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Demiq Virus Far Worse Than Expected!

Recently, I wrote an article accurately predicting attentions should also be focused upon the DemIQ Virus – not just the Corona Virus. Throughout American history, we manage to have brilliant people who step forward willing to risk their lives to resolve health crises issues. Patriots know the Corona Virus is not an exception to this rule.

Unfortunately, the DemIQ Virus is an unknown because we haven’t seen its affects on society until Donald J. Trump became President. While insanity and stupidity appears to be the root cause of this virus, medical science proclaims there are no drugs or treatments available. Meanwhile, this virus seems to be quickly spreading across America attacking all ages.

If there are doubters about the Demiq virus, just search through the most recent news releases. Journalists are making our heads explode watching the lies and deception spewed without concern about the damage to America. Each time the media sharks smell perceived ‘Trump-blood’ in the water; they go into an immediate feeding frenzy! It’s a frenzy whereby sanity is lost but politics are elevated above decency, kindness, goodness, love, family, and Godliness.

If President Trump had ‘hiccups’ the media would go banana’s finding some way to force their liberal accomplices to falsify data showing Trump’s hiccups will destroy the world. No, let’s not take the Corona virus lightly, because it is a major medical crisis. However, it’s not an end to America and certainly not the end of the world! Cures are forthcoming and damages will diminish.

We live in the best possible nation and environment ever known to mankind. America is and has always been a strong nation of caring people determined to succeed at everything – including life. America has always confronted and successfully dealt with all major issues. We all should accept that the Corona virus is just another crisis that America will address and overcome, as well.

Unlike the many other critical issues resolved, the Corona virus has exposed the need to expand our efforts to address not only the ‘scientific’ issues but also false propaganda from the media. The anti-American media, Democrats, Socialists, Communists, and Academe have no greater goal than to spread rumors and insight instability in their efforts to gain political control – regardless of the seriousness of any threat to the American way of life.

It’s not possible to enjoy monitoring the suffering and damages caused by Corona, but watching the media dig their own graves is worthy of our attention. You see, everything the media does eventually bites them in their butts, right! Promoting the Corona issues, illegal aliens, Godlessness, or standing on the side of China will not going to be winning issues.

Karma is real. It played a major role in the last Presidential campaign. Can you remember the hysterics spewed when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President? Today, it’s easy to see the media was the primary force behind the election of President Donald Trump – karma in action!

Politicians and their sycophant media accomplices are primarily financed by those totally infected with the DemIQ virus. These people hate America and have no greater desire than to see America fall and/or be conquered by an enemy nation. Personal freedoms and constitutional rights are detestable to those infected with DemIQ.

While those infected with DemIQ  spend millions trying to take guns away from law-abiding Americans, lines waiting to buy more guns have never been as long. Yes, gun purchases are happening because those infected with DemIQ along with their sycophant media partners are lying and exaggerating stories about the Corona virus. Isn’t this karma again? It’s like an alcoholic falsely believing another drink will be the cure they need!

No, it doesn’t take a genius or fortuneteller to predict the Democrat’s outcome. One needs only to listen to their faux screams as the opposite happens. We need only to understand they are a ‘group-think’ society whereby outside influences, facts, or opposition is not permitted. This fact alone leaves them compromised, weakened, and in a daze with no escape.

Americans must seriously consider only scientific facts surrounding the Corona virus or any other similar medical crisis. We must also pray and offer support for those affected, their families, and those in charge of winning the battle. The casualties must be properly mourned. Families and loved ones of victims must be uplifted and supported. Then the warriors must be celebrated and honored for their brave duty to all Americans and the world.

The DemIQ virus is a very hideous part of a Liberal’s character. Imagine how low of an IQ is required to demand taxpayer funds to pay for abortions while protesting President Trump for not doing enough to save victims from Corona! Next, their Medicare-for-all legislation recommends allowing the elderly to die without treatment! It’s insanity on parade and no one is doing anything to help them.

Just as with any crisis, they must never be politicized or hyped but rather solutions presented to resolve the threat. Instead, victims of DemIQ see any crisis as a political opportunity.

DemIQ victims are as addicted to crisis events as Hollywood stars are to self-aggrandizement. Stepping on another’s back to elevate them is something they do routinely without apology. As they become infested with DemIQ, they become more insane, anti-American, and supportive of attacks that harm American citizens. DemIQ victims have no stomach for resolving problems – it’s not who they are.

When America finds the cure for the Corona Virus, the DemIQ virus will continue to make millions ill with anti-American propaganda. Their educational systems will continue to focus upon political indoctrination rather than education, and use their money and taxpayer funds to destroy the lives of innocent people.

Uplifting and supporting others will remain the responsibility of American Patriots. Our work is just beginning after the Corona Virus storm splashed upon our shores. Our focus must be focused upon resolving the problem – never promoting the problem. Calm and harmony must become our mantra, as we make sure our families and neighbors are doing well!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. On 8 Sept. 1900 a category 4 Hurricane struck the town of Galveston and killed at least 6000 people. There was no F.E.M.A. and no organized Deep State to tell us what we “know”. The Dems were sanctioning lynching black folk. And who helped the city recover? PRIVATE Citizens and organizations – in an incredible show of American compassion!

    President Calvin Coolidge, No. 30 intentionally stayed out of the tragic flooding of the Mississippi River Flooding of the mid 1920 – It was not Government’s responsibility.

    Today we have man-god (gov.) mongers clamoring for tight, liberty-strangling control over us by means of their lawless laws and via this FAUX Epidemic. Accordingly, now 75 million Americans are basically under house arrest – For NUTHING! That is more people than ALL of the deaths in WWII!!!

    Of course it’s serious, because innocent people are loosing their lives over a selectively bred, genetically engineered “Cold Virus”. Quite likely in the eyes of the Truth – It’s murder! Don’t just blame china – blame our own deep state behind the deep state. They ARE in bed together!

    Here are some numbers any one can find either on line (good enough) or at the library doing actual research for themselves (better). In 1918 – 1919 the then unknown H1N1 Flu virus infected approximately 500,000,000 people in the world. They generally guess that 50,000,000 died but they don’t know since whole villages and whole cultures were wiped out. The truth could be as many as twice that! The world population at the time was less than 2 billion people. So approximately 25% of the people on the planet were seriously sick. But let’s use the smaller numbers; 50m for the deaths and give them the complete 2 billion. That would be 2.5% of the world population died!

    Now, consider that a virus spreads exponentially in a denser population (which is why places like Seattle, New York City and generally the coastal areas have the most cases of the current virus – and why Italy and China are hit so “hard”…).

    In today’s “crisis” de-jur we have almost 7.8 Billion people on the earth and last I looked 300,000 corona cases – not deaths. The corresponding percentage is <0.004%. Written expressively that is "less than 0.00004 Deaths per person living on the planet". With less than a third of the total population population the H1N1 had a "success" rate of approx. 625% to the so called Covid-19.

    In 1919, 675,000 Americans DIED of the Flu. Died! And the Government did nothing. In fact, then President Woody Wilson, No. 28, professor of Princeton U. suppressed the then mainstream media to NOT let information out about the epidemic because he had American Blood to shed in a Great War in Europe – which was NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!! He was a democrat, LEFTIST, Global Government, monger. Not until the virus spread to Spain where their neutrality didn't stop them from putting out the word to the general public. OOPS. Of course they have been "blamed" – FALSELY – ever since. This should be called the American Flu – or better yet the Wilson Flu!

    In the last flu epidemic, 2019-2020, over 42 million people got sick in this country alone and 52,000 of them died – SANS HYSTERIA! (Don't listen to John Hopkins! They are Deep State controlled, government apologizers!! Ever hear of Event 201?)

    This has Deep State written all over it – Oh, what could possibly go wrong?!

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