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CNN and Their Delusional Presidential Candidates

Is the Clinton News Network really calling their TV performances ‘Presidential Debates?’ How bad can liberals get once infected with TDS?

Well, some may think it does meet with their mantra… ‘lie… lie… and then lie some more,’ right? Regardless, how do these ‘clown shows’ meet the basic criterion for a United States Presidential Debate?

Is there any human being on planet earth that would take such TV shows seriously? If someone does, then they are the same ones tuned into “reality tv shows” believing the storylines are serious and real!

This clown show is contrived and fits within a hybrid cross-contamination section of “The Osbournes,” “Intervention,” and “Hell’s Kitchen.” Knowing this fact, how does anyone become interested?

Shouldn’t Presidential debates be about important issues like dealing with other countries. How will these delusional candidates deal with real issues like China, Russia, Venezuela, Palestinian terrorists, Iranian terrorists, and the like?

While their constant mantra remains, “FREE,” can’t someone intervene and ask how all the ‘free stuff’ gets paid and by whom? How about a simple question like how does America pay for its current debt?

Once they come out of their illegal political highs, shouldn’t we ask how they plan to deal with the massive unfair trade practices of most countries? How about asking how we stop the pirating of our business secrets?

It appears they all want free stuff for the well-educated Americans, but why? What about all the not-so-educated people? Where’s their free stuff?

Let’s just ask why they want all Americans to lose their health care benefits? How does this help anyone? If government is the answer, then what the hell is the question?

Finally, it is obvious they are all focused upon improving the lives of non-Americans, why? What happened to accepting their Presidential oath of office?

So, if they won’t take their oath of office seriously, falsely believe the Presidency is designed to support non-Americans, want the uneducated to pay for the educated college debt, believe that President Trump is their problem even though he is innocent of all charges, want to deny Americans health insurance, want to expand our corrupt government, then why would anyone ever want to take them seriously?

I don’t and pray you can’t, either!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. Democracy – where two wolves and a sheep (two entitlement mongers and a rich guy) decide what’s for lunch.

    The Failure of democracy (historically in every case) – that the people, the majority, discovers it can vote itself riches out of the government treasury.

    John Adams (iirc), “democracies are as violent as they are short lived”.

    Democracy – the will (whim) of the majority is the law and the “law” always abuses the minority (the smallest minority is the minority of 1)

    Democracy – the simplest form of government to understand and the hardest to control. (review the French Revolution.)

    Republic – mixed form of government where several forms are combined to balance out the shortcomings of each. It take BRAINS to understand a Republic but very little effort to control it.

    Republic (Constitutional) – where principles are above achievement, where equality of God given Rights are protected (not granted). Where justice and equality are intrinsically linked. Where the minority cannot be abused by the majority. Where government clings to its rightful purpose of insuring the citizen’s right to protect his own life and property. Where all citizens (born or otherwise) are protect from violence.

    Democracy doesn’t need to answer your “silly” questions; it is its own “god” and “truth”! The man-god; government. The beast. When democracy fails a strong man steps in and takes over.

  2. Hi Derrell,

    As always, you are on point and everyone should appreciate your wisdom.

    Please have a blessed day,

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