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Racism, Common Sense, and the Elite

Blind to their goodness, the adherents of left-wing ideology have chosen to pursue power and greed at any cost. Fortunately, common sense has exposed another grift of left-wing ideology. The grift of systemic racism, has been exposed as nothing more than another power play on the part of the elites to divide and conquer The Republic. Americans across the rainbow see through this modern day Helter Skelter promulgated by modern day Mansonites. Regular Americans, using common sense and a basic understanding of human nature, have no problems with one another. They understand that ours is as perfect a system ever devised by man being run by fallible individuals striving to do the best job possible. They see a dying and desperate elite class as the real racists. Their common sense tells them that the darker part of human nature will lash out when facing extinction. They know that the racist elites lit the fuse on their sick, evil dream of inciting a race war to consolidate and solidify their power the moment Joe Biden uttered the words “You Ain’t Black”.

These 3 words touched off a shockwave of anger throughout America. Blacks, of all political persuasions, were rightly appalled that anyone, much less a candidate for President of a major political party, would dare to dictate what it means to be black. In the instant the words left Joe Biden’s lips, the curtain that obscured the truth about our elites and race was forever pulled back and all Americans realized that the elites have been playing black Americans for fools for the better part of half a century.

If systemic racism exists anywhere, it exists in the temples of the elite whose entire worldview is defined by race. This elite view has stripped each of us of our God given individuality and lumped us all into baskets labeled by race, religion, gender, or any other categorization that separates us. The elite further define these baskets by preference. Preference permits the elites to punish or reward the members of each basket based on how closely each basket adheres to their worldview. They believe that each of us is not a reflection of the Divine but rather a pawn in their game for global domination. The elite count on their game of baskets to keep us divided and deflect attention from the undeniable proof that fifty years of Democrat control of majority black U.S. cities has resulted in perpetual economic and social devastation. Violence, drugs, abortion, poverty, and despair are the products of their control. Democrat governors, mayors, city council members and police chiefs continue to support and promulgate the same discredited government heavy legislation that brought about the urban decay in the first place. Their solutions are always more of the same discredited nonsense with the same casualties. Insulated from the people whose lives they devastate; they could care less. Too bad for them that we are on to the grift and spitting mad to boot.

The regular folks notice that in just 3 years of the Trump Administration, with a fresh new approach promoting entrepreneurship and self- determination, black unemployment is at the lowest level ever recorded (pre-Covid house arrest). From prison reform to historic levels of funding of Historically Black Colleges, President Trump has made improving the lives of the underserved a priority. Sen. Tim Scott calls the progress in the black community, under President Trump, “unprecedented.” Not surprisingly, the President’s approval rating among likely black voters stands at 40% (pre-Covid house arrest).

Seeing black Americans awaken to their grift and their grip on power eroding, the elites lit the fuse on the racism tinderbox. Using the tragic death of George Floyd as an excuse, the elites sent their Antifa thugs to riot, loot and burn down predominately black cities and communities in an effort to demoralize and frighten those who might dare oppose them. Without a care or concern for anyone whose lives were devastated or destroyed by the anarchy, the elite demanded that the police stand down and allow radical anarchist and Marxist groups, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to terrorize American citizens by force and threats. The elites schemed that if the Covid house arrest did not finish off their dreams of a new horizon in black prosperity and equality, the rioting and looting surely would.

Despite the insistence of the elites and the media, BLM is not a grassroots movement and it is not about the worth of all black lives. If it were, the thousands of black souls snuffed out in Democrat run cities and the hundreds of thousands of dead black children killed in abortion mills each year would matter too. Regular black folks see right through this nonsense and reject the demands and rhetoric put forth by these radicals. Defunding or abolishing prisons and the police, promoting homosexuality and transgenderism, rejecting the nuclear family, reparations, black power over shared power and anti-capitalism, will do nothing to further the peace, liberty and prosperity of Americans, much less black Americans. In fact, black Americans will suffer disproportionately if these proposals ever become law.

Make no mistake, this is a manufactured crisis set in motion to divide us by race. That anyone would attempt to do so is so insidious as to preclude them from ever holding an elected position. Americans, of all races, who happily and peacefully live, play, and work together every single day in America, apart from the temples of the elites, are united in their disgust. If I were President Trump, as a demonstration of my support for all black lives, I’d hold every rally between now and election day in black communities in front of a backdrop of the devastation wrought on them by 50 years of failed Democrat policies and the lawlessness of their Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs. Fortunately, regular Americans, who are blessed with common sense and the reality of their own experience to guide them, will make their tormentors pay on November 3rd.

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E.F. Charles

My worldview and writings are shaped by my understanding of human nature and God's plan for mankind.

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