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Final Debate: Wallace Wins, Hillary does career politician thing, Trump speaks to America

The final presidential debate of the 2016 election has completed and Trump did well while Hillary did only mild harm to her campaign.

First, I want to compliment Chris Wallace for being the prime example for political debate moderators everywhere. He interrupted only to keep time, never debated the candidates and let them speak freely.

Both candidates could have done better, but neither hurt their causes significantly.

Two major events during the debate will garner the most press: Hillary refused to address the pay-for-play and terrible charity ratings of the Clinton Foundation while Trump refused to answer if he would abide by the results of the election.

First, Trump did not refuse to agree to the results of the election. Donald said that he would “keep you in suspense” and that he would evaluate things before making a decision. Considering that Al Gore questioned the results in his presidential election bid, that Clinton felt Gore won just two weeks ago and the numerous voter fraud investigations ongoing, tacitly agreeing to anything before it happens is naivety at best and incompetence at worst – a perfect example of Clinton-think.

Trump’s statement will have no effect on the election outcome, but headlines will likely feign outrage over his statement. Recent revelations prove that the DNC, Clinton campaign, the Whitehouse, and SuperPACs all coordinated to pay people to incite violence at Donald Trump events, register illegal voters and transport them to vote in out-of-state elections. Mr. Trump is right to question the outcome until proper certification is complete.

When Wallace asked Hillary about her Foundation’s questionable spending and “pay-for-play” Clinton just flat-out answered a different question. In full-on professional politician mode, Hillary answered Wallace’s question with the wonderful  things the Clinton foundation has done instead of addressing the illegal and unethical ties between the State Department and the Clinton Global Initiative. Hillary then praised her Foundation and that charity watchdogs have all found the “charity” to be stellar – except .. they haven’t:

We’ve reported previously that the Foundation amounts to a charity in name only. In 2013 for example, the Foundation spent a meager 10 percent of the revenue they brought in on charitable grants – which is the same amount they spent on travel. The remainder of the funds went towards salaries, rent, IT, and all other expenses. By contrast, charities like the American Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders give over 90 cents on the dollar. In other words, the percent they contribute to charity is about equal to Clinton’s overhead. Such a poor translation of revenues to charity would put the Foundation on the list of America’s worst charities.

Democrats will spend the next few days talking about how the WikiLeaks emails are “stolen” or “illegally taken” in a tragic attempt to get Americans to believe they are not real – anyone able to think for themselves understands this is spin intended to protect Hillary.

Voters will also be exposed to Clintonistas furiously working to discount Project Veritas’ amazing expose on the voter fraud, illegal coordination, and riot incitement by saying that Veritas heavily edited the videos or saying that one of the producers is a criminal. Considering the criminal past of Democrat Bob Creamer – there’s no comparison.

All told, the final debate won’t likely move anyone. Anyone that finds Hillary’s dishonest, career politician approach to everything as a positive are going to vote for another eight years of the Obama failed economy, foreign policy, and domestic security strategy. Those that are looking for something that might help the rest of America will still be voting Trump.

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Rich Mitchell

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