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Why the Dominion Audit Matters and Why it Probably Won’t

A forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systems in Antrim County, Michigan, revealed purposeful, illegal tampering that likely altered the outcome of the 2020 election in the state and perhaps the country. That report is earth-shattering, but it’s not getting any attention and likely won’t.

The absolute failure of L. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell to successfully litigate anything meaningful after the 2020 election has created an atmosphere where even when something truly ground-shaking surfaces, it’s largely ignored or waved-off as bunk.

“Only two election-related cases have seen some success at exposing the fraud that occurred in the 2020 election and neither were filed by the sea monster-wielding duo.”

Sidney Powell’s Kraken seems to have gone missing since it was released. We haven’t heard from it, I’m not sure anyone has actually seen it. And, L. Lin Wood has spent more time convincing GOP voters in Georgia to stay home than tracking down election fraud.

The pair of Kraken-masters have posted a flurry of “hastily-filed” cases in courts around the country – only to see them quickly-rejected due to “really bizarre” arguments.

Only two election-related cases have seen some success at exposing the fraud that occurred in the 2020 election and neither were filed by the sea monster-wielding duo.

A Wisconsin case filed by Mark Jefferson and the Wisconsin GOP won a state supreme court decision Monday that found that the state’s election officials illegally circumvented voter ID laws by allowing anyone to get an absentee ballot that wanted one. The decision was rendered the same day that the state’s electors selected Joe Biden as the winner of all the Badger State’s electoral votes.

The Michigan case that exposed “systemic fraud” in how votes were tallied, was filed by an Antrim County resident who is challenging a marijuana provision that won by a slim margin only after three votes mysteriously disappeared from the count. To discover what happened to those three votes, a forensic audit of 22 Dominion systems in Antrim was ordered. The investigation discovered massive and intentional vote tampering. This is the story that should be on every TV news chyron, opening every prime time news show, and talked about in every one of those silly panel discussions – but it’s not. In fact, even White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made no mention of the report in her Tuesday afternoon press briefing. Perhaps Kayleigh is trying to avoid a Hatch Act violation, but there should have been some way to get this story out there in a venue that would force mass media to cover it.

Powell and Wood have successfully numbed the country. Their slew of terrible cases did little more than to get a large portion of the electorate to tune out any claims of fraud. They continuously pushed their “evidence”, paraded their witnesses, promised victory, and then failed to deliver … anything.

Now, real evidence of election-year vote tampering has been made public and it’s falling on deaf ears. It’s a massive story and goes deeper than just the audit.

“Do we believe that the only forensic audit that has been performed found the one and only place where fraud occurred?”

On November 20, 2020, Dominion officials failed to appear before the Pennsylvania House, lawyered-up and hundreds of Dominion employees deleted their LinkedIn profiles between Election Day and the 20th. Why?

Likely, they knew a full forensic audit of the Dominion system was going to find just what it found: deleted server and vote audit logs, huge error rates that enable vote tampering, illegal software changes just before and just after the election, and so much more.

The Dominion system was used in more than half the states during the 2020 election. Those states include Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and Michigan – states where votes jumped from Trump to Biden and some where the presidential vote didn’t match down-ballot choices.

Do we believe that only Antrim County illegally made software changes and had error rates in excess of anything reasonable? Do we believe that the only forensic audit that has been performed found the one and only place where fraud occurred? Not by a mile. In fact, if it weren’t for the lawyer representing that Antrim County plaintiff asking the judge to release the forensic report, we still would not know.

Every Dominion system that touched the presidential election should undergo this audit. Due to Safe Harbor laws, those machines cannot legally be modified for 90 days after the election. Any modifications, as the forensic investigators said in their report, would only be done to obfuscate purposeful election fraud.

Congress should order the full audit, but they won’t. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell congratulated Joe Biden Tuesday on his election win referring to him as President-Elect.

The states have certified, the electors have voted, Congress has demurred – the fix is in.

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  1. Liberal Judges are in on the fix…looks like Conservative Judges as well…China must pay good money to sell out your Country.

  2. “won a state supreme court decision Monday that found that the state’s election officials illegally circumvented voter ID laws”
    So this can’t go to the Supreme Court in order to invalid the Wisconsin election?

    1. The Wisconsin Supreme Court already decided that the circumvention of Voter ID law was illegal. In the opinion, the justices seemed to negate the reasoning for any injunctive relief. I doubt the US Supreme Court would see it any different.

      In the decision, it says that the WI GOP filing came too late:

      “The issues raised in this case, had they been pressed earlier, could have been resolved before the election,” Justice Brian Hagedorn wrote. “The challenges by the Campaign in this case … come long after the last play or even the last game; the Campaign is challenging the rulebook adopted before the season began.”

      In other words, the decision will set precedence for future elections, but cannot re-decide the past.

  3. The Dawn NEVER comes in broad daylight – only when the night is the darkest. If any part of man’s effort to right this injustice occurs the Jealous God of Justice will not receive the full glory of saving this nation – and the world.

    Believe this. Our forefather made a pact with the Christian/Hebrew God that they would live and serve and teach the Gospel to and thru this land and Jesus Christ has said He will NOT forget America! Not ever! There is a huge harvest of men’s souls on the other side of this election. True; God can do this without Donald Trump but I tell you this Truth;

    When the Lord came to Abraham, who ALREADY had a covenant with God, and told him; I am going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah He told him for this very reason; He wanted Abraham to plead for these cities solely on his own sake. In other words, had Abraham simply beseeched the Lord to spare those cities for Abrahams sake God would not have destroyed those cities (at least while Abraham was yet alive). Indeed, God might have turned those cities from their wickedness! God intended to demonstrate to Abraham the strength and love He had toward Abraham and their covenant! That the God of righteousness would put up with that evil for just one man who loved Him! Abraham!
    There are tens of millions of Christians in this country and every one of them should pray to our Lord; “Heavenly Father, please spare America for my sake”. Many already are. Do you think that the children of God – who are even closer to God than Abraham was – with the very Spirit of Christ in them will not be heard ?


    Pray! And believe no matter how dark it seems!

    This act of Love toward us is God demonstrating His power to launch a great and final Harvest! So if you doubt and are so afraid of being “wrong” that you would prefer the bondage of communism and even loose your live then take this as so much hogwash – you’re welcome to that. But ask yourself what other answers do you have? Turn and believe in the Name of the Lord…

  4. “The issues raised in this case, had they been pressed earlier” It’s a classic catch-22: the issue couldn’t have been raised before the election because no harm had yet to have been done so relief should apply here and the Supreme Court could and should be involved through a writ of certiorari, if those who should carry it out aren’t asleep at the wheel.

    1. My reading of the opinion is more that the justices believe harm occurred as soon as the clerks started allowing anyone to get an absentee ballot without an ID. The court is making the point that had a case been filed at that time, the practice could have been halted through injunctive relief as a more direct remedy to the illegal action. Decertifying the election does not fix the practice and it would invalidate votes whether cast properly or not. SCOTUS will likely see it that very same way.

  5. Rich, harm occurred as soon as they started to board up windows (CTF center in Detroit comes to mind), preventing observers from monitoring everything, be it dominion machines, absentees, mail-ins, provisionals, trucks with prestine ballots and so on. Certainly these fundamental issues have been reported as soon as they happened but are we saying that relevant lawsuits were not presented before the courts?

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