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Democrat operatives explain how they plan to steal the election [video]

For decades independents and conservatives have pushed for voter ID laws and better scrutiny of the voter only to be thwarted by interventionalist judges legislating from the bench.

Project Veritas puts black hat Democratic Party operatives on camera admitting that it does indeed happen, that it’s coordinated and that that it has been of their doing for over fifty years.

Yesterday, Veritas released a video showing Democrat operative Scott Foval bragging about inciting riots at Trump events. The release of the video has resulted in him being thrown under the bus (aka fired.) By doing so, the DNC, Hillary campaign, and Americans United for Change admitting that what was documented did indeed happen – otherwise, they would have been defending Mr. Foval.

Today’s release delves deep into the democratic party’s wet works where we learn just how involved they are in the rigging of American elections.

“We’ve been busing people in for fifty years to deal with you f&*kin’ a&&holes and we’re not going to stop now.”

“So you use shell companies. Cars come from one company, the paychecks .. there’s no bus involved, so you can’t prove it’s en masse, so it doesn’t tip people off.”

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“Does it turn into an investigation or not? In this case, this state, the answer is no, because they don’t have the power to do anything.”


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