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‘Systemic Fraud’: Antrim County Forensics Report on Dominion Voting System [Full Text and Overview]

A jarring report of the forensic investigation into Dominion Voting System use in Antrim County, Michigan, was released Monday.

Highlights from the Report

In the Allied Operations Group report, the investigators found serious issues that prove “the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

Two main points appear at several spots in the report:

  1. The Dominion Voting System intentionally causes an astronomically high number of ballot errors – over 68% error rate. The FEC does not permit systems to have a ballot error rate of more than .0008%.
  2. There is no audit trail for how the ballots were then manually or automatically adjudicated by election officials. The audit logs for 2020 are “missing.”

There are several problems that make these two main issues even worse.

  • The audit logs for previous elections were on the systems, but none for 2020
  • The Antrim systems were not properly updated
  • The number of ballots requiring adjudication is extremely high and “a 2020 issue” not seen in previous elections
  • In three separate counts of the same votes, three completely different results were discovered (see: B-3)
  • Secretary of State Benson made false and incorrect statements
  • The Antrim County vote should never have been certified
  • Server security logs before the election, during the election and the day after the election are “missing.” (see B-16)
  • An unauthorized user attempted to “zero out” election results on November 21st.
  • Dominion software was modified just before and just after the election in violation of Safe Harbor law and the only reason to do so is “to obfuscate evidence of fraud.” (B-18, B-19)
  • 49 counties in Michigan use the same voting system and could indicate that Michigan’s statewide results may be uncertifiable. (B-23)
  • The investigators found several instances where basic security protocols were not followed

Full Text of the Preliminary Antrim County Forensics Investigation of Dominion Voting System

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