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‘It’s My Show’: Here Are The Highlights Of De Blasio’s Interview On Hannity

Sean Hannity interviewed Mayor Bill de Blasio, asking him questions on the Second Amendment and the NYPD. Hannity’s interview with de Blasio quickly went south as de Blasio seemed unable to give a direct response to each question Hannity threw at him. Towards the end Hannity seemed to be losing his patience. “You drive me crazy, and you duck a ...

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Judge Unseals Text Messages Between Paul Manafort And Sean Hannity

Paul Manafort

A federal judge on Friday unsealed text messages between former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Fox News host Sean Hannity showing the pair discussing the various twists and turns in the special counsel’s investigation. The messages, which date from July 14, 2017, to June 5, 2018, show that Manafort expressed confidence that he would win his court battle with ...

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Fox Nation to Launch “Hannity on Air” with Sean Hannity

FOX Nation, the new on-demand subscription-based streaming service, will present a brand new weekday program entitled Hannity On Air, hosted by FOX News Channel (FNC) primetime powerhouse Sean Hannity, announced John Finley, Senior Vice President of Development and Production. The program will be available to FOX Nation subscribers beginning January 30th. In making the announcement, Finley said, “We could not ...

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Sean Hannity: Media Gets Upset When We Call Them Who They Are, Which Is ‘Fake News’

Sean Hannity

On his nationally syndicated radio show, host Sean Hannity said that the fake news media gets upset when we call them who they are, which is fake news. On his Monday radio program, host Sean Hannity stated, “it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the reporting in this country would ignore Adam Schiff, schiffless shciff and his call to ...

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Fox News Dominates Cable News Ratings for July

Fox New’s continues to crush its competitors in the ratings for the month of July. Fox News had four of the top five most-watched cable news shows in July. Fox was led by Sean Hannity who had the most watched cable news show of the month. Hannity and Tucker Carlson were among the top-two spots overall in the news ratings. ...

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Rep. Jim Jordan on Running for Speaker: ‘Congress Has Got to Do Better Job’

Jim JOrdan

“Congress has got to do a better job and that’s why I wanna be the next Speaker of the House,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-N.C.) on Friday. Appearing on Hannity, Jordan discussed the great things that have happened over the past year in America with very little help from Congress. Jordan called on his colleagues to do a better job and ...

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Hannity: Strzok Was at the Heart of the Deep State

Peter Strzok was the “FBI agent at the very heart of the deep state,” and apart of the “biggest power scandal in our history,” said Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday. Commenting on testimony from Peter Strzok before Congress on Thursday, Hannity claimed that Strzok actually wants Americans to dispense all the common sense that God gave them to believe in ...

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Hannity: I Don’t Care What the Left Thinks about Me, I Just Care about What’s Right

“I don’t care what the left thinks of me I just care about whats right,” said Fox News host Sean Hannity on Sunday. Appearing on Life Liberty and Levin, Hannity was asked by Host Mark Levin to comment on what it is like being attacked by the left. “The most important thing to me is I don’t care, not even a little bit Mark one bit what the ...

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Is The Deep State Going After Sean Hannity Next?

           For the past several months now night after night Talk show host Sean Hannity has been delving into and exposing the Deep State naming names and their evil agenda of overthrowing the election and exonerating Hillary. Sean has acquired quite a hardcore team going after them too. Such loyal members as former Trump advisor Sebastian ...

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The Liberal, Destroy Trump Media is Unhinged

There was a time when the media reported the news biased as some of it was, but nowadays the media creates the news to suit their own agenda. In my journalism career, I was always taught to get both sides. Today the mainstream media has become a mass collective mind of attacks on anything conservative. Ever since Hillary lost they ...

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Keurig CEO Issues Apology for Handling of Hannity Advertising

Keurig Logo

The CEO of Keurig Green Mountain sent an apology letter to the employees of the company after having taken sides in a social media war between Sean Hannity and the extreme left-wing website Media Matters. A small group of advertisers publicly announced over the weekend that they had pulled their ads from “Hannity” on Fox News after Sean interviewed Alabama ...

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Keurig CEO’s apology memo [full text]

Keurig Green Mountain sign

Dear Keurig Team Members, You are likely aware that Keurig became the focus of some media attention over the weekend related to a tweet issued from our official Twitter account on Friday. The tweet announced the withdrawal of advertising from “Hannity” in response to comments made on his program last week that were viewed as controversial by many of our ...

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Keurig, e-Trade and 4 barely known companies pull advertising from Hannity over Moore interview

Keurig smashed

The liberal “buycott” machine went into motion over the weekend pressuring at least five advertisers to flee a popular Fox News show because Alabama Senator Roy Moore appeared on it to give his point-of-view on recent allegations of sexual misconduct. Keurig, Realtor.com, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature’s Bounty all pulled their ads from the television show, in response to Fox ...

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Sean Hannity and Senator Ben Sasse Feud over Trump

Sean Hannity and Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) have gone back and forth over President Trump‘s criticism of news outlets and his recent tweets suggesting television news outlets’ licenses be evaluated and possibly revoked. Hannity’s comeback to Sasse’s criticism was remarkably funny. “Call me when you repeal ObamaCare loser.” Hannity also stated:  “one the biggest mistakes” I ever made was supporting the conservative ...

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