Could John Kerry Run for President AGAIN? Democrats Enter CRISIS Mode

The Democratic party has had a long history of putrid presidential candidates who came up short due to their obvious flaws but they just keep trotting out the tomato cans who continue to lose elections.

One would think that following the rejection of Hillary Clinton – the most over-hyped Democrat ever – that the blue jackass party would try to find some new blood with new ideas instead of the same old warmed-over garbage.

That doesn’t look like the case for 2020 with the likes of former V.P. Joe Biden, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and newcomer Kamala Harris (definitely the same crap in a different wrapper) and maybe even JOHN KERRY!

That’s right. The loser of the 2004 election to Republican George W. Bush could be mulling a run for the presidency despite his inability to close the deal as well as more baggage than an ocean liner.

The man with a face that looks like one of the animated trees in the “Lord of the Rings” didn’t deny that he would seek the nomination during an appearance on “Morning Joe” where he led the daily circle jerk.

CNN’s political analyst Chris Cillizza makes the case that the husband of the Heinz Ketchup queen in his piece “John Kerry running for president in 2020 wouldn’t be the craziest thing …”:

John Kerry — remember him! — made a little news during an appearance on “Morning Joe” Wednesday.

Check out this exchange between the Democrats’ 2004 nominee and “MJ” anchor Joe Scarborough:

Scarborough: You’re tan, you’re rested and ready. You’re younger than everybody else talking about running for president of the United States. Is it Kerry 2020?

Kerry: I don’t have any plans right now, honestly.

Scarborough: That’s not a denial.

None of Kerry’s responses — as Scarborough rightly notes — is a “no.” And, yes, for the billionth time, when a politician — especially one who has run for president before — refuses to rule out running again, it’s on purpose.

That’s not to say Kerry is running — or even actively considering running. Just that he doesn’t want to shut any doors that he might want to peek behind over the next three years.

And, while I don’t expect Kerry to run, it’s not crazy that he would consider it.

Kerry is a longtime senator. A secretary of state. The Democratic nominee in 2004. This side of Joe Biden, he probably has the deepest resume of domestic and foreign policy experience of any candidate on the long list of 2020 contenders.

Scarborough is right, too, about the fact that Kerry’s age — he’s 73 — doesn’t look like as a big an issue in 2020 as it might be in other elections. Biden is 74. Bernie Sanders is 76. Elizabeth Warren is 68. And that, ladies and gentleman, is the top tier of the 2020 field against President Trump!

His past presidential bid also means that unlike everyone in the field other than Biden, Kerry has been seriously vetted for the top job. (Say what you will about Sanders but he did not receive a full vet from the public in 2016.) In an election which is likely to be every bit as nasty and personal as the 2016 contest was, putting forward a candidate whose warts are already known could be very smart.

What Mr. Cillizza is suggesting about Kerry’s “warts” shows that the party and its media shills didn’t learn anything from the defeat of the queen of warts and poison-spitting toad Hillary Clinton’s loss.

While Kerry could never aspire to the criminality of the Clintons, he still owns the Obama foreign policy disasters of the four years that he was Secretary of State – none of which have been resolved. It is the very definition of insanity that Kerry’s name would be even mentioned in terms of 2020. But he is a member of Yale secret society “Skull and Bones” a creepy good-ole-boys club whose members continue to help each other get over in life.

It would also escalate the internal struggle within the Democratic Party between establishment types, the identity politics fire-bombers and socialists like Sanders.

The Dems are already in huge trouble having pissed away nearly a year trying to get their Russian conspiracies and white supremacist labels to stick to Teflon Don Trump and as a result, have NO message whatsoever for the 2018 midterm elections than demonizing him.

Like Hillary, Kerry would be a two-time loser but the Dems could never be accused of recognizing their own errors and taking corrective action before the clown car flies off the edge of the cliff – AGAIN.

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Donn Marten

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