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Fake News On Trump Now Plagues Democrats

As the lack of evidence becomes obvious in the Trump-Russia collusion lie, the Democrats and their bosses in the liberal press face blow-back for their lies and false reports. President Donald Trump is looking cleaner each day and yet the leftist press just keeps on howling their hate-Trump rhetoric in an attempt to avoid the truth and to keep the public from being aware of the 6-month lies that have been spread to weaken, if not end, the Trump administration. Instead of hurting Trump, the leftist lies have solidified support in favor of Trump and his agenda and has backfired legally and politically for the liberals who have been totally divisive the last six months.

The Golden Showers story has gotten a liberal group called Fusion GPS, which was a big supporter of the Hillary Clinton campaign, subpoenaed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and they, but not Donald Trump, are in trouble.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is also investigating the FBI itself for its favorable treatment of the liars who created the original Showers document, and for not making public the known anti-Trump lie of the dossier’s contents.

Planned Parenthood also used the Fusion GPS investigative powers to gather dirt on Trump and has, therefore, become wrapped up in the scandals. And of course, Loretta Lynch, and her Sky Harbor meeting with Bill Clinton during the Hillary email investigation is under investigation for obstruction of justice, along with Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who is suspected of conflicts and improper behavior while trying to put Trump in jail.

Some of CNN’s allegedly “dependable” and “trustworthy” anonymous sources are also becoming suspects, if not being fully investigated, and even Dianne Feinstein, a liberal Democrat Senator, recently said that she needs to hear more of the Loretta Lynch story in order to get to the bottom of the scandal.

In just the last several days CNN generated a fake Russia story that they had to retract a day later with an apology to the defamed associate of Donald Trump who was mentioned in the false article. Lying is a tradition for liberal Democrats, but being caught and exposed in their lies is new to them.

The truth of the old saw that elections have consequences is becoming more obvious every day as the Democrats, who have at the very least skirted the law with impunity the last eight years, learn that they must, in the future, truthfully oppose their political rivals without trying to make them into criminals, or face certain punishment at the ballot box when the voting public passes judgment on them and their un-American tactics. It’s just too bad that Democrats have to be convinced to tell the truth the hard way.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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