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The “Personal Energy Subsidy” No One Talks About

Members of Congress have recently been embroiled in a battle to stop what many have termed “Big Oil Company Subsidies.” These government-sponsored subsidies come in many forms, such as corporate tax breaks for common expense tax write-offs, and for depletion of equipment costs. Keep in mind, that these same tax breaks are also given to every other manufacturer in America, not just Big Oil Companies. Randall Hoven outlines the situation precisely in an article titled About Those Oil Subsidies.

The Big Oil subsidy outcry is just another ploy by the American left to bash the very fossil fuel that has been the main producer of affordable energy in America ever since the invention of the various versions of electricity generators and the subsequent evolution of the energy industry. As with any production company, the free market energy system is based on competition-driven cost controls, where affordability is job one. Allow big government to completely control the energy industry and the results will be higher prices for everyone who can afford to pay, while also using it as a tool for stealth wealth redistribution and vote-buying to stay in power. Now that the big government myth about the big oil companies not paying their fair share has been busted wide open, and some of the reasons behind that power grab have been theorized, let’s take a look at one of the biggest energy subsidies ever handed out by the U.S. Government. Personal, welfare-dependence-driven energy subsidies that cost U.S taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

In a democratic society, fairness, and equality are supposed to be the cornerstone of the system. When certain groups or sectors of society are given preference over another one by a government through the usage of tax dollars, this becomes a blatant example of taxation without representation. ( of ALL people not just some of them) Other words that may be used to describe this scenario may include Fascism, tyranny, socialism, and political oppression.  So how can big government manipulators explain why one sector of American society has to pay for their utility usage, while another very large sector receives a personal energy subsidy from the U.S. Government that the rest of society is made to pay for?

While the oil companies “subsidies,” which are in fact tax breaks, have been put at around $4 billion dollars a year, how much do the personal energy subsidies cost the taxpayer each year?   All states have their own personal energy subsidy programs, which are at least partly funded by federal tax dollars. The website Welfare Info is a good place to explore the current welfare system, and just what government “subsidies” the career welfare class receives.

[Note: There is a big difference between an American tax-paying, energy producing company getting legal tax breaks (unjustly termed “subsidies” by the leftists and enviro-terrorists) and a non-producing, non-taxpaying career welfare sector receiving personal energy subsidies to pay their utility bills at the expense of the working class in America.]

From the above welfare info site, the following personal energy subsidies are outlined as follows: (emphasis added)

Another of the welfare programs is the energy or utility assistance program which is intended to help those who cannot afford to pay for basic utility needs, such as heat, electricity and/or gas and water. Like the child support program, it will supplement part of or provide 100% of the monthly utility costs.

Although the state by state personal energy subsidy programs are unique, they all contain on commonality: One sector of American society is being made to pay for another sector’s energy bills through government programs, many of them consisting of utility companies forming “partnership programs” with state and local governments. So who qualifies for  these taxpayer-funded personal energy subsidies? Can a non-U.S. citizen have their utility bill paid by U.S. taxpayers, or receive other welfare payments ?

Again from Welfare Info: (emphasis added) “You must be a citizen of the United States or a qualified non-citizen legal resident, (restrictions apply).” So, not only are U.S. taxpayers being made to subsidize career welfare people’s personal energy bills, they are also being made to subsidize what amounts to payments to criminal illegal aliens who broke the law while entering the United States.

Again, how much do these personal energy subsidies cost the U.S. taxpayer?  The fact is, that the big government bureaucracy now has so many personal energy subsidy programs that it is all but impossible to put a total cost to the taxpayers on it, which appears to be have done by design over decades of nanny-state planning and dependency program creation. Utibility Bill Assistance  has a complete rundown of state by state personal energy subsidy programs, along with this explanation about another pair of federal personal energy subsidy programs:

There is also a federal program to provide utility bill assistance. The National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association is a primary educational & policy organization for the state and other organizations of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which is often referred to as LIHEAP. LIHEAP is a federal government program that provides grants to states to help struggling with assistance on their their electric, heating and cooling utility bills.

In addition to LIHEAP, another program available is the weatherization program, which over 5 million Americans have taking advantage of, and which can save over $300 per year in utility bill costs. ( several spelling corrections made)

When discussing taxpayer-funded “subsidies” and entitlement programs, the Liberal nanny-state worshipers have proven incapable of seperating retired, career-taxpaying Senior citizens receiving SSI payments ( and in some cases personal energy subsidies) from the non-producing, non-taxpaying career welfare sector of society. This is done to obscure the facts that tax dollars have been used to create a welfare dependency in America in exchange for the welfare class vote, which is the base of today’s Liberal Democratic party. Liberal political operatives disgustingly disrespect working-class Seniors by lumping them in with the non-producing welfare class, in an attempt to falsely paint themselves as champions of the poor.

In summary, should America end all energy subsidies, as Democrats have been demanding in Congress recently? That would have to include ending the above-explained personal energy subsidies, along with the Democrat-sponsored green energy fraud and power-mongering usage of taxpayer dollars to spread misinformation designed to keep them in power by enriching their crony-capitalists and tax dollar thieves as was seen in the Solyndra scandal.  To end all energy subsidies would in fact crush the base of today’s fake Democrats, their environmental green energy fear-mongering, and their welfare-dependent vote begging fraud they have hoisted upon the American people under the guise of “helping them.”

Footnote: While several personal energy subsidy programs do indeed help deserving people cope with today’s skyrocketing energy prices, as Barack Obama promised America during his 2008 election campaign, the creation of the welfare class dependency in America has deteriorated family values, work ethics and the very foundation of American exceptional-ism, personal responsibility and the idea of working for what you want out of life. For a very serious look at some of the results of this systemic destruction of American values, please see The Ugly truth of America’s Welfare Class.






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  1. Big oil companies aren’t the only one’s getting a huge subsidy. Guess who else is getting one? Black’s!

    Yes, Black’s. They’ve been getting a big subsidy for decades now, ever since the Civil Rights Act was signed into law in 1963. How, you might ask? Well, aren’t they getting all kinds of income subsidy, Welfare, Food Stamps, tax breaks in the form of housing, utilities, schools, transportation cuts in cost to just them that no one else gets to have or access?

    And guess who has to pay for it mostly, maybe not entirely, but probably 90% of? White working people that’s who. Yes, White people have had to pay out over 6 TRILLION dollars in the past 45+ years now in benefits paid to Blacks. Why, you may ask? Because you see liberals believe White people are the reason why Blacks don’t have all the nice things in life just like White people do. And it’s White people’s fault that Blacks don’t live in nice houses, have nice jobs that pay good like White people do, and can’t send their kids to good schools, and pay for nice college educations like White people do.

    Yes, since White people are such racists, and Obama is Black to, he’s going to make damn sure there is all the repairatoins to Blacks that they can get out of White people. Until White people have been made to pay, and pay, and pay until all White people are poor just like Blacks were made to be, will liberals continue to take more and more from White people until they’ve been reduced down to living in one room shacks, with dirt floors, and an outhouse to crap in.

    And then when liberal are done taking everything away from White people will “social justice” be done. Then if White people want better living conditions, a education for their children, and enough money to buy enough food to feed their family, only then will liberals feel like the “‘po Blcak man” been treated to having all he deserved given to him.

    But you know what? God gave White people “ambition”. And it’s what founded this nation, developed this nation, built this nation into the super power it once was, and made the money it took to pay out that 6 TRILLION dollars that gave Blacks all that they have had for the past 45+ years. Now, what I want to know is, do you think the Black man has it in him to return the favor one of these days? Do you think Blacks could have done as good a job of building this nation where Blacks have been living as good as they have for the past 45+ years? What did God give the Black man that makes him think he can do as good at making a life for himself as well as White people did?

    The reason why liberals choose Blacks to put before everyone else was because of all the races of people in America, Blacks were the least able to take care of themselves in the same way that White people have taken care of all the races of people in this country, and took care of all the other people in all the other countries in the entire world!!

    Do you think Obama would have done the same for White people if White people were the one’s on the plantations picking cotton?

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Will. Be prepared to be called a racist for speaking up about what is a largely taboo (according to PC cowards and reverse discrimination deniers) topic of discussion today: reverse discrimination. Several facts do back up your stetements concerning blacks (and other minorites lumped in with them to give Obama cover for his true agenda) being given increased handouts and preferential treatment under Barack Hussein Obama and the Liberal debt-spending lunatics in Congress.

    The pigford “settlement” where a black person who had a plant in his subsidized apt in NYC, qualified as a discriminated against “farmer” and got a check for $50 grand. Not just one black person , 75,000 of them.$1.1 billion and then another 4.5 billion tax dollars dished out in one of the most ludicrous examples of vote pandering in all of US history.
    When did the wizards of Congress start drafting and rolling out the Pigford reparations scheme? 2007- 2008 when Democrats took over both chambers of Congress. Then white guilt prevented the progressive cowards in the GOP from making any reasonable effort to stop it or at least put in measures to protect against fraud and fake claims.(which then opened the door for Pigford2) Rep. King railed against that fraud,yet the rest of the GOP refused to back him up,which then allowed the Liberals to paint him as a racist and extremist for his troubles.

    The supposed settled mortgage “lawsuits” with BOA, where it says right in the settlement, “minorities” who were charged higher loan rates ( for being a high risk borrower who didn’t qualify for a home loan in the first place) must be paid off. #3.5 billion handed out there in the beginning, with more to come now that they have opened that door)

    The college loan fraud when the gov’t took over the college loan programs contains hundreds of references to black colleges, historically black colleges, etc, to receive preferential treatment over whatever they deem to be predominntly white colleges. What kind of B/S is that? Doesn’t look like equal treatment from here. This will also have the effect of making college degrees more worthless than they already are today, as in when a person with a college degree in Business Admin. walks in for a job, and can’t write a complete sentence properly. I saw that happen personally.

    Liberals make thier living on keeping people poor and depending on big gov’t handouts.They also need to keep them ignorant and uneducated as to the dangers of debt-spending that results in Greece-style austerity measures happening when there is no more money to hand out. Then the chaos will start.

    Decent people of all colors and national origins who believe in the right to opportunities on the basis of such things as work ethic and related job qualifications should all be speaking out against these types of government abuse, discrimination, and oppression. That means voting out all big debt-spending progressives in 2012, regardless of party.

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