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Democrats Tell Their Followers What To Think, While Republicans Appeal To Logic And Honesty

Have you ever noticed that Democrats and their pals in the lying media don’t allow their followers to consider both sides of a policy matter? Instead, they instruct their Democrat subjects what to think concerning any and all issues.

A great example is a recent situation where Joe Biden, a possible Democrat candidate for president, said that Mike Pence was a “decent guy”, and the left blasted poor old Joe with ridicule and politically correct abuse for making such an honest but un-politic statement. Biden was forced to apologize and retract his friendly and fellow-American statement. Biden and Pence have known each other for years and probably like each other, despite their political positions, which matter not a whit when it comes to respecting someone for being a “decent guy”. But the power structure in the Democrat party is beginning to resemble the Kremlin in that it insists on everyone in the party following the party line. Biden got his mind right and took back the compliment, as any good, radical Democrat would do.

Similarly, Donald Trump has been designated as a racist and a criminal for only one reason: he beat Hillary in 2016. But that’s the party line and Democrats will give him no leeway for being an accomplished executive and getting major things done in his first two years as president. And they still plot against him for the lie of collusion or anything else they can pin on him, even though the collusion charge has never been proven after extensive investigation, and we know that false evidence was planted by Democrat sources in order to frame him and remove him from office.

In the case of Trump’s recent trip to Hanoi to meet with Kim Jong-Un to discuss the nuclear disarmament of North Korea, the lying press first stated that they knew that Trump would sell American interests down the river by signing an agreement that would allow Kim to keep his weapons and still be a threat to Japan and South Korea. They said that Trump would give up things we hold dear in order to get any agreement. Then, when Trump bluntly ended the talks and came home after refusing to agree with Kim’s insistence that the sanctions be removed from North Korea even though he would not give up his nuclear weapons, the press dumped on him again. The said that Trump was a failure and could not deal as an equal with the dictator Kim. At no time was Trump given credit for meeting with the North Koreans and getting them to stop launching missiles over Japan and threatening a Nuke strike on Hawaii. President Trump has received no credit for attempting to talk Kim out of his weapons. Instead they keep calling Trump a racist, a war-monger and unbefitting the presidency.

President Trump’s attempts to get a peaceful resolution to the North Korea nuclear situation, and his ability to put a halt to the murderous ISIS killing spree in the Middle East, neither of which successes were even thought of by Barack Obama, let alone attempted in his eight years in office, are ignored by the fake news press, and the Democrat party will give him no credit at all, but instead just fall back on the racist and homophobic name-calling that they expect their mind-numbed Democrat followers to adhere to and believe. The pretense that Democrats are seeking a way to bring Americans together and put an end to the divisive rhetoric and snide remarks we now see exchanged every day, is a total lie. They want their hate for President Trump to be shared by all Democrats and to be repeated by the fake news press all the time.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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