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Biden Lies to America, Right to Our Faces

Our president is a pathological liar. He tells us the border is secure while we daily see thousands of illegals invading our nation, or we hear of many deaths in the desert or drownings in the Rio Grande, and we hear of thousands of Americans dying of drugs that have been smuggled across the border, and the fool in the White House smiles and stumblingly assures us that the border is secure. Given all of the visible things Biden does daily that are a threat to our nation, one can only imagine the devious and likely illegal things, or at least things that are undermining our constitution and our economy, that Biden is doing that are out of our sight and that we know nothing about. One fears that before Biden’s term in office is finished that his anti-American plans will come to fruition and our nation will by that time be doomed, with no chance that his successor to the Oval Office can reverse the damage.

He assures us that the covid vaccine will keep us from getting the disease, then he, who is fully vaxxed and boosted, gets the Wuhan disease, and all he does is grin like the fool he is and tells us he feels fine, like we care how he feels. And even though it’s now public knowledge that the so-called vaccine is in reality only a therapeutic, and a weak one at that, it’s the Biden administration’s position that everyone must take the vaccine, including children who are placed in serious danger by these still-experimental medicines.

He tells us that he has never had any knowledge of his son’s business dealings, in spite of the laptop and other FBI evidence to the contrary, and the mainstream press sits on their hands and pretends that there is nothing to see here, while the phony FBI investigation into Hunter’s illegal and corrupt dealings with China, Ukraine, Russia and other countries, some of whom are our national enemies and want to defeat us, proceeds glacially.

He tells us that we must suffer through economic inflation and high gasoline costs in order to move to the nirvana that awaits us in Joey’s clean, green world of tomorrow, and we know that renewables and the very weak sources of Green power he is trying to force on us can never provide the power we need to live in the 21st Century. We know that the electricity needed to power an electric vehicle will cost as much as, if not more than, the gasoline that many people already can’t afford, and that charging the many EVs he is encouraging us to buy and use will put too much drag on our power network and will overtax and destroy the power grid currently serving us. And the situation will be even worse as we get more solar and wind generators on-line to replace the more robust coal and natural gas generators his plan will shut down, and we shudder as Democrats try to convince us that we are destroying the world as they lie about the danger of warming/change.

Wind and solar power have been available for years, but they have not been used to this point because the existing coal and natural gas provide more BTUs and do a better and more predictable job than wind or solar. The generating products that industry has developed and placed in service today are the best that can be made, because the reputations and fortunes of the power companies are on the line. Joey and his leftist pals should pay attention to what the experts who have given us a dependable and robust electric grid are saying, but Democrats are determined to return us to an early twentieth-century way of living. Joey’s silence on the bad idea that wind and solar power represents, reminds one of the disinformation bureau he wanted to put in place earlier this year. The fact that no one is allowed to speak up to oppose the green grid on technical and realistic terms proves that the Democrat disinformation bureau is actually in place and working fine, with people being too frightened about what the nasty, cancel-culture Democrats will do to them if they speak up and oppose this leftist scheme, just like his administration was able to silence anyone who tried to speak the truth about the weakness of the covid vaccine and about the dangers to the health of Americans, especially young Americans, that the still-unapproved drug presents.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Excellent article. Not only Biden but every Democrat lies because they have been successful at it and learned that if they tell a lie often enough the ignorant masses will believe them and that’s why thier talking points are always identical. It’s why killing babies is “women’s health”, requiring voter ID is “voter suppression”, biological sex is just a “construct”, wanting to have a secure border is “xenophobic”, climate change is an “existential threat”, unlimited government spending is “the inflation reduction act”, “white supremacists are the greatest threat to the homeland” and everything is “systemic racism”. I could go on and on………

  2. None of these things are Biden’s. He is mentally incompetent to even remember them. This is the work of the DSoA socialist Party.

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