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Devil in a Drape: Hillary shows up to Ozyfest; forgets to get dressed

I’m not sure if her handlers took Saturday off or if Hillary Clinton just slipped away from them during one of her walks in the woods, but something clearly went wrong when Mrs. Clinton showed up at a neoliberal arts festival on Saturday.

Literally looking like she just rolled out of bed, Hillary took the stage at Ozyfest, held in New York City’s Central Park Saturday, in what appears to be a nightgown, house shoes, little-to-no-makeup and barely-touched hair.

Hillary Clinton in house coatDuring Laurene Powell’s interview of the twice-failed presidential candidate, Clinton pushed for open borders and trashed President Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Why didn’t he stand up for our country?” Clinton asked. “In this case, it doesn’t seem like our president cares.”

But afterward, social media focused on just one thing – her wardrobe.

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  1. Ma wore her nightgown to the interview looks just like some of the Grannies you see at the supermarket on Sunday Ha Ha Old Ma Clinton has truly lost it no wonder Slick is gone most of the time.

  2. Seriously, this woman has been on dialysis for a very long time. She’s in 4th stage. She also receives blood cleansing/detoxifying cycling transfusions. She has about 8 months to a year. Her organs are so corrupted they can no longer cleanse her blood or urine or waste.

    • Believe many have thought her health was questionable since she fell and hot head (was she drinking then as reportedly did on campaign trail?) Where did you find out this little tidbit? If can be verified, might be useful if she is foolish enough to try for a 3rd time…What a waste of humanity…..

  3. She’s had it rough. She needs the blood of virgins to stay alive but Bill keeps beating her to them.

  4. Hospital gown. Praying it’s tied in the back.

  5. LOL! What can one even say anymore!? L

  6. I believe this is the outfit she used to steal silverware from the white house.

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