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Shapiro Slams Oprah’s Speech, Says She’s Been Silent ‘For 20 Years’

oprah Winfrey

  by Nick Givas Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro said Oprah Winfrey’s speech at Sunday’s Golden Globes was a little too late, and accused the actress of being silent on issues of sexual harassment for 20 years, Monday on Fox News’ “The Story With Martha MacCallum.” “What the hell kind of risk was she taking? She was standing ...

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Poll: Biden becoming 2020 choice among Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden is crisscrossing the country to promote his new book and Democrat voters are increasingly supporting him as a presidential candidate according to a new poll. The Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday showed that 41% of likely Democratic party voters felt that Biden would make the best candidate to run against President Donald Trump in 2020, ...

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Like Hillary, John Kasich Just Won’t Go Away

Longtime establishment insider and hardcore Never Trumper John Kasich continues to send out signals that he plans on mounting a challenge against President Donald Trump in 2020. Kasich’s failed 2016 bid for the Republican nomination was notable for the fact that he stayed in the race until long after he was eliminated, only giving up the ghost when Ted Cruz ...

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Oprah 2020? Some Believe She Provides Winning Formula for Beating Trump

When Oprah Windbag Winfrey ended up on CBS’ flagship program “60 Minutes” to chew the fat over our “divided” country and the “unity” that needs to be imposed, it definitely seemed to be a stepping stone for bigger and better things for the multimillionaire friend of Barack. Now it looks like the establishment may just be seriously considering running Winfrey ...

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Could John Kerry Run for President AGAIN? Democrats Enter CRISIS Mode

The Democratic party has had a long history of putrid presidential candidates who came up short due to their obvious flaws but they just keep trotting out the tomato cans who continue to lose elections. One would think that following the rejection of Hillary Clinton – the most over-hyped Democrat ever – that the blue jackass party would try to ...

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California Passes Bill to Move 2020 Primary Up Four Months

Just call it the Kamala Harris plan. The radical leftist Democrats who run the California state legislature as if was the old Soviet politburo have made another early move to hijack the 2020 presidential election. In addition to a bill that could potentially keep President Donald Trump off of the ballot, state Dems have also passed another to move the ...

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California Legislature Moves to Keep Trump OFF 2020 Ballot

The California state legislature seems to spend more time and money waging a dirty war against President Donald Trump than it does taking care of its own citizens. In the latest attempt to undermine the man that roughly 8 million Californians voted against, a bill has successfully made it out of the State Assembly and is headed to Governor Moonbeam’s ...

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Early Poll Shows Bernie Leading the Pack for 2020 Dems as the Left Embraces Socialism

The permanent election cycle just keeps churning on. We have not even hit the one-year mark since the last presidential election and already, the handicappers are placing their early bets on the winning horses in the 2020 race. And it’s Bernie Sanders leading out of the gate. This has now become akin to a football game with the 2018 midterms ...

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Sanctimonious Ass Joe Biden Declares Battle for Our Nation’s Soul

Former Vice President Joe Biden is going to make a run at the presidency come 2020, there is no way to deny that will happen. But with the sad shape that the Democratic Party is in due to an obsession with identity politics that borders on the pathological, he will have a tough time dislodging the rising star Kamala Harris ...

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Kamala Harris Calls for Senate Hearings Into ‘Violent White Supremacy’ but NOT Antifa

Probable 2020 Democratic Party nominee Kamala Harris is looking to cash in on the national panic that has been whipped up by the media since the unfortunate events in Charlottesville. California’s newest U.S. Senator hasn’t been in office for nine months yet and she is already making demands simply because she can get away with being an obnoxious bitch on ...

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Mulls Removal of Christopher Columbus Statue

Globetrotting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has made it clear that he is in the camp with the fanatics now that he is mulling the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus. The latest leftist craze of forcing the tearing down of Confederate monuments throughout the U.S. was always self-limiting to the zealots and anarchists, simply because there ...

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Screaming Howard Dean Predicts Democrats Will Lose AGAIN in 2020


Considering the source, it’s pretty damned hard to take ANYTHING that former Vermont Governor and DNC chairman Howard Dean says with any credibility at all. Until now that is. Dr. Dean is going out on a limb and predicting that the Democrats will once again lose the presidential election in 2020. Considering the atrocious field of candidates, it’s not like ...

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Pocahontas Builds Merchandise Empire to Swindle Liberal Suckers

Just call it Pocahontas Inc. Democrat demagogue Elizabeth Warren is using her fame to scam liberal suckers out of their money by selling cheaply made, overpriced crap with her name and cheesy slogans on it. Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has become so popular with the far left moonbats that they are shelling out money to purchase everything from temporary tattoos to ...

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Fanatic Elizabeth Warren Calls for Liberals to Take Extreme Leftward Turn

This weekend’s Netroots Nation gathering of Democratic party activists in Atlanta has been thrilled by such radicals as Keith Ellison who called all Republicans racist and other assorted deranged demagogues but one in particular brought down the house. Senator Elizabeth Warren who is fondly known as Pocahontas or Fauxahontas gave a speech so intense that it could have taken place ...

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