Insignificance

Individualists often struggle to understand what drives someone on the left to cede personal power over his own life to the state.  The counter-intuitive answer is that he feels impotent to change his own life and insignificant in the big scheme of things. He believe that by becoming something larger than himself, he becomes more significant and an agent of ...

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Obama Skips NAACP – Makes Romney Winner?

Citing a scheduling conflict Team Obama snubbed the NAACP with the strategic decision not to speak at their convention this week. “We declined a few weeks ago and [the] NAACP was pleased [Vice President Joe Biden] was able to attend,” a campaign official told CNN. But the president’s schedule for Thursday, released Wednesday evening, appears to be wide open with ...

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Putin Punks Obama

The most glaring example of diminishing United States power and influence around the globe is the dynamic taking place between the U.S. and Russia regarding Syria. Russia has dispatched a flotilla of eleven warships, almost half of which have the ability to carry hundreds of marines to the eastern Mediterranean.  Some of those ships are to be docked in Syria. ...

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On Human Liberation

Before a revolution takes place, there must be a change in the ideas circulated in the public arena. Rather than allow the hard left to corrupt the public sphere unopposed with false conceptions of freedom, we must liberate the minds of our fellow citizens by enlightening them as to the true nature of freedom. Freedom must be rightly understood by ...

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Bernie Goldberg: Media Will Ignore Obama’s Five Major Broken Promises

The liberal media will make sure to go through the motions and occasionally hit President Obama with some critical points, but they will hold their fire when it comes to addressing five major unfulfilled campaign promises, former CBS reporter and media critic Bernie Goldberg told Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly last night. Given that the latest jobs report shows the second ...

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CNN Accuses Republicans of Stirring Up ‘Uncertainty’ About ObamaCare

CNN’s Christine Romans played Obama spokesperson on Monday’s Starting Point and accused Republicans of creating “uncertainty” about ObamaCare in trying to repeal it. That fits what has seemingly become a CNN line of “stop fighting this law and get in line.” “I’m wondering, should Congresspeople be spending more time helping their constituents comply with the law rather than continuing all ...

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June Romney Donors—Look Like Me

June was a big month for Mitt Romney. His fundraising efforts brought in over $100Million to the campaign. Maybe not record breaking; this haul is more than $35Million more than Barack Obama for the same month. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sent out an anxious and apparently error filled email begging for donors. He wrote, “Through the primaries, more than ...

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Every Republican Governor Elected in 2010 Reduced Unemployment

While liberals remain aloof to our economic recession in Washington, every Republican governor elected in 2010 has reduced unemployment and spurred an economic recovery at a rate faster than the national average in their respective states.  Tony Lee of Breitbart.com stated that “the average drop in the unemployment rate in these states was 1.35%, compared to the national decline of .9%, ...

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