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Democrats Get Violent; Demand Republicans “Dial It Back”

Liberals are increasingly committing acts of violence demanding the overthrow or assassination of the president while simultaneously telling the right to calm their rhetoric.

Chronology of escalating violence from the left

Donald Trump won the 2016 election and Democrats quickly claimed his presidency illegitimate.

Democrats claim that Trump colluded with Russia and stole the election. Therefore, he has no right to remain in the White House.

Violent leftist mobs take to the streets, protesting Trump’s election while burning and beating people as they yell insults at Trump and Republicans.

anti-Trump protestors

Democrats promote the idea of killing Trump to get him out of office, and this is called freedom of speech. They perform a play, a part of the Shakespeare in the Park” series, in which Donald Trump is stabbed to death, and call it artistic expression.

Twitter post to kill trump

A radicalized follower of Bernie Sanders actually shot a Republican legislator, aide, lobbyist and Capitol Hill police officer in a park in Alexandria, Virginia, and Republicans are told to dial back the divisiveness and bad feelings.

Liberals Turn Up the Hate and Demand Republicans Tone it Down

Why is it that Republicans are physically attacked and then only they are expected to dial back the hate?

Sen. Sherrod Brown accused a reporter on Wednesday of practicing “fake journalism” for asking whether Democrats have played any role in using violent, partisan rhetoric in the wake of President Trump’s election victory last year. Brown, D-Ohio, told reporters in a hallway interview that President Trump has chosen to “divide and name call” rather than serve as “the healer in chief.” When asked by the Washington Examiner if Democrats have also played a role in dividing the nation with their heated opposition to Trump and the GOP, Brown called that “a false equivalency.”

The bad feelings and divisive discourse are only on the left because they lost the election and want their power back. Republicans and President Trump have nothing to “dial back” except the outrage at being hunted down and shot by the political left, while the left pretends to only want to get along. This situation is pure crap.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Yes, Gib, there could be some humor in all of this discourse IF it wasn’t so destructive to the Country. 99% of the Democrats suffer from an old tried and effective ‘brain washing”. (similar to what Cults do) Have you noticed that practically all of their comments contain the same words or phrase? It’s as though they all got the same memo. They have become robotic slaves that no longer think for themselves. They are “programmed” to respond with HATE. If they lose that, they have nothing inside but an empty disk.

    On the other hand…..The Republicans could (should) speak out more, not in retaliation, but with the positive that disproves what the Democrats are spewing….They should not be door mats!

    good stuff, Dave

  2. Dial UP the rhetoric. Virtually everything Democrats say constitutes a logical fallacy. Learn to identify and spotlight the fallacies with very loud rhetoric.

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