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Is The Deep State Going After Sean Hannity Next?

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For the past several months now night after night Talk show host Sean Hannity has been delving into and exposing the Deep State naming names and their evil agenda of overthrowing the election and exonerating Hillary. Sean has acquired quite a hardcore team going after them too. Such loyal members as former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka, Fox News attorney Greg Jarret who has his own book coming out on the Deep State and their plan to frame Trump and exonerate Hillary, two ace reporters Sarah Carter and John Solomon who are the Bernstein and Woodward of this generation, David Limbaugh,(Rush’s brother)former D.C. attorney general Joe Degenova, Mark Levin and Geraldo Rivera.

Sean has been releasing text messages between two former FBI agents who are lovers while married to other people, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who were also on Mueller’s team showing before the election that if Hillary lost they would blame it on Trump and Russian collusion. Sean also has shown that former FBI head James Comey planned to exonerate Hillary even before he interviewed her for deleting 30,000 federally subpoenaed e-mails and having 13 federally subpoenaed blackberries smashed with hammers and other crimes she committed. No other station is investigating this because they are all in Hillary’s pocket and liberal.

Political writer and researcher for World Net Daily, Jerome Corsi has warned Sean that the deep state is going after him next. Sean replied on his show that he will not let up and wants the truth out here and them all exposed for what they are doing.

According to Hannity, Corsi argues in his book Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump — that “well-funded hard-left extremists, the mainstream media, and Obama/Clinton holdovers in the government bureaucracy” conspired with the “Deep State” to prevent Trump from becoming president and failing at that, are now working to force him out of office. Meanwhile, as Hannity is Trump’s biggest supporter on TV — according to Corsi — they want Hannity’s head on a stick, too.

“My sources tell me that the ‘Deep State’ wants to take Hannity out as a major media player,” Corsi claims. “They see him as Enemy Number One, and they want him off Fox News, [and to] tarnish his reputation, and remove him as President Trump’s top media supporter.”

Hannity said on Friday that he wasn’t “surprised” by the claim, but he is disappointed that the United States government is becoming more like an authoritarian government, like communist Russia or Venezuela. Hannity told viewers:

Wow, isn’t it so great to know that these corrupt officials with their backs against the wall that are desperate — desperate people do desperate things — the people who have the most powerful tools of intelligence, are now going after me?

It doesn’t surprise me. Isn’t that sad? Are we the United States of America, or are we going to be the former Soviet Union, or are we going to be Venezuela?

Still, Hannity said he won’t be intimidated into silence: “I promise you one thing,” he announced. “I’m never stopping.”  You I can see Sean’s statement here. (7) Hannity: I’m the next target of the deep state – YouTube

For those of you not familiar with what the Deep State is, it is the top echelon of the FBI, CIA and Dept.of Intelligence (DOI). These consist of former National Security Agency head  James Clapper, former CIA head John Brennan and former FBI head James Comey and Deputy Attorney General for the United States Rod Rosenstein along with Robert Mueller and his team out to get Trump.

Intelligence Chiefs Testify At House Hearing On National Security Threats

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 29: (L-R) FBI Director James Comey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and CIA Director John Brennan testify during a hearing before Senate (Select) Intelligence Committee January 29, 2014, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The committee held a hearing on “Current and Projected National Security Threats Against the United States.”

Corrupt and criminal Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still employed by the FBI [as of March 18th the date of this initial post – Lisa Page has subsequently resigned from the FBI, but Strzok is still employed]. They have numerous text messages that show criminal and corrupt actions related to the Hillary email scandal, FISA abuse and the Mueller investigation. Most recently, texts were uncovered by Congress that show they had a relationship with the FISA Court judge who sentenced General Flynn and later was recused. They should not be employed, they should be in jail! Sean has been showing these text messages on his show also.

James Clapper, the former disgraced NSA Director was allowed to walk this past week [in mid-March 2018] after lying under oath to Congress due to the statute of limitations. His lying was depicted in the movie “Snowden”.

The IRS scandal under Obama involved Mueller and yet Attorney General Jeff Sessions has done nothing to address turning the other way rather than seeking justice.

Every day the DOJ and FBI are delaying evidence being requested by Congress or Judicial Watch. Names are redacted for no reason other than to cover up Deep State crimes. Sessions allows this and his actions arguably show he is behind it. He should be removed too and be replaced with someone more competent and not afraid to defend Trump and speak up instead of sitting on his hands like Sessions.

A new report claims that investigators from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., recently interviewed former FBI Director James Comey in relation to the Justice Department’s investigation of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued a criminal referral for McCabe in April — which led to his eventual firing — on the grounds that he intentionally misled DOJ officials on four separate occasions.

A source familiar with the investigation told the Washington Post the Comey interview indicates officials are seriously weighing criminal charges for McCabe, which are not guaranteed in a referral.

“A little more than a month ago, we confirmed that we had been advised that a criminal referral to the U.S. Attorney’s Office had been made regarding Mr. McCabe,” Michael Bromwich, McCabe’s attorney, told the Post when asked about the new revelations. “We said at that time that we were confident that, unless there is inappropriate pressure from high levels of the Administration, the U.S. Attorney’s Office would conclude that it should decline to prosecute. Our view has not changed.”

Now they are all starting to panic and Brennan is going on liberal TV shows like CNN and The View putting his spin on things.

It is my hope that McCabe will say I’ll give you Comey, Comey will say  “I’ll give you Loretta Lynch,” Lynch will say  “I’ll give you Hillary” and “Hillary will say “I’ll give you Obama.”

If we ever want to drain the swamp, it is absolutely essential that guys like McCabe, Comey, and Brennan are prosecuted, fully. Otherwise, the swamp will keep doing exactly what they want, and continue to break the law, without any fear of the consequences and we become like a third world banana republic like Venezuela.

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  1. ALL of the treasonous left-wing anti-AMERICAN anti-President Trump liars deserve prison or execution for their blatant crimes against our country & its citizens! The infiltrator Obama & all of his cronies & henchmen must be purged from our midst, & the people of America must be vigilant to prevent these seditionist snakes from ever holding any public office again!

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