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Ecuador admits meddling in U.S. election by isolating Assange; also: WikiLeaks staff now missing

Ecuador, allegedly under pressure from the Obama administration, has admitted to cutting off WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange’s internet access.

Reuters reports that Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has been a strong supporter of Julian Assange’s right to free speech, but Correa has openly admitted to having a personal relationship with Hillary Clinton, and has stated his preference for having her become U.S. president “for the good of the United States and the world.”

Is Assange interfering or is he bringing truth into an otherwise rigged contest?

DNC operatives have admitted to busing in voters from out-of-state and using other illegal methods to register illegal voters. Democratic party organizers have admitted to paying people to incite riots at Trump conventions.

Suddenly, 23 days before the election, women come out of nowhere to accuse Trump of trying to kiss them decades ago while several witnesses appeared to completely refute their claims.

The American press is doing nothing to cast sunlight on Clinton’s truly harmful activities while spending endless news cycles on unsubstantiated kissing claims against Trump.

Now, the Obama administration is suspected of interfering in the election by having Secretary of State John Kerry request the government of Ecuador silence Assange. The discussion allegedly took place as a side room discussion during a meeting at the end of September.

Julian Assange has no internet access after the Ecuadorian government admitted to restricting him – their excuse for it is sad.

Two of Julian Assange’s closest cohorts have also gone dark. According to the Associated Press, “wikiLeaks staffers Kristinn Hrafnsson and Sarah Harrison did not return repeated messages seeking comment.” Oh, how Clintonian…

Ecuador isn’t concerned about playing a part in the election, they are concerned that Hillary will win and if they did not do as they were told, they will have no access to massive amounts of aid and preferential treatment in trade deals.

John Kerry went to Central America and told the government of Ecuador to get on board, or get lost – they decided to play ball.

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  1. First thought…Ecuador was tired of their guest….More importantly is Kerry’s visit….proof that these ‘allies’ of the ‘coalition’ are with us for the money and aid…..Trump is right….money is a strong lever in making deals….which ever side you’re on. REPUBLICANS TAKE NOTICE !
    We CAN sway opinions our way…IF we have the right leadership

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