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Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It: Vote Red To Save The Republic – Senate Round-Up

What is truly at stake this November? Forty-two days out, it is time all Americans examine this question. If President Trump wins a second term, but the House remains in the Democrats control and Republicans lose the US Senate – successful impeachment is a given. Under that same scenario with the variation that Republicans win the House but lose the Senate – the Democrats can block judges and keep Trump’s legislative agenda from becoming law.

A Democrat president, whomever that turns out to be, who kept the House and took back the Senate would fundamentally change the country as we know it. In the above scenario, in the event the House flipped to the Republicans, but the Senate fell into Democrat control, many aspects of complete transformation could still be achieved but to a lesser degree. Here is the short list of what is at stake:

  • Abolish the filibuster and pack( expand ) the US Supreme Court. Replace lower courts with activist judges.
  • Hate speech laws.
  • Restrictions and cost-prohibitive measures on the Second Amendment.
  • Universal Healthcare for all.
  • Massive taxation- individual capital gains, corporate, and inheritance.
  • Increased regulations and massive compliance costs.
  • The New Green Deal agenda and destruction of the Energy Sector
  • DC and Puerto Rico will become states.
  • Expansion of Illegal Immigration numbers, benefits, and voting rights.
  • Initial unraveling of the Electoral college and destroying election integrity.
  • No federally funded School Choice.
  • Infringe on religious liberty and rights.

Democrats seem to be busting at the seams with cash on hand. Biden is suspiciously flushed with cash as we wrote about here, and in the Senate races, Democrats are raising 25% more than their Republican counterparts. Again the sourcing of these funds remains to be a mystery as all Democrat donor funds are tracked through ActBlue, which sources from donations given to BLM and other social justice movements. The reality is Democrat candidates have the sources to blanket the airwaves and social media with a bombardment of negative advertising. The key vulnerable races are seeing massive out of state funding in an attempt to unseat incumbent Republicans.

Up until last Friday, most races were tied to local state issues. But all of that changed with the passing of Justice Ginsburg, and that event has nationalized the Senate races. Suddenly this is all about a referendum of #Filltheseat. Both sides are energized, and it will all come down to which side get more bodies to the polling places to vote and who can beat the fraud margins.

Here is a round-up of where the states in play are in the races for the U.S. Senate:

Georgia -Two Senate Races:

Incumbent 2014 (R) David Perdue

  • Business experience – CEO of Reebok athletic brand and Dollar General.
  • Senate Committees – Armed Services, Banking, Budget, and Foreign Relations.
  • Law and Order, Pro-2nd Amendment, Free Speech, and strong military/VA support.
  • Learn more here, and donate here.
  • Challenger (D) Jon Ossoff, A.K.A. Pajama Boy who lost his congressional bid in 2017 despite historical levels of out of state funding.
  • September filings show Ossoff is once again raising more money than Perdue from out of state contributions.
  • Current polling has Perdue up by 2 points.

Governor Appointee (R) Kelly Loeffler

  • MBA, businesswoman, and identifies as a political outsider.
  • Minority stake in the Atlanta Dream of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).
  •  Pro-2nd Amendment, and pro-wall. She is a champion for our farmers, veterans, and small businesses.
  • After the basketball league issued a statement expressing support for the civil rights movement and indicated they would include “Black Lives Matter” on the courts once the 2020 season got underway, Loeffler wrote a letter to the league’s governors opposing the measure.“I adamantly oppose the Black Lives Matter political movement,” Loeffler said, in part. “I believe it is totally misaligned with the values and goals of the WNBA and the Atlanta Dream, where we support tolerance and inclusion.
  • Senate Committees-Health/Ed/Labor/Pensions, Joint Economic Committee, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture/Nutrition/Forestry
  • Learn more here, and donate here.
  • The race for that seat will be what’s called a “jungle primary,” which means that it is an all-comers race, allowing multiple people from a single party to participate in the election.50 percent-plus-one vote in the November election is required to avoid a runoff. US Rep. Doug Collins (R – 9th District) is Loeffler’s closest threat from the Republicans, and (D) Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor of Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, has the best chance of all Democrats running to mount an upset.
  • Current polling has Loeffler up 7points.


Incumbent 2015 (R) Cory Gardner

  • Lawyer
  • Senate Chairman Foreign Relations Subcommittee on East Asia, the Pacific, and International Cybersecurity Policy.Committees, Energy and Natural Resources, Commerce/Science/Transportation, Foreign Relations.
  • Identifies as bipartisan and building consensus.
  • Learn more here, and donate here.
  • Challenger (D) Gov. John Hickenlooper
  • Hickenlooper was charged with multiple state ethics violations, watch here.
  • Hickenlooper has raised more from outside the state, and Gardner is trailing in campaign funds.
  • Current polling has Hickenlooper up by 4 points.
  • Colorado is a purple state leaning more blue, and the SCOTUS decision will make Gardner even more vulnerable.


Governor Appointee (R) Martha McSally

  • 26 yr Air force Veteran ( six deployments ) Retired Full Colonel.
  • Senate Committee assignments, Armed Services, Banking/Housing/Urban Affairs, Energy and Natural Resources, Indian Affairs.
  • Learn more here, and donate here.
  • Challenger (D) Mark Kelly, a retired astronaut, and Navy veteran, wife, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was severely injured in a shooter attack. Kelly would support serious infringement on 2A.
  • Kelly has outraised McSally 6-1 with a massive Silicon Valley/Hollywood/progressives out of state funding stream.
  • Current polling has Kelly up by 6-9 points.
  • Important note – If (D) kelly wind the seat, he could take office as early as Nov 30, whittling the GOP’s Senate majority at a crucial moment if confirmation of a new justice were to occur during the transition.

North Carolina

Incumbent 2015 (R) Thom Tillis

  • 29 yr private sector career in technology and management consulting.
  • Senate Committee assignments: Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs and Judiciary.
  • Learn more here, and donate here.
  • Challenger is (D) Cal Cunningham, an Army veteran, and former state senator.
  • Cunningham is favored to win the seat and is raising more funds.
  • Current polling has Cunningham up by 4 points.
  • Tillis has been embattled throughout and has tied his apron tightly to Trump, who has endorsed. The GOP filling the SCOTUS seat might improve his odds.


Incumbent 1997 (R) Susan Collins

  • Ranked as the most bipartisan member of the US Senate and has not missed a vote in 23 years.
  • Senate Committee assignments: Chairs the Aging committee and subcommittees – Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development. Serves on the Intelligence, Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committees.
  • Learn more here, and donate here.
  • Challenger is (D) Sara Gideon, the state House speaker.
  • Collins is in the race for her survival following her vote for Justice Kavanaugh. Outside groups have made it a mission to cost her the seat and are outraising her 6:1
  • Current polling has Gideon up by 6 points.


Incumbent 2015 (R) Joni Ernst

  • First female combat veteran to serve in the US  Senate.
  • Senate Committee assignments: Armed Services, Environment and Public Works, Judiciary, Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, Small Business And Administration.
  • Learn more here, and donate here.
  • Challenger is (D) Real estate executive Theresa Greenfield.
  • Fundraising has Greenfield at an advantage.
  • Current polling is a statistical tie.


Incumbent 2015 (R) Steve Daines

  • Fifth-generation Montanan. Proctor and Gamble management.
  • Senate Committee assignments: Finance, Appropriations, Energy and Natural Resources, and Indian Affairs.
  • Learn more here, and donate here.
  • Challenger is (D) Gov. Steve Bullock.
  • When you google Senator Steve Daines, the first search is to ActBlue donations for Steve Bullock. Bullock has a huge fundraising machine.
  • Current polling is a statistical tie.

Presently Texas is a state Democrats would love to pick off, but incumbent John Cornyn holds an 8 point lead over challenger army combat veteran, and mom, M.J. Hager. The SCOTUS seat may provide Hager increased funding, so keep an eye on that race as we draw to a close.

Steals within grasp for Republicans to flip in the U.S. Senate:


Incumbent 2018  (D) Doug Jones. Jones won a low-turnout special election in 2017.

Republican challenger, Trump endorsed Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville. Learn more here, and donate here. Tuberville has held the lead in polling and is currently up by 8 points.


Incumbent 2015 (D) Gary Peters.

Republican Challenger John James is a combat veteran and Businessman. Learn more here, and donate here. This race has been tightening as we draw closer to November. Currently, James is within 4 points of the incumbent.

North Carolina

Please also consider that Republican Senator and Chair of the Judiciary, Lindsey Graham, is being heavily targeted by progressives outside his state. His Challenger is Jaime Harrison, who is utilizing the progressive machine to raise boatloads of donations out of state. Presently the North Carolinian’s are being bombarded with negative Graham ads across all platforms. Donate to Graham here.

This is the election that will change your future. No matter your ideological comfort zone, the footing which we all stand has been shifted dramatically by extremism. Please take the time to watch the following video to grasp the significance of this moment in our history and the role you could play if you choose wisely.

Exercising our right to vote and self govern should not be about money. But the reality is one side is using out of state money to drown out the other side’s message. This needs to be addressed and changed gong forward, but today in the middle of a knife fight- we fight!  We know how tight economic resources are during the pandemic, and we are well aware of the sentiment regarding RINOs. But this is not the moment to sit it out.

Please donate to the GOP down-tickets both Senate and House if you are able to do so. This really is the cusp of not being able to get back to where we thought we all could always count on, being in America. Remember, VOTE Red on November 3, 2020.

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