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Why are Democrats and Their Media Sycophants Such Big Liars?

Aren’t thieves and liars normally used within the same sentence? If one were to research World History, it is easy to find nations built and nations toppled. Each nation is unique for various reasons.

Our nation was built upon the pillars of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No, it wasn’t easy, and a lot of blood had to be shed for the benefits we enjoy, today.

Very few countries allow voters to determine leadership. In most countries, power and money dictates who will control. America has always been different until the 2016 elections.

No person wakes up one day and begins overthrowing any government. Instead, it’s a plan that may take years and even decades. Regardless, sin (ungodly actions taken by humans) always starts with baby steps and progresses.

Banks, businesses, elderly, and others are robbed routinely by ‘petty’ thieves. This is the beginning baby steps in a thief’s mind on their way to bigger targets. It’s a very contagious disease and/or addiction.

Thieves know stealing is not their only sin. Stealing is akin to ‘chain smoking.’ One sin leads to many others unless they repent and restore their soul (1 John 1:9) focusing upon Godly behaviors.

The more complex their scheme, the more sins are involved. Obviously, stealing is a partner to lying, maligning, gossiping, hatred, bitterness, false witness, jealousy, and overt sins. If a thief were honest, they would no longer be a thief!

Thieves have progressive goals. First, it’s stealing hundreds. Then it’s thousands. Then it’s millions and even taking over an entire nation for billions and control.

Many thieves start as a street corner drug dealer stealing innocent lives in exchange for a quick buck. Then their arrogance (the worst sin) convinces them to grow their thievery by taking over two street corners, then the entire neighborhood, city, state, and so forth.

Of course, thieves know their criminal power comes from a knife, gun, or paying for protection. In most instances, thieves are not known for their brilliance. Instead, thieves know very well their power resides with power plays. The biggest gun wins and it’s not always a gun that goes ‘bang.’

As thieves grow their illegal business making lots of money, they reach out to helpful political and religious parties who can be bought to help control their territories. Yes, it starts with local religious leaders, policemen, mayors, judges, State and Federal officials, and other influential types.

That’s not to overlook the fact there are just stupid people on this planet. Many have the best of intentions but fall prey to criminals. Criminals use people to ‘hypnotize’ others to do what the criminal minds need in order to accomplish their goals – power and money.

There is no better example of this scheme than politics. Evil people go into communities convincing them if they elect them, whatever the ‘hot topic’ is will be resolved. This becomes a hypnotic trance for many falsely believing they must help this person get elected.

No, these supporters do not intend any harm and wouldn’t pound the pavement soliciting support for the candidate if they knew the facts. Unfortunately, those facts never materialize until after the election but then it’s too late.

Thieves always lie about their intentions. Good thieves are great liars. Liberals are a prime example. Their core sin begins with arrogance falsely believing they are ‘entitled’ to more and they are above all others.

Thieves target public office as an easy way to legally control lots of money and have some of it line their own wallets. Most in the US Congress begin with a financial statement in the thousands but exit with one in the millions.

Trying to prove politicians are geniuses at making money instead of being corrupt is a challenge no person should accept. Thieves normally begin their political thievery running for positions overseeing education, police, taxes, and any other agencies that are ripe for using their power to blackmail citizens and/or companies.

Just imagine the millions at stake even in the smallest of towns. There are issues like supplying public schools with employees, food, and transportation. Without exception, school districts are at the top of the list of big spenders in most cities.

Imagine the financial gain one in power could make by simply enforcing a change in school menus. Favoring a contract with a friend, child, sister, or brother in the industry, could immediately return a lot of money – ‘legally.’ Isn’t that much easier than peddling dope on the street corner with the same objective?

Take this example a step further and pass legislation so teachers become members of a labor unions. What about forcing licenses on trade groups? How about regulating wrecker services, business, insurance, investments, hospitals, trucking, building permits, environmental permits, and the like?

Yes, every law and regulation passed become potentials for personal income streams for thieves. This constant stream of money means everything to a politician. Any threat to change this is naturally going to be met with massive revolts filled with lies and propaganda.

These thieves don’t want to return to the street corner to make a living. Life is too good at this level to surrender and besides, they are now holding respectable jobs.

That’s why Democrats won’t read the Mueller Dossier and are not going to abide with the 2018 election results. So, what else is left for Democrats to do but lie if their thievery remains their goal?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. What else needs to be said besides the fact that they lie because they are DEMOCRATS and that’s all they know.

  2. Excellent thoughts and observations Amanda. If I may add a few for your consideration?

    In the Garden the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field. I think this is a distinction that is overlooked almost universally. The Serpent was something more that a mere snake.

    God formed man out of the dust of the earth. Then He breathed life into the man. Again the significance of this event may not have been considered as closely as its meaning represents and require. Obviously the man God created was something more than mere human. But the nuts and bolts of this understanding goes rather deeper than perhaps has been considered. We are certainly far more subtle than any beast of the field but in the Garden we were something we only vaguely understand thru the Post-Witness of Jesus Christ and His elevation into Heaven.

    The creation story describes the 3 elements of what a human being is. The dust is the description of a physical being with what might be called animal instinct. God made us physical so that we could interact with the physical world and see God’s perfection at that level. Keep in mind He had already filled the world with life and there is no indication he ever breathed anything of breath into them. The breathe of life he breathed into man was Spirit life so that man could walk with God on His level.

    Then the narrative turns to the third part of mans being – that thing which apparently came about -certainly by design – because of the combining of physical and spiritual. That part of us where we become uniquely human. Our soul is compared to animals as being more intelligent (and divisive) than any beast of the earth. That thing which allows us to not only understand and interact with both heaven and earth but to also make choices independent of all other beings – including God.

    There are those who cling to the idea that the serpent was a fallen angel but in the Garden he was only a little serpent whereas today that serpent has increase exponentially and in accordance to the astonishing size of nearly 7 billion souls – a great red dragon. There is no question there is a Satan but the argument that he was a fallen angle defies a number of primuses the Bible speaks of including the following.

    When God judged Adam, He told the man; you will toil in this earth to survive; you will trade part of your time of life (for dust you are and to dust you shall return) struggling to make a living. When we talk of money and theft of money we address this curse. The reason people steal is to extend their own lives. Stealing someone’s money is literally steal their life and adding that time of life to one’s own time of life. Now the thief doesn’t have to work as much and his victim must expend more of his time to recover what has been stolen.

    Then God turned to the woman and cursed her with the sorrows in child birth. She would suffer not just the pain and burden of carrying and giving birth but she would witness her children take on the corruption she herself has taken on and know the pain of their suffering – and be helpless to stop it.

    Finally God spoke to the serpent and said something that seems to have been completely missed by mankind. God chained the serpent to the flesh of mankind. “Upon your appetites (for greed and power and every intent) you will be compelled to act – but only thru the carnality of man. You shall eat only dust – corruption – to satisfy your desires!

    So what is my point here? When the serpent said; “You shall surely not die. God knows when you eat this fruit you will become like Him. You will know the difference between Good and Evil and you will be become gods yourselves.

    In Isaiah 14 Lucifer, the son of the morning (Adam) said to himself I will be like God, I will sit over the congregation, I will be worshipped, I will sit in the seat of power on the sides of the north.
    Adam – male and female – realized they could reproduce themselves and create a race of beings who would worship them as they worshipped God.

    The core primus I believe you are reaching for isn’t particularly money but rather the arrogance of the “pride of man” to be worshipped. If man can control the Truth then he is god and there is no need for THE God. So he seeks to destroy every primus, every principle, every evidence of Truth. It is a futile attempt for every man’s knee bows to the Truth at some point. We are hardwired to the truth!

    The democrats – and make no mistake, the mainstream republicans as well – any party that puts accomplishment over principle that covets control of government – are full of pride. They do believe themselves naturally superior and any means is justified by the end. That end is that THEY like Adam think to be God!

    Human beings without the Principles of Truth – Jesus Christ (I AM, the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE) – will naturally seek to assert themselves and will not only LIE (rationalize) but will steal, enslave and murder in order to get what they want. And they will reason, by whatever means, that they are JUST in doing so.

    The Democrats lie because they are utterly full of themselves!

    When Jesus returns to this world He returns on the back of a great white Charger; the Faith of the Saints!

    Then the masses of humanity, that worship the man-god beast – government – will call upon their “mountains” to save them from the Truth; to protect them from He who sits on the THROWN and their governments will be POWERLESS to hide them!

    1. Good day Derrell,

      Wow! What deep thought. You can’t imagine how very much I enjoy and appreciate your comments.

      Please have a happy 4th!


  3. As a Christian even when I thought I had heard it all before I continue to be amazed at the depth of hypocrisy, half truths, and self righteous attitudes of so called God fearing believers. You are so full of contempt for anyone who does not abide by your so called views on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Jesus pointed this out by specifically calling the Pharisees out for their so called obedience to God’s law. The Pharisees viewed anyone with sin as getting their just due if they were poor, lame, blind, or any other infirmity common to man. Republicans and conservatives don’t abide my God’s laws they are just equally to blame for lies, deception, and lovers of power and greed as anyone else. You don’t see it because you don’t see your actions or words as they really are. Re-examine yourself would be my suggestion and decide whether you are filled with so much hate that you have completely forgotten what the greatest commandments of all: Love God and love others.

    1. Good day Charles Porter and your input is always welcome.

      Yes, any of can improve our status in life and learn from one another.

      However, if you want to imply Liberals are full of love, then please get outside of your bubble.

      Liberals have for years attempted to define values and enforce ‘pc’ words but that no longer works for most, today.

      Love is not a single use topic. Love often means spanking and correcting others, right?

      What is better to stand for is what is just and right. Liberals attacking and injuring a reporter is not a sign of love. However, reporting and exposing such travesties is love toward all of humanity, right?

      Please have a blessed day and always feel free to let me know your thoughts. I too can learn and want to learn from my mistakes.

      May God bless you,

  4. You hit the nail on the head. Democrats are all about money, and media sycophants never report on Dem greed and corruption. They corrupt everything, including the meaning of words, in pursuit of $. Some examples, “Non-profit” often never solve the problem they claim to want to solve, environment, women’s rights, poverty, etc. because if they do solve the problem then the tax $ and donations stop flowing into the bank accounts of the friends, wives, consultancies etc etc. Of course the best example is the Clinton foundation where a very small % of “donations” ever reached the needy. Same with planned parenthood, Warren Buffet “donated” $1.2billion.

    I Worked in latin america for decades and they refer to these types of “non-profits” and “charities” as “gestores”. Many politicians have their favorite “charity” they want “supported”, often run by family and friends.

    Same with unions, they have very little to do with helping workers, and a lot to do with funneling workers union dues to union bosses and the politicians that “protect” them with legislation, rules and regulations that make it difficult for workers to work in a field without paying up first.

    Limitless examples available of the $ at stake, for example in a town of 500,000 in latin america where I have had experience: 70,000 unionized workers pay approx 50cents a day union dues, 6 days a week, = $10.5million US Dollars per year. Of course in the US, a similar size town would be worth $100million US Dollars per year in union dues to the union and the politicians they partner with. What is documented in US, is that Unions provide $1.5billion political donations annually to Democrats. So the total annual amount of Union $ getting funneled through various creative mechanisms to Dems is much much more than $1.5billion. Of course these various other creative mechanisms of moving money to family and friends of politicians are never reported by media sycophants.

    As you correctly point out media sycophants are lying all day, every day: the truth is, for Dems it’s all about the money, and nothing else, and that never gets reported.

    1. Good day SBinTexas and I appreciate your taking the time to inform me of your thoughts.

      Yes, my families come from those parts and Democrats don’t understand we don’t want any more of those Socialistic governments and corruption.

      Please stay true to your beliefs and not fear to be outspoken.

      God bless you,

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