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Obama’s Lil’ Pet


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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    1. Thank you Valorie. But trust me, my mind is a place where you wouldn’t want to be..lol

  1. It seems that ObamO’s spend 2 million dollars for research on his “pet” of his.

  2. another government screw up of our money. this is why i say take care of the old, poor and sick. money will be pissed away on the dumb stuff.

  3. The best thing one could do is Boycott NBC until they report neutral! I know its a long shot but if you don’t pursue this it will always say this way! Great job as usual.

    1. Thank you for your imput on this issue Frank, but I’m one that doesn’t believe in boycotts. I think the best way to expose liars and communist propagandist is to let them talk.

    2. Agree with AF. Let the commies speak. Based on their ratings they only prove that they are the minority and conservatives reign in majority (in the country if not politics and media)

  4. the news that is most bais and tells most information is fox news. i have never seen more out right lies. at least msnbc is tellng the truth if it is helping obama oh well, fox news should not be called a news station but an opinion station. birther stuff, out right lies are spewed costantly. i have never seen a run for office contain such lies they shouldbe held accountable for lies. If you have to lie to get your candidate in you probably can do better. if have watched lame candidate after the next of republicans never have i seen a bunch of misfits, unqualified bunch of do nothing pandering fools.

    1. Yeah right Concerned, Like you’ve even watched fox news long enough to know if they’re lying or not.. I’m sure you picked that information up from MSNBC as one the very few that even watch them.

    2. Let me summarize…
      Bias lies lies lies lie lame …lie lie liar lie.
      Great facts and retort there.

      Economy slumping, debt out of control, no plan to fix it, only higher taxes, class envy, slower economy more debt. His budget…Facts.

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