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Shooting Survivor: CNN wanted me to read their scripted material, refused my question [video]

CNN held a town hall Wednesday night to discuss the Parkland, Florida tragedy, but it wasn’t nearly as open and unbiased as the president’s listening session on the same topic.

Colton Haab, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student,  said that CNN asked him if he’d like to pose a question at the town hall, but Colton decided not to after the network refused his questions and instead gave him a “scripted question.” Haab, one of several Junior ROTC members that shielded students while the school was under attack, said he was going to ask about using veterans as armed security guards.

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions and it ended up being all scripted,” Haab told a reporter. “I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions.”

Colton said that he was very disappointed in CNN’s actions and thinks they missed an opportunity to report how those affected really feel.

“I don’t think that it’s going get anything accomplished. It’s not gonna ask the true questions that all the parents and teachers and students have,” he added.

The network released a statement on Thursday morning refuting Haab’s allegation.

It read: ‘There is absolutely no truth to this. CNN did not provide or script questions for anyone in last night’s town hall, nor have we ever.” So CNN thinks calling a school shooting survivor a liar is a good way to respond. And .. they have provided questions before…

First, former DNC Chair and CNN Contributor Donna Brazile was caught providing moderator questions to then-Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton:

CNN has accepted interim DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile’s resignation after WikiLeaks released an email in which Brazile gave the Clinton campaign questions ahead of two primary events.

While it is not clear how Ms. Brazile gained access to the questions, one from a CNN democratic primary debate and another from a CNN town hall event, the cable network has now severed all ties with her.

Was Brazille a rogue agent or just CNN’s scapegoat? It’s difficult to tell, but there is a repeating pattern of the network scripting events to aid the liberal agenda.

CNN facilitation of staged events is nothing new either.

In June 2017, footage from a British activist surfaced that showed CNN ignoring, or perhaps facilitating, the staging of a tribute after the London terror attack last year:

The British anti-globalist activist roamed around the scene during setup and showed the Mulsim actors empty handed until professional organizers or perhaps even media staff put flowers in their hands and armed others with pre-printed posters.

Several of the people giving props to the fake protesters are wearing t-shirts with an Arabic phrase printed on it.

Another interesting note is that the #TURNTOLOVE #FORLONDON poster on the ground shows the wrong bridge. The terror attack started on the London Bridge while the poster shows the Tower Bridge. That’s not a mistake a Londoner would have made. Heck, I’ve only been to England once and I knew the difference.

It’s obvious that some outside group, unfamiliar with London, staged the fake protest. CNN was either incredibly naive, journalistically incompetent or willfully involved. If a young lady with a camera figured it out, why couldn’t a news network?

If CNN covers any protest or march, be skeptical of the coverage. They have no problem allowing staged events to appear as real, live, news.

CNN’s long history of creating news instead of reporting it is well-documented. Colton Haab is a hero for shielding other students during the tragedy and CNN decided not to let him ask a question or voice his opinion because it doesn’t match their narrative.

Haab appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight going into more detail about how CNN turned his speech and questions into their own narrative. Colton says that during a conversation with a CNN producer, he was told to “stick to the script.”

updated: to add CNN’s rebuttal.

update: added Tucker Carlson video

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