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How Will All Those Congressional Objections Affect the 2020 Election Results?

Several Republican Senators are considering whether to join Sen. Josh Hawley’s objection to one or more states’ electoral votes, but how might that affect the electoral vote count?

About 50 Republican Representatives and more than 10 Senators have confirmed or are discussing formally objecting to the election results of at least one state. It only takes one member of the House and one member of the Senate to require that an objection be heard and voted upon.

Will the Objections Matter?

On January 6th, 2021, when a joint session of Congress meets to certify the election results, the objections will be heard. This will force the House and Senate to convene separately, hold 2 hours of debate on the objections and each chamber must then hold an up or down vote on each one. A simple majority can uphold or nullify an objection in each chamber.

And here’s the important part: BOTH chambers must uphold the objection or it will be discarded.

There are no Democrats from the House of Representatives currently signed-on to the objection train. Democrats hold a majority in the House and have no interest in decertifying any electors that would put Biden in the White House. The House will vote to nullify all of the objections so it really doesn’t matter what the Senate does.

All objections that might take electoral college votes from Biden will be condemned to death after a 2-hour debate for each one. The total process could take 2 or more days to play out if Republicans object to all seven of the states in question, but with Democrats controlling the House, the ultimate outcome is likely that Joe Biden officially becomes President-Elect.

So Why Are They Objecting?

It’s Kabuki theater time for Republicans in Congress.

They do not want to look weak in the eyes of voters who, by an overwhelming majority, believe that massive election fraud occurred and likely gave Biden the edge in several battleground states.

So Republican members of Congress put on their ornate costumes of symbolic righteousness, stamp their feet in glorious synchronicity, and go on TV “full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.”

Will Anything Change the Outcome of the 2020 Election?

Likely, no.

Team Kracken probably could have taken the Antrim County findings up to a state-level case and then a multi-state case so they could prove widespread fraud. But, they didn’t.

The Texas case has been dismissed, the Antrim suit is still only a County thing, and the Wisconsin judge said that case had merit, but should have been filed before the election. Those were the best bets and they’re gone.

Unless a truckload (about 30) of Democrat House members jump on the objection train, this is but a symbolic gesture meant to assuage the anger of a determined base.

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