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Report: North Korea launches another missile

Launch of Hwasong-12 Missile by North Korea 5-14-17

South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency has reported that North Korea launched another missile early Tuesday. (LEAD) N. Korea fires ballistic missile: S. Korea's military https://t.co/yGTuHnSdj6 — Yonhap News Agency (@YonhapNews) November 28, 2017 U.S. defense officials confirmed that a missile was launched Sain Ni, North Korea in South Pyongan Province at about 3:38 a.m. local time (1:38 p.m. EST) and headed ...

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Trump issues statements on North Korea, legislative negotiations in last-minute event

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

President Donald Trump will deliver a statement to the press at 3 p.m. Tuesday from the Roosevelt Room of the White House. This event suddenly replaced the daily White House press conference on the schedule and comes just after the report of another North Korean missile launch. The White House has not indicated if the president will take questions and said ...

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President Trump makes statement on North Korea, Trade [video + transcript]

Donald Trump statement on Charlottesville 8-14-17

The White House suddenly announced Wednesday that President Donald Trump would make an announcement possibly on North Korea and trade. It is unclear whether the president will take questions but he had hinted over the weekend that he would be making an announcement on whether to redeclare North Korea a state sponsor of terror. Live Stream of the President’s Statement ...

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Trump to tweet from China despite social media ban

Donald trump tweeting

President Donald Trump will “tweet whatever he wants” while in China despite Twitter, and most western social media platforms, being banned in the Asian nation. An administration official told reporters Wednesday that the president would be tweeting as usual while in China. Twitter, Facebook and many other social media outlets are banned by the so-called Chinese firewall. “The president will tweet ...

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Diplomacy with North Korea to continue ‘until first bomb drops’: Tillerson

Rex Tillerson on CNN State of the Union 10-15-17

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday that the U.S. will continue diplomatic efforts to achieve the administration’s goals for North Korea until military action is unavoidable. In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Tillerson dismissed host Jake Tapper’s thinking that Trump has decided that diplomacy is a waste of time. Tapper showed two tweets by the president ...

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China Orders Its Banks to Cease All Business with North Korea

Donald Trump North Korea sanctions announcement 9-21-17

China’s central bank issued an order Thursday requiring all banks in the country to cease any and all business with North Korea, a surprising and significant move against the rogue nation. The move comes on the same day as President Donald Trump’s announcement that he signed an executive order instructing the Secretary of the Treasury to cease all transactions with ...

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Press Briefing with UN Ambassador Nikki Haley 9/21/17


United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley will brief the media on North Korea Thursday. Haley is expected to announce new banking sanctions against the rogue nation in the continued effort to halt their nuclear weapons programs. The briefing is scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm EDT.

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North Korea Shoots Missile Over Japan [again]

North Korea fired a missile over Japan Thursday causing the Japanese government to warn its citizens to take shelter. The missile passed over Hokkaido but neither the Japanese nor American forces in the area attempted to shoot it down. Instead, the Japanese government issued a nationwide alert telling residents to take shelter. South Korean and U.S. intelligence officials are analyzing ...

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Trump approves billions in military hardware for South Korea

Trump on phone

The White House issued a statement Monday afternoon saying the President Donald Trump had approved several billions of dollars in military equipment and weapons to South Korea in a call with President Moon Jae-In. The approval was described as “conceptual” in the statement which muddies the meaning of the announcement but demonstrates solidarity with a crucial U.S. ally in the region. ...

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North Korea Claims To Have H-Bomb They Can Mount On A Missile

Once again the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-un, is saber rattling by claiming they have a hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on a missile and is threatening a high altitude nuclear explosion that experts say could wipe out a city. North Korea detonated hydrogen bomb sparking powerful 6.3 magnitude quake.  The blast directly ordered by Kim Jong-Un and was large enough ...

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Facing Trump, North Korea Backs Down


While American main stream media is fixated on which words President Donald Trump did or didn’t use about a murderer driving his car into a crowd, North Korea just backed down due to Trump’s … words. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un pulled back his threat to nuke the tiny island nation of Guam after President Trump and the U.S. military ...

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Guam Officials Release ‘Imminent Missile Threat’ Fact Sheet [Full Document]

Guam fact sheet imminent missile attack

Guam’s Homeland Security Department released a Fact Sheet informing locals on what to do in the case of an imminent missile threat from North Korea. The document contains instructions for pre-attack preparations, what to do during an attack and actions to perform once the attack is over. Guam’s inhabitants should “expect to stay inside for at least 24 hours after ...

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Gorka: The US will no longer appease North Korea

Dr Sebastian Gorka on North Korea

Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka told Sean Hannity that it is time to stop appeasing North Korea. “This is when the appeasement ends.” Dr. Gorka told Hannity in an interview Thursday night.  “This nation, this White House, this president will no longer put up with appeasement.” Gorka also pointed out that the problem with North Korea is Kim ...

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