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Congress may repeal assisted suicide in Washington, D.C.

A policy rider to a government funding bill approved by a House Subcommittee today would repeal D.C.’s Death with Dignity Act. The House Financial Services Subcommittee today approved the policy rider as part of the fiscal year 2019 Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill after an impassioned debate. Similar to laws in six states, the D.C. Death with Dignity Act gives mentally ...

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The Constitutional Work–Around for Term Limits

I’ve always wondered why the National Education Association (NEA) and the country club conservatives in the Republican House and Senate leadership aren’t allies, instead of enemies. Both organizations use the same tired talking points to defend inert members from the forces of accountability. When education reformers urge legislative bodies to adopt merit pay for teachers and thereby reward the best ...

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6 Things That Will Make Conservatives Livid In The Spending Bill

  by Robert Donachie House leadership released the text of a 2,232 page must-pass spending bill late Wednesday evening that includes a number of provisions that are likely to make conservatives angry. The legislation will keep the government funded through Sept. 30, if House and Senate lawmakers pass the bill and President Donald Trump signs it. The bill comes after months of ...

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More Evangelicals Selling Their Soul to Support a Loser

It’s sad to say another Christian group has decided to maintain access to DC power rather than tell the truth regarding the shortcomings of a prominent politician. Maybe it’s the ego rush when calls are returned. Or maybe it’s the meetings in off–limits–to–the–public Capitol hideaways that persuades these organizations to publically support a man who’s repeatedly failed to live up ...

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Congress failed us!

U.S. Capitol Building

America suffers from a lack of congressional oversight. Some in Congress inherited the resultant festering mess, others allowed it to happen. Be that as it may, it is time to right the good ship America before it capsizes. It is time for Congress to forthrightly and aggressively exercise its constitutional power of oversight. It is time for Congress to competently ...

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Watch: Trump and Congressional Republicans celebrate tax reform passage at White House [video + transcript]

Donald Trump press conference 8-10-17

President Donald Trump invited Congressional Republicans who helped pass tax reform to the White House for a celebratory event. Full transcript THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, everybody, very much. And these are the people right behind me. They’ve worked so long, so hard. It’s been an amazing experience, I have to tell you. Hasn’t been done in 34 years, but actually, ...

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Listen: A Government Shutdown? It Has Nothing to Do with Government!

As we hear all of the talking heads and news show mouthpieces claim calamity at the prospect of a so-called “government shutdown,” once again the American people have to suffer the egos and power play of politicians in Washington, DC. But the fact of the matter is this. This moment in time isn’t about a government shutdown. It’s about politicians ...

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Fallout: The Nuclear Bomb That Was Dropped on Alabama

Roy Moore

So, there it is. Doug Jones wins the Senate seat in Alabama. What Went Wrong: Republicans backed Roy Moore in the wrong way. By denying the accusations, we looked like the deniers, because we were. The fact of the matter is the accusations are credible. As hard as it is to hear that, it is just true. Between multiple women ...

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Petition Re Alleged Crimes of HRC, FBI, and Others

Trey Gowdy Hillary CLinton

Petition to: Senate/House Judiciary/Oversight Committees and others, For some time, I have observed the interplay between Congress and Attorney General Sessions, FBI Director Wray, and former FBI Director Comey that causes me pause. The impression I have is that those individuals are not cooperating with Congress’ power of oversight to the point that their conduct may constitute obstruction of justice ...

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Congress Is the Supreme Overseer of the Executive Branch.

I watched the interplay between FBI Director Christopher Wray and members of the House Judiciary Committee on December 7, 2017. It appears to me that Director Wray was raising the “Independent Inspector General” as a foil against Congress’ oversight power. I ask that Director Wray forthrightly be informed that Congress has access to any and all information possessed by the ...

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A Letter to Congress: Rein in the DOJ, FBI and intelligence agencies

To Each Member of Congress,  The below authorities are submitted for your consideration as to your power and obligation of oversight of the Executive Branch. More specifically, the DOJ and the Intelligence Agencies have no authority to reject your constitutional power of oversight. If it is necessary you can cite them for contempt. Additionally, you can prosecute violations of the ...

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SALT Deduction Is Unconstitutional

CONGRESS’ POWERS AND OBLIGATIONS RE: SALT DEDUCTION POWERS In 1936, our Supreme Court succinctly and elegantly answered the question of powers in our government: “The question is not what power the Federal Government ought to have but what powers, in fact, have been given by the people. It hardly seems necessary to reiterate that ours is a dual form of ...

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Everyone Should Get a Tax Break

There’s been much talk lately about tax breaks for Americans but not allowing the “rich” to get any, and there’s been much talk about giving tax breaks to “small businesses”, which I’m in favor of. Forgotten in all of this is that every person and every family in the United States, regardless of how much they earn and how wealthy ...

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