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Op-Ed: Independence Day, 1776 – Lest We Forget to Speak

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction” – President Ronald Reagan. Are we that generation? The fragility in freedom lies in the knowledge that only unrelenting vigilance of patriots defining Liberty to each generation can save off tyranny. Ignorance of history is not trivial. It poses grave dangers to free societies and ...

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Marxist Revolutionaries or Cowardly GOP Politicians – Which Is The Bigger Threat?

Ray Bradbury’s novel, “Something wicked this way comes,” is an allegory of the struggle between good and evil. In present-day America, Trump supporters represent the characters Will, Jim, and Charles fighting for morality and good. The GOP establishment represents Mr. Dark and his carnival freaks siding with evil in servitude. Like the fantasy storyline, deception and deceit blur motives, and it is tempting ...

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Flipping Colorado and Illinois: 2020 GOP Candidates/Races Spotlight Series – Part 2

Again, a warning that if you have an anxiety disorder, skip ahead to the candidate’s section-not even musing. There are 128 days, 20 hours, 44 minutes, and 58 seconds as of this writing until Americans cast their ballots for 2020 elections. That is for all races, not just Presidential. Right Wire Report will be addressing why you should pull the lever for the incumbent ...

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Minnesota Democrats Want $300 million Riot Rehab Scheme – Hell No!

Minnesotans, the country, and the world watched shocked as over 1500 buildings and businesses were damaged or destroyed in Minneapolis from days of rioting that broke out following the death of George Floyd. Now the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) who control the Minnesota House, in emergency special session, demand passage of a $300 million economic aid package to rebuild the charred ...

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Veterans at Higher Risk of Suicide During COVID-19, How YOU can Make a Difference

This era of Coronavirus is both frightening and a period of great uncertainty that presents challenges for all. There are many factions of vulnerable populations, but amongst that list, our Veterans, unfortunately, stand out as gravely at risk. Right Wire Report is calling on all Americans to make a difference by becoming informed, engaged, fund, and act to make a ...

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Flu Numbers Inflated for Decades, a DEEP DIVE into the Conflicts of Interests

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are tasked with informing the public on the number of patients dying from Coronavirus, among other aspects of infection control. Why does the CDC report the Mortality Surveillance numbers for this crisis by lumping vital statistic reports for Pneumonia, Influenza, and COVID-19 together? Is their goal to produce a larger number as COVID-19 attributed deaths, only ...

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NYT and WAPO Vomit Out Their Latest Sick Propaganda – Trump Death Clock

Surprise! Well, maybe not so much, more like predicting your grandmother would grab you by the scruff of your neck and make you brush your teeth after eating that piece of candy, The Washington Post headlines another anti-Trump article. Oh, but it is not just Colgate toothpaste, this time it is Colgate optimum plus with special enzymes to eradicate all possible ...

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Great Smoky National Park Resort Area’s Plan To Reopen – Step By Step

The Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited National park in the United States, averaging 11.5 million visitors annually, 2019 numbers were historic at 12.9 million visitors. The Grand Canyon averages less than 7 million, and Yellow Stone just under 5 million for perspective. The GSNP generates, on average, 750 million in tourist dollars annually. However, in 2018-2019, it boasted ...

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