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Democrats Will Accept Nothing Short Of A Total Invasion And Inundation Of Our Nation

Barack Obama built and used the “cages”, in which illegal aliens are detained until final status of their condition is determined, but only Donald Trump has been criticized for using them.

All suspected criminals, whether in the general population or at a border crossing, are separated from their children while being processed for final disposition, but only Donald Trump is accused of child abuse for this widely accepted procedure.

Democrats have dumped abuse on President Trump for there not being enough facilities to humanely house illegal alien immigrants at our southern border, but Democrats also refuse to approve additional funds to build more and better facilities. So Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, typical treatment from modern-day Democrats.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused President Trump of forcing immigrants held at the border to drink from toilets, Then we found out that this terribly stupid woman did not verify what she was charging Trump with and that the facilities at the border are a combination of sink and toilet in one unit, with the sink providing water from above and the toilet being part of the lower unit, a system frequently found where space and money are limited and the cost must be kept at a minimum. It must also be said that this type of water closet is assuredly nicer and more sanitary than the toilet facilities the illegals had at home.

For twenty years the United States government recognized and employed the Florez agreement of limiting the holding time for immigrant children to 20 days, and the Democrats were good with that, until the Trump administration came along, and then the accepted process became a Nazi concentration camp which separated children from their families, in the words of American Democrats. So in order to assure that families stayed together and that illegal families were not released into the interior of the United States until their cases were decided by immigration judges, the Trump administration began the process of keeping families together and holding them in government facilities until their cases were finalized. But as one could anticipate, Democrats were outraged by this procedure because the families could be held for up to sixty days. This is another situation that Trump can’t win either way.

It’s become obvious to any impartial observer that Democrats want two things: to abuse Donald Trump and to assign the worst names to the Trump administration, and allow all illegal aliens to freely enter our nation in order to bolster the Democrat voter roles so Dems can rule the nation in perpetuity.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Every Democratic Party functionary at the DNC is well schooled in the Marxist Frankfurt School strategy known as Critical Theory. This political strategy is the playbook of the DNC and is responsible for all their attempts to destroy our country and replace it with a Marxist based Utopia .
    Why aren’t the conservatives discussing critical theory as the fundamental tool of the democrats to generate their destructive strategies . We have to expose this to the American people. Our universities and colleges are packed to the rafters with these Crit theorists . They will destroy our country if we don’t start exposing them .

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