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The Biggest Abuse of Power In History And The Media Refuses To Cover It


In the mid 60’s, a radical leftist by the name of Saul Alinsky emerged. He wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals.” Hillary Clinton was a follower of his and did her college thesis on him. Today she and the corrupt officials in the CIA, FBI, and DNC along with her are using two of those rules against Donald Trump to oust him.

One rule says to find a target, isolate it, freeze it and destroy it. Hillary and her gang are doing this with Trump. They at first thought Hillary would get in no problem and they planned a whole bunch of underhanded, illegal plans to fix the election, steal it from Bernie Sanders and put her in. When that didn’t happen they were so triggered that they decided to go after Trump and overthrow him. It was then that they went to the second rule and that is “blame others for your mistakes.”

This is where the Russian collusion comes in. Hillary was the real Russian collusion with a brought and paid for the phony dossier on Trump filled with Russian lies by a foreign National Christopher Steel who had Russian connections and law firm Fusion GPS. She and the DNC paid them 12 million dollars to write a phony dossier on Trump filled with Russian lies in order to get a FISA warrant to spy on a Trump campaign worker Carter Page. They lied to the FISA judges and never verified the dossier with them. She along with nine other groups who banned together sold 20% of our uranium to Russia for 145 million dollars to her Clinton Foundation. They blamed their mistakes on Trump with a Russian Collusion lie pure Alinsky style.


 When Trump first accused Obama of tapping his phones the media laughed at him. Now they are saying they did so, but the spies were there to protect him from the Russian interference in the election. Brennan Clapper and Comey have all been caught now and are trying to wiggle their way out of their dirty illegal deeds of spying on an opposition party during an election. Michael Goodwin in the New York Post summed it up this way very concisely: This much we know: The man identified as the spy is Stefan Halper, an American professor in Great Britain who has long family ties to the CIA. Reports say he was paid up to $1 million during the Obama presidency for vague research projects.

Halper, sometimes with a female assistant, approached three members of Trump’s team in the spring and early summer of 2016 with various inducements — and chatter about Russia’s hacking of emails. Another member of the Trump team says he was approached by a different man during the campaign, suggesting there might be a second spy.

Trump,  has been angry about the probe of special counsel Robert Mueller but hasn’t been able to do much about it. But the Halper story was the final straw, and the president threw patience out the window and jumped into the fray.

In the span of 24 hours, he demanded — and got — a Justice Department investigation into the matter. He also set up a process for his chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, to forge a settlement between Justice officials and congressional Republicans, who have tried for months to get documents on the origin and other details of the FBI investigation.

The time is up for professional gatekeepers like disgraced former FBI Director James Comey and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to control what the public knows. They have done nothing but add to distrust of the FBI and that will not change if their ilk makes the final decisions.

By insisting that the documents go online, Trump would be letting taxpayers see for themselves what the government was up to, and what it was hiding. And to connect the dots between the various agencies involved.

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh presented an interesting theory regarding them saying spies were put in there to protect Trump saying:

You know, Trump said it himself there. He said, “I did a great service to this country firing Comey.” Now, with Comey’s tweet today, Trump has another reason to fire him. If they knew the Russians were hacking, if they knew the Russians — stop and think of this. Obama said he knew the Russians were trying to interfere, and he told Putin to cut it out. Remember? John Brennan has admitted that they have warned Putin to stop it.

The point is, 2015 and 2016, they knew the Russians were doing it. And yet the FBI sought to only, quote, unquote, protect one candidate. They said that they didn’t put spies in the Trump campaign. Well, they did, but not to spy on Trump, but rather to protect Trump from the Russians. Joy Behar got Clapper to admit that they were spying. But Clapper said, “We weren’t spying on Trump. We were keeping an eye out for what the Russians might do.”

Well, the FBI and the DOJ only extended that protection to one candidate, Donald Trump. So you could say that Comey turned the election. You could say that Comey wanted Trump to win. Using their narrative, using Comey and Clapper’s narrative, they were doing this to protect Trump, but they didn’t extend the protection to Hillary? So you could argue that Comey and Clapper were actually engaging in actions to help Trump, to protect Trump?

Maybe they wanted Trump to win — ahem — I’m just making the point here. I’m poking holes in their argument, is what I’m doing. If you get word that the Russians are trying to tamper the election and you only protect, quote, unquote, one candidate, I mean, they go to all this trouble to protect Trump, they don’t try to protect Hillary? Why, if they’d put just one of these protective spies in Hillary’s campaign, they might have been able to protect her server, they might have been able to tell Podesta that he was gonna succumb to a phishing attack.

Former CIA Director John Brennan is worried, investigators who, on the president’s orders, will determine if any laws were broken when the FBI secretly infiltrated the Donald Trump campaign in 2016.

President Trump is firing back at the nation’s former top intelligence official after he patronized congressional leaders for allowing the president to investigate the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) handling of the Russian interference investigation. According to Trump, Brennan is protesting an internal review of the DOJ’s conduct because “he’s worried about staying out of Jail.”

Now things are starting to boomerang and coming back to hit Brennan, Clapper and Comey and the other thugs at the top echelon of the FBI, DOJ and CIA. Trump recently tweeted, “Look how things have turned around on the criminal Deep State. They go after phony collusion with Russia, a made up scam and get caught in a major spy scandal the likes of which this country has never seen before. What goes around comes around.” Trump went on to say he did a great service firing Comey.

Things are moving so fast that Comey, Brennan, and Clapper are racing to cover their tracks appearing on TV shows putting their spin on everything. Clapper is saying trump should be happy they were spying on him because they were trying to protect him from the Russians.

Really?? Should he be happy they were spying on him without a warrant and lying to FISA judges to get that warrant?

This is the biggest abuse of power and corruption in the history of our country and the media isn’t even covering it because they want Trump out of there too.

Intelligence Chiefs Testify At House Hearing On National Security Threats

Late Sunday afternoon, Brennan, who has been an outspoken critic of the president since before he took office, publicly lectured House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for “enabl[ing] Mr. Trump’s self-serving actions.” He tweeted his disdain for the “disastrous path” that Trump was taking which, he claimed, would be a “great disservice to our Nation & the Republican Party.”

Brennan may be panicking after top FBI and DOJ officials agreed to meet with Congress and “review” highly classified information that lawmakers have been seeking, including details of the secret informant that the FBI used in 2016 to infiltrate the Trump campaign. For months, DOJ leaders have been reluctant to part with documents related to their campaign probe, citing national security concerns.

Trump seized on the former intelligence chief’s remarks in a multi-part tweet of his own, calling Brennan a disgrace and accusing him of compromising the public’s trust in the U.S. intelligence community.

Meanwhile, Sharyl Attkisson writing in The Hill pointed out 8 signs pointing to the counterintelligence operation displayed against the Trump campaign:

  • Codename: Crossfire Hurricane which is the operation where they spied on Trump
  • Wiretap fever: Seven Trump associates were caught up in the surveillance web
  • National Security letters
  • Unmasking: releasing names of top security persons
  • Changing the rules-Clapper making it easier to share intelligence
  • Media strategy-Clapper leaking to the media about the phony brought and paid for dossier
  • Leaks-Comey had friends leaking to the New York Times
  • Friends, informants and snoops-The FBI had spies inside reporting on the Trump campaign
  • Now FBI agents want Congress to issue them subpoenas so they can reveal the bureau’s dirt. They also want to see Comey prosecuted for lying under oath. 


An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow announced Wednesday the American Center for Law and Justice uncovered thousands of documents showing Clinton Foundation pay-to-play with Hillary’s State Department through a FOIA lawsuit.

There was no firewall between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation as Hillary previously claimed to the public.

Via the ACLJ:

As part of our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Deep State Department, we have been informed that the State Department has located – and will be forced to turn over to the ACLJ – literally thousands of documents to and about the Clinton Foundation, its subsidiaries, and its senior operatives during the duration of Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

An email dated December 6, 2010 (tucked away at the very end of the State Department’s most recent production) reveals that Secretary Clinton, upon receiving information that we now know to be classified from a State Department employee, forwarded the classified information via her private email account (HDR22@clintonemail.com) on to various individuals outside the State Department including senior associates at the Clinton Foundation – Justin Cooper and Doug Band. She writes in her email to “print for Bill.”

The ACLJ stated they will be receiving Clinton documents at a pace of approximately 300-600 pages per month.

Jay Sekulow sounded off on Twitter. “You need to read this to believe it.”

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