Trump clearly outlines his immigration policy while the world waits for Hillary to define … much of anything

Nieto and Trump joint conference 8-31-16Donald Trump spent the day moving between a fundraiser, meeting with a foreign leader, a joint press conference and finally another massive rally all while Hillary Clinton had exactly one on her schedule but not too many showed up to listen to her.

While Trump worked for his party, sought to work out differences with Mexican leadership and help his voters understand his immigration policy, Hillary Clinton did precisely nothing other than to complain about Trump doing all of those typically presidential tasks.

Flash: Trump holds meeting and press conference with international leader while Hillary talks to partially-filled hall

Even previous Trump Critic and CNN commentator Ana Navarro took notice and praised Trump for his hard work, diplomacy and clarity.

The rally in Phoenix, Arizona was another well-attended event in a large venue. The convention center has a 4,200  person capacity and was “packed” according to CBS5 News. The event was also watched through live streaming by more than an estimated 60,000 people.

Hillary pulls in hundreds while Trump talks to thousands and 10’s of thousands more watch online!

Trump delivers immigration speech in Phoenix, ArizonaThe speech Donald gave was concise, informative and direct. Trump differentiated himself from the Obama/Hillary policy and outlined a clear plan to fix the immigration woes in America – it was extremely well-received by the crowd.

The GOP nominee for president talked about how our current immigration system works for establishment politicians, but hurts everyday Americans.

The Democrats exploit illegal immigrants as a voting block while establishment Republicans view them as cheap labor for their rich constituents.

Trump outlined a plan that included several clear, executable actions that put America first:

  • Build the wall and have Mexico pay for it
  • Deport criminal aliens and those just recently illegally entering the country
  • Deport illegal aliens criminally using public programs (welfare, food stamps, public housing, etc)
  • Biometric entry-exit system to track those that overstay their visas
  • End illegal executive orders issued by Obama that Hillary promises to support and enhance
  • Reform the immigration system so that it puts America first – we welcome immigrants, but only those with needed skills willing to immigrate legally
  • No federal funding for so-called “Sanctuary Cities” where people like Kate Steinle get murdered by criminal illegal immigrants

See Donald Trump’s immigration policy speech in its entirety HERE.

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  1. Promises got me to vote for Trump in the primaries. Now I want substance. How will Trump locate the illegal aliens? How will he pay for the tens of thousands of law enforcement officers needed to deport them? Will he take the funds from something else, like the war on terrorism? How will he even know who is illegal? Will he detain everyone who has brown or black skin? What about the may Europeans who overstay their visas? I will not vote again for empty promises!

  2. This will be paid from funds currently used to pay for the Welfare, food stamps, medical services and educational benefits now being given to these ILLEGAL residents. This will generate several BILLION dollars monthly, (currently 13 billion is for bi-lingual teachers)

    The ‘wall’ will be paid for through revised trade restrictions/tariffs . I don’t have latest figures in 2007 we contributed 63% of Mexico’s Gross Income and there were over 400 American Brand companies operating there….this is revenue and jobs being lost in the US

    Locating the criminals will be done by law enforcement that ‘know’ where they likely are but they have been severely restricted in acting on. Also criminals generally are repeat offenders and will again, this time the law will permit apprehension and deportation. The money saved from housing these illegals
    indefinitly and reducing court costs will also contribute to payment. also there will be a reduction in overall crime

    This is a step by step plan to be done first one and then the next. Until the Borders are secured & stopping ‘new’ arrivals any interior progress is lost. Secure the Borders, locate/deport criminals and then visa violators and lastly those here from way back when and their situation.

    This mess has taken years to create and will take years to undo. Instant gratification is not possible. It must be done systematically and requires patience on all players,

    We KNOW Hillary won’t do a thing….So the choice is to forget and accept that it will worsen or give Trump a chance to show his mettle.

    VOTE FOR AMERICA….it’s the only country we have

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