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We are Still Getting Rolled on COVID-19

Enough already. Using infection rates (real or fabricated) to justify lockdowns ensures that they will continue in perpetuity. Sadly, even those of us who know that COVID-19 is a variation of the common cold with a death rate about equal to the flu, continue to accept infections as the defining metric that justifies lockdowns. In doing so, we have allowed the Democrats to terrify the public about Covid-19 through a steady stream of unchallenged “facts” masquerading as “truth”. We have been hypnotized into stupidity.

Rather than rebut the basis of the misinformation and stop the collective hypnosis, we continue to argue about the efficacy of masks and social distancing and our responsibility to stop the spread. The truth that shall set us free is that Covid-19 cannot be contained, and death is inevitable. It can only be managed through herd immunity and vaccinations. Trying to stop the spread is like trying to catch the wind. Masks and social distancing are useless. Just like the flu we must be ready willing and able to accept that some people will die from Covid-19. Period. That may seem cold to some, but it is called life. As the father of a teenage daughter, I can say that Covid-19 does not scare her, but the lockdowns do. She fears for her future in a nation where the citizenry has forgotten that government does not grant rights rather its power comes from the consent of the governed.

The only way out of this mess is to change the narrative by aggressively and persistently reconditioning the public with scientific facts and empirical data. It has been 9 months since this mess began and we have plenty of new data to rebut the proclamations of the public health elite and Democrat governors. Our remedial Republican leadership, who are allergic to winning, are going to have to grow a spine and by force of law, if necessary, reeducate the public as to the truth about COVID-19. For Democrats COVID-19 is the answer to their wildest dream-a weapon to demoralize and subjugate Americans into accepting the loss of their First Amendment rights and make them easier to rule. It is all about power for the Democrats-always is. That, in a nutshell, is why patriots refuse to wear a mask!

When I am confronted by a terrified mask wearing sheeple, our dialogue goes something like this:

E.F.: What are you afraid of?

Friend: Covid-19.

E.F.: Why are you afraid?

Friend: Because I could catch it.

E.F. So what?

Friend: But I could die.

E.F. Perhaps, but if you knew the following undisputed facts, would you be less afraid and take off your mask?

* 99.8% of all people who catch Covid-19 survive.

*99.5% of those with co-morbidities survive.

*Even the Washington Post reports that less than 100 (and in some reports only 2) children under the age of 18 have died in the U.S. from COVID-19

*The CDC says that only 10% of Covid-19 tests are accurate.

*Hospitals are getting paid more to treat patients with Covid-19 than patients with other maladies.

*A Covid-19 defined death includes anyone dying who has COVID-19 at the time of death-not just people who have died from COVID-19.

*Only about 10,000 have died from COVID-19 alone.

*The overall number of deaths in the U.S this year are roughly the same as in 2019 and that the corresponding number of deaths from heart disease, cancer and the other major causes of death have gone down in roughly the same numbers as reported Covid-19 deaths:

* The median age of death “from” COVID-19 is the same as the median age of death from all causes (78).

* There are more deaths from the Covid-19 lockdowns than from Covid-19 and

* A Covid-19 death is not any more or less a death than a death by another cause.

Friend: I hear you, but I am just so afraid for my safety that I cannot think straight. I think I will just keep my mask on and stay home.

E.F. I hear you my friend but remember that rational fear keeps us safe but irrational fear places us in greater danger. Quite frankly your fears about Covid-19 are irrational and are costing us our freedoms, our traditions, and our way of life. You must snap out of this trance and help us take back our lives.

Our nation’s lack of response to the lockdowns is what happens when people are conditioned (aka hypnotized) into a state of irrational fear. Normally we are aware of what information comes into our minds. As it does, it is processed by our critical thinking skills before it is either accepted as a belief or rejected. With hypnosis brought on by fear, information, such as the Covid-19 lies, bypasses our awareness and our critical thinking filter, and becomes ingrained in our psyches. This bypassing of our awareness and critical thinking filters is a totalitarian tactic to unconsciously change the way people think and feel. Take a glance back at Nazi Germany where the Nazi’s convinced an entire country that Jews were subhuman by a steady stream of audio and visual propaganda to break down Germany’s resistance to the mass murder of millions. Terrifyingly easy and effective. This is what is happening to the Covid-19 sheeple. It MUST end.

There are generally two ways to awaken from or become aware of unconscious thought. The first is to live from a state of presence and peace where our relaxed state allows us to be notice the stimuli we encounter. As we do, it passes through our critical thinking filter and is properly processed by our intellect, reason, values, and other decision-making tools before it is accepted as belief. The second way to awaken is through fear and pain. When we have had enough, we awaken. Sadly, a lot of bad stuff can happen to us while we daydream. Like the frightened gazelle drinking at the river’s edge, we do not notice the danger until the alligator reaches up and takes us under. Which will it be America-will you awaken through peace or fear? You better choose before the choosing is done for you and the alligators take you under.

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E.F. Charles

My worldview and writings are shaped by my understanding of human nature and God's plan for mankind.

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