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Obama: It is ‘Inexcusable’ Not To Boost The Economy With A Payroll Tax Holiday

Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump’s executive order paving the way for a payroll tax holiday years after former President Barack Obama called it “inexcusable” for lawmakers not to extend a similar cut during the recovery from the 2008 recession. Trump signed an executive order Saturday ordering a payroll tax holiday from Aug. 1 through the end ...

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The Racist And Cognitive Decline Of Joe Biden

If elected president, Joe Biden will be older his first day in office than when Ronald Reagan left the White House. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has always been gaffe-prone, but his increasingly common verbal missteps and outbursts have led to harsh scrutiny. It’s one reason some believe he’s spending most of his time at home. As Joe Biden’s mental ...

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Media Calls Biden A ‘Devout Catholic.’ Where Does He Actually Stand With The Catholic Church?

Staff at CNN and other outlets called Joe Biden a “devout Catholic” Thursday after President Donald Trump said the former vice president would “hurt the Bible, hurt God.” Biden has frequently spoken about his Catholic faith as “the bedrock foundation” of his life, has been seen holding rosary beads and has referenced the solace his faith has given him. Biden ...

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Trump Surpasses Biden In July Campaign Fundraising, Raises $165 Million

President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) out-raised Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden in July, according to Thursday reports. The Trump campaign and the RNC raised $165 million last month compared to Biden’s $140 million, according to The Washington Post. This is a change from recent months, as Biden outpaced Trump in both May and June, ...

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‘Why The Hell Would I Take A Test?’: Biden Denies Taking Cognitive Test After Previously Saying He’s ‘Constantly Tested’

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Tuesday that he has not taken a cognitive test, though he said in June that he is “constantly tested.” The former vice president discussed his mental health in an interview with CBS News’s Errol Barnett, who asked Biden: “Have you taken a cognitive test?” Biden compared Barnett’s question to asking whether someone used ...

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Biden Campaign Event Features Activist Who Expressed Support For Defunding Police

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is scheduled to host an event Tuesday that features an activist who expressed her support for defunding the police. Biden’s Tuesday event, targeted at Latino voters, will feature immigration activist Alida Garcia as one of the panelists who will “outline Biden’s commitment and vision for the Latino community,” according to a Biden campaign press release. ...

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Biden VP Frontrunner Karen Bass Described Top Communist Party USA Official As Her ‘Mentor’

Rep. Karen Bass, a frontrunner to become presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, described former Communist Party USA official Oneil Marion Cannon as her “mentor” when she eulogized him in 2017. “Oneil was instrumental in supporting my own work as a community organizer early in my life, and without his help my life would have taken a very ...

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Karen Bass Pictured At Nation Of Islam Events, Wouldn’t Disavow Radical Group

California Rep. Karen Bass, a top contender to be presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate, denied having ties to the Nation of Islam, despite photos and event appearances linking her to the group. Bass has appeared at events and has been photographed with top Nation of Islam official Tony Muhammad, who praised her as one of the ...

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Biden Says He’ll Announce Vice President Pick In August

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Tuesday that he will announce his vice presidential running mate in the first week of August, the Washington Post reported. Biden did not say precisely what day he will announce his vice presidential choice, CNN reported. The former Vice president made the announcement during a news conference after a speech in Delaware. “I’m ...

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Swing Voters In Michigan Focus Group Say They Are Voting For Trump, Call Biden A ‘Puppet’: Axios Report

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not mentally fit for the presidency, and he would likely become a “puppet” for the “deep state,” several Michigan of swing voters said during an Axios focus group session released Monday. The focus group included nine people who voted for former President Barack Obama in 2012 but voted for President Donald Trump in 2016. ...

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Biden Plans To Spend $2 Trillion On Climate Change If Elected

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced Tuesday a $2 trillion budget to combat climate change reform and create jobs, according to The New York Times. Biden said during his campaign speech in Delaware the $2 trillion budget will be spent in four years to create jobs while increasing clean energy use in the transportation, electricity and building industries, according ...

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British Court Case Revealed Steele Dossier May Have Been Shared With Top Biden Adviser

Former British spy Christopher Steele told a British court that he shared his infamous dossier in 2016 with an associate expecting that it would be provided to State Department officials, including Antony Blinken, who is considered a top contender for secretary of state in a Joe Biden administration. According to a judge’s decision handed down last week in a dossier-related ...

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