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Hannity: Strzok Was at the Heart of the Deep State

Peter Strzok was the “FBI agent at the very heart of the deep state,” and apart of the “biggest power scandal in our history,” said Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday.

Commenting on testimony from Peter Strzok before Congress on Thursday, Hannity claimed that Strzok actually wants Americans to dispense all the common sense that God gave them to believe in this fantasy that his actions were not abusively biased.

“Despite everything you just heard Peter Strzok actually wants you to dispense all the common sense that God gave you and he wants you to spend all logic you have all rational and believe in this fantasy that his actions were not abusively biased and in my view frankly corrupt,” said Hannity.

Hannity further pointed out Strzok’s involvement in major investigations at the FBI including the Hillary Clinton investigation.

“Now in 2016 he was the lead investigator in Clintons server probe, he played a lead role in Hillary Clinton’s exoneration of course before the investigation, before ultimately conducting her investigation months later.” Said Hannity.

Hannity continued claiming Strzok showed an “extraordinary and extreme hatred” against Donald Trump to his FBI colleague and mistress Lisa page all on official FBI phones.

“Despite what we now have which is controvertible evidence that Hillary Clinton is guilty of numerous serious felonies crimes he then immediately transitioned to the Trump-Russia witch hunt left-wing talking point. All the while he has expressed a massive bias in favor of Hillary Clinton, who he was supposed to be investigating, and an extraordinary, extreme hatred, animus against Donald Trump to his FBI colleague mistress Lisa Page. All by the way on official FBI phones used to conduct official FBI business,” Hannity explained.




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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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One Comment

  1. He is only a minion to the real problem, the so-called deep state. Notice his arrogant smirk on his face. He knows that he, like Hillary is safe for some time to come. All he has to do is outlast the Trump administration. Why else brag to a girlfriend in an E-mail he knew would be seen.
    They all have the same attitude, above the rest.
    He doesn’t care whether or not we believe him, and why should he? He knows a lot more, and a lot of people and has been getting for most of his years in his job.
    You want to get closer to the heart, pull down his boss that no one is speaking of, for now, he is the third level.
    Get him and we will be getting somewhere.

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