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My worldview and writings are shaped by my understanding of human nature and God's plan for mankind.

It’s Up to Us Now

The sides are chosen and the dye cast. No choice has ever been clearer. Election 2020 pits two diametrically opposed forms of government and economic systems against each other. On the one hand we have our “republican form of government”, where all power belongs to the people. It is driven by its economic engine, “Capitalism” with its free markets and ...

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Was Jesus a Socialist?

Some like to say that Jesus was a socialist. Perhaps it was the robe and sandals. But is it true? I believe the greater proof supports that Jesus was an entrepreneur who believed deeply in free markets, free will and the marketplace of ideas. He condemned leaders that put personal aggrandizement over individual success, as do most socialist leaders. As ...

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Common Sense & Covid

As a subject matter expert in my field, I understand that people look to me for advice and guidance. Some believe my schooling and experience make my opinions unassailable and substitute my thoughts for their own. Accepting the pronouncements of “experts” is a lazy substitute for critical analysis and reasoned thinking. Information can be confusing, common sense clarifies and cuts ...

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Stop Demonizing Me

I am a human being whom God chose to birth with white skin. In his wisdom, God also chose that I live in this glorious nation, which remains a beacon for those who seek freedom and prosperity. I did not choose my color or my nation, but I am proud of both for they are what God chose for me ...

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Racism, Common Sense, and the Elite

Blind to their goodness, the adherents of left-wing ideology have chosen to pursue power and greed at any cost. Fortunately, common sense has exposed another grift of left-wing ideology. The grift of systemic racism, has been exposed as nothing more than another power play on the part of the elites to divide and conquer The Republic. Americans across the rainbow ...

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‘Terror in the Family’ Plagues our Nation

To assume a state of consciousness not attained is earthly – Joel Goldsmith Yesterday I watched a movie called Terror in the Family starring Joanna Kerns, of Growing Pains, Dan Laura of The Wonder Years and Oscar winner Hillary Swank (Million Dollar Baby). The movie was a compelling indictment of modern suburban parenting and demonstrates the profoundly negative effects that ...

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