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Dear Congresswoman Cheney, Senator Toomey and all the Remedial Republicans

Here we go again. It is apparent that the remedial Republicans have learned nothing the past four years. Nothing about fighting and certainly nothing about winning. Let us be clear about the results of the recent election. It was the Republican Party, as reconstituted and led by President Trump, that scored major victories including the landslide victory of President Trump over Mr. Biden. Our enthusiasm and support for a president that listened to and protected We the People, transformed the GOP into the Party of Trump, a populist America first party of the working and middle class.

No one, save those with an alternative agenda, believes that President Trump lost to Joe Biden. Quite frankly, it is laughable and defies all logic and rational analysis. Moreover, the evidence of fraud is so overwhelming as to necessitate an immediate and widescale investigation by the Department of Justice (calling AG Barr). On this point, the GOP should be united and loudly outspoken. The lack of resolve on the part of the remedial Republicans to fight the theft of the Presidential election is causing anger, frustration and even despair on the part of Republican voters. We are getting that pre-Trump feeling of being played by suckers again by the remedial Republicans. Unless President Trump campaigns hard in Georgia the senate races will be lost. The remedial Republicans are simply unable to muster any enthusiasm from a party that once again feels betrayed by them.

Before it’s too late, let me ask the remedial Republicans, who are in hiding or shilling for Biden, to ponder a few simple questions which may determine the fate of the Republican Party and our country.

Doesn’t the evidence already presented, even if “only” prima facie, demand a delay in certification and an impartial audit in all contested states? If not, why not?

Didn’t we spend 4 years and $30+ million investigating alleged Russian interference in our elections because voter integrity is vital to our democracy? In so doing, didn’t we find that President Trump’s allegations of fraud and conspiracy, which, like voter fraud in the recent Presidential election, were dismissed as nonsense and later proven true?

What, if anything, have you done to ensure that the runoff elections in Georgia will be safe from fraud? Are Dominion and Smartmatic banned? Have you gone to court to get an order to ensure that Republican poll watchers can stand shoulder to shoulder with Democrat poll watchers to count the votes? Have you thoroughly vetted the Republican poll watchers?

If we do not fight for election integrity and our voting system is corrupt does anything else matter? Do you really expect Republican participation in future elections if you do not fight now?

Isn’t election integrity to a democracy as vital as the right to life is to an individual? If so, why not fight?

Why join the early chorus that Team Trump lacks evidence when the Democrats would logically be working very hard to hide evidence of fraud? Why discredit Ms. Powell, who was one of the only Republicans to see through and unravel the fraud against General Flynn? If anyone has credibility and a well- developed instinct to sniff out corruption and fraud, it is Ms. Powell. Shouldn’t we afford her the chance to present and develop her evidence before we discredit her?

What is your path forward? What do you say to the disenfranchised voters whose votes were stolen and then negated by your cowardice in not at least investigating serious allegations of fraud?

Unfortunately, the short answer is that there is not a path forward. The feckless old guard Republicans, such as those mentioned in the title of this piece and those outed by Mr. Bernstein, have destroyed the once Grand Old Party. Their failure to protect and fight for the voting rights of We the People (not merely for President Trump) will relegate the GOP to a perpetual minority party. The good news, however, is that in its demise a new party can arise. A party that is responsive to We the People. A party that fights for us and knows how to win. How about the MAGA Party led by none other than President Trump himself. Even if the President exposes the massive fraud and is reelected, we should call on the formation of the MAGA Party. The remedial Republicans can no longer be trusted to represent and serve our interests.

I dare say that if President Trump so desires, his millions of voters and many elected Republicans will follow him to the new Make America Great Party. Only those who understand that this nation belongs to We the People and not to a self-appointed ruling class need to join. The MAGA Party should primary every remedial Republican from New York to California until only those that are elected will be those who understand that they serve not rule us. Suddenly, the future looks mighty bright.

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E.F. Charles

My worldview and writings are shaped by my understanding of human nature and God's plan for mankind.

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  1. The author hit the nail! He is dead-on right. The Grand Ole Party is suddenly not so grand! It is pitiful!! Republican senators who find passion when arguing on behalf of immigrant issues, for example, can’t seem to step up to the plate when the party’s ultimate leader is struggling for his political life. This happens to be the same leader who has put our money where our mouths are. He has given the GOP a reason to live on, and on and on. But, where are the Republican senators in this goal-lline struggle inside the 10-yard line?

    I’ll tell you where they are. They are snivelling somewhere out of sight. They are tiny-stepping like the oh-so sensitive and caring Mitt Romney and uncharacteristically like Marco. Where are the corps of Republican senators who can give impassioned speeches over the most inconsequential issues when they want to be seen standing up for something? They are AWOL for this president, who is chronically unlikeable…and who tweets too much! Where are the political balls?

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