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Democrats Come Full Circle On Their Lies About Masking

At the outset of the Wuhan virus infection, the now-revered Dr. Fauci said that the disease was not to be feared and that wearing a facial mask would do little or no good in preventing contamination of the disease to the wearer.

Nevertheless, leftist Democrats took up the banner of the mask anyway, because it gave Democrat mayors and governors a way to undermine President Trump in the political season of 2020, so they mandated facial masking as a political way for the public to stay fearful and miserable as Democrats blamed the Wuhan disease on President Trump.

But reasonable people saw the Democrat, control-freak, lie for what it was and decided that they could risk a little temporary illness if, by chance, they were among the very few citizens to contract the virus, so many people elected to not wear the worthless masks for the little or no protection it would give them. These select mask-refusers gained a lot in personal freedom and health by rejecting the Democrat edict to wear the mask.

So then Democrats changed their story and said that mask wearing was critical, not to protect the wearer of the mask, but to protect people that the wearer may come into contact with during the day. So then the logic of the leftists became that a mask-denier was a thoughtless, inconsiderate, public-health-threatening person who was putting other people at great risk of death and illness for not wearing a mask.

And then President Trump tested positive for the disease, so Democrats completed the full circle of lies and then told the public that masks protect the wearer, and that the refusal of the president to wear a mask all the time put him at risk, and they called him a disturbed, unbalanced and inconsiderate person who was deserving of being ill for not wearing a mask all the time and for conducting out-of-doors campaign appearances with crowds largely refusing masks as well.

Democrats have displayed their political corruption with a willingness to dictate to the American citizens how to behave, what to wear and when to wear it. Now that Democrats have found this new power to strike fear into citizens and to force them to adhere to authoritarian control, one fears for the next cold and flu season when they will claim that these annual diseases will be much worse and more deadly with the corona virus still active, and one fears for other power grabs that Democrats may resort to, beginning with unsolicited ballots already being distributed by mail to citizens of many states, for the election in November. And when you combine the above opportunities for anti-American forces to cause trouble on top of the summer of radical left rioting and burning, just get ready and stand-by for a winter of more-of-the-same from Democrats as the results of the next presidential election are tabulated.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Congratulations! This is the dumbest post I have read all week. Masks help protect you and those around you.

    1. Congrats yourself, Andy A. Wearing a mask (and the box says this in so many words) will NOT protect you from Covid 19. Do this test yourself. Take a puff of cigarette smoke, hold it, put on your mask and exhale. It looks just like you were not wearing a mask at all!! See, dip-sheep, the smoke particles and virus are the same size.; so small that the mask is like trying to block a fist full of bee-bees with a chain link fence.

      Y’all love science as long as it supports your communist narrative. But that IS the science of viruses and masks!

      The supposed “real” benefit of masks is that of protecting others from your exhale because supposedly the virus is trapped in your bodily fluids when exhaled. Thus the mask stops the moisture and therefore the virus. Until you consider how saturated the mask becomes with the virus – never mind improper use and constant fiddling of it with your hands which have touched God knows what. Then your breath out and the dried up virus gets blown out of the mask anyway.

      But have no fear because the arbitrary 6 foot travel is only likely when a really hard cough or sneeze occurs. Talking to medical people the actual travel distance based upon its actual weight means the virus might travel 3 feet on average.

      Then there is the medical FACT that the masks themselves are a health hazard. Ever had carbon monoxide poisoning? I have. Twice. It feels just like the flue! Carbon dioxide poisoning is much the same thing. Now, not only are you freaked out and stressed out, in dread terror, you are also oxygen deprived (no wonder the liar leftist wants us all to wear masks so we cannot properly think for ourselves!!!). Stress breaks down your immune system – in case you didn’t know. There are many cases of other problems as well – like bacterial skin lesions on your face and Legionnaire’s disease.

      And then there is this FACT, published by the CDC; people who wear masks test positive for covid-19 three times as often as people who don’t! (There goes your protection theory!!) Then this; the mask mandates came after the Sars-cov-2 virus had already peaked in March. And there is this; heard immunity depends on natural immunization but the isolation and leftists measures to control the virus have been patently COUNTER productive to herd immunity. And there is this; the cold and flue season, not to mention other dangerous health issues like Whooping Cough, T.B., Noro Virus and heart attacks are practically non-existent because EVERYTHING – including suicide – are all Covid-19.

      WE do not have a Pandemic of Covid-19. We have a pandemic of FEAR. FEAR, dip-sheep. Because liars always use deceit and fear to manipulate us into another “new norm”. But you commies don’t know WHAT you know until they TELL you what you know. You are just like an amplifier! You AMPLIFY the LIARS you believe. Not in my face you don’t!!! The Truth that you have the same opportunities to find out for yourself is OUT there. But you are too much of a fool and coward to take any responsibility for yourself.

      Well get this dip-sheep. I am NOT, nor ever will be part of YOUR communist collective. My responsibilities are to myself and I will act in my own best interest. I advise you stop being a sheep and take responsibility for your self. Wear your cowardly mask if that makes you feel better but keep your damned leftist nonsense OUT OF MY WAY!

  2. Wasn’t the point of the Article, the point was they hypocrisy of the left and Fauci going full circle on the necessity of wearing a mask, that was all. Yet this is never mentioned in or on any of the major media outlets whenever they speak or write on the Presidents response regarding the virus. Other noted actions they’ve all forgotten about is the closing of travel first to China then to the rest of the world, again never a word. Biden only mentions the fact that he would have sent medical people to China to get more information on the virus, what he neglects to say that China would have never allowed this!! He knows that as we all know that so it’s him misrepresenting the facts again and nothing by the mainstream media and the American people will vote for this guy, because they do not get the full facts

  3. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/10/20-0948_article
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    What does the only Random Controlled Test the CDC used say?
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    Affiliations expand
    Free PMC article

    Results: . . . Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%.
    Conclusions: This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. Further research is needed to inform the widespread use of cloth masks globally. However, as a precautionary measure, cloth masks should not be recommended for HCWs, particularly in high-risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated. (Emphasis supplied).

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