Trump critic Ana Navarro praises Donald after presser with Nieto [video]

Just a week ago, NCC commentator Ana Navarro had nothing good to say about Donald Trump, but after his visit to Mexico and the joint presser, Navarro has a far different attitude towards the Donald.

Last week Ana told the CNN audience just how terrible she thought Trump was by toeing the CNN “he’s a racist” line:

Ana Navarro, a prominent Republican activist who backed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the primaries, blasted Donald Trump as a racist on Monday, brushing aside reports of the Republican presidential nominee’s outreach efforts over the weekend to Hispanic voters.

“I can very much look into the camera and say, ‘I believe Donald Trump is a racist.’ You don’t get to make textbook racist remarks for a year and not be a racist. You don’t get to make textbook sexist remarks for a year and not be a misogynist,” Navarro said on CNN, where she is a regular commentator.

But fast forward 9 days and she’s heaping praise on the billionaire presidential candidate:

“He went into a hostile environment” and “answered tough questions which Hillary Clinton has been unwilling to do.”

Will this make a difference in the hispanic community come election day? Only time will tell.

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