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It’s Up to Us Now

The sides are chosen and the dye cast. No choice has ever been clearer. Election 2020 pits two diametrically opposed forms of government and economic systems against each other. On the one hand we have our “republican form of government”, where all power belongs to the people. It is driven by its economic engine, “Capitalism” with its free markets and individual ownership of property. The centerpiece of our Republic, our Constitution, limits the reach of government and codifies that our rights are God given and therefore, unalienable. These rights are ours from the moment of our conception and cannot be infringed by government. This choice is championed by our President.

On the other hand, we have Marxism, which is represented by Joe Biden. Marxism seeks to transform the political, economic, and social structures of capitalism into a socialist society and ultimately into communism. In Marxism, all power resides in the state. To accomplish his promised transformation, Mr. Biden and the Democrats must, whether by coercion and/or force, strip power from the people and transfer it to the state To Marxists, the state, not God, grants rights and freedoms. Marxists rule, they do not govern. Not surprisingly, Marxism, socialism and communism have left a legacy of death and destruction everywhere they have been tried.

If you doubt my description of where the party of pessimism, death, and destruction stands, you have not been paying attention. Joe Biden and the Democrats have supported, by acclamation or affirmation, lockdowns, riots, looting, closing of churches, destruction of the nuclear family, defunding the police, an end to freedom of speech, assembly and religion, infanticide, euthanasia, the demonization of an entire race of people and the use of street thugs to forcibly intimidate and silence any opposition,

So far, decent Americans have, for the most part, silently surrendered their sovereignty to Democrat politicians and government officials in the name of public health and social justice. If we continue to do so, the Democrats will win in November, and their promised transformation will lead to a new normal that will not seem normal to many of us. If we hope to preserve our way of life, we must find our courage and demand a return to our constitutional moorings and way of life. To summon the strength to do so, perhaps we need to realize that, at its core, this is an attack on our parents, grandparents, and children. Let us, therefore, look to each of them for strength.

In drawing strength from our past, let us remember the lives and legacy of those in our families who came before us. Unlike the false narrative of white privilege, my grandparents, like so many others, risked everything to come to America to live in freedom. They left everything behind but a deep abiding faith in God and endured sickness, far beyond Covid, famine, prejudice (yes prejudice), deadly cold, disease, poverty and more to forge a great nation. They loved this country and were proud to be Americans. Despite these and other hardships they remained optimistic and proud and carried that pride of country into battles for independence, to unite our nation and free the slaves, to liberate nations from Nazism, Marxism, Communism, and Islamic Jihad. They proudly passed the torch of freedom on to their children, my parents, and went to their graves in peace knowing they has preserved the American Dream for their children and grandchildren.

My parents and grandparents are/were brave, patriotic people to whom the thought of donning a mask and cowering in fear from a mutation of the common cold and surrendering the American Dream to the dictates of a governor or other government official would have been unthinkable. They would be embarrassed to know that their children and grandchildren are so frightened by a flu like virus that we are willingly and sheepishly surrendering the legacy they fought for and preserved for us and generations yet to come. If we believe in honoring the lives of those we loved, who sacrificed so much for us, then we must get off our knees, stiffen our spines, throw away our masks and speak out loudly and clearly.

In addition to drawing strength from our past, we can draw strength from our future by remembering our role as protectors of our children. Do we want our children to inherit the America our grandparents and parents left for us or the one we are forging now? Isn’t it past time we protect our children from the death cult of Democrat politicians and government officials? Since March, we have shamefully allowed these politicians and officials to abuse our children by terrifying them with masks, lockdowns, riots, and lootings. We have allowed these politicians to shatter our children’s sense of safety and security and deny them their loved ones, friends, proms, school, activities, and all that makes childhood special. Our children, with our implicit consent, are being abused to keep panic and chaos alive until the election because Democrats hope that fearful people will vote for their transformation. If President Trump loses, we will not get another chance.

Despite the silence of the decent folks, my faith informs me that most of us are taking note of who is slandering our parents and grandparents and abusing our children. It is my sense that decent folks, who may be too fearful to act now, will settle the score on Election Day. The abuse we are enduring at the hands of home-grown despots has worn our patience thin and is beginning to rouse our inner strength, pride, and heroism. We will take the fight to these enemies of our Constitution, not on land, air, or sea but at the ballot box. After victory on 11/3 for President Trump and all Republican candidates, let us continue the fight on social media, in classrooms, workplaces, and houses of worship across our great land and destroy the wicked ideology known as Marxism, once and for all.

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E.F. Charles

My worldview and writings are shaped by my understanding of human nature and God's plan for mankind.

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