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Father Government: Federalizing Childcare

Even though she was evicted from her position as Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) is still trying to tell us how to run our own houses. Her latest frightful commitment to the American people is that if the Democrats are re-elected in 2012 “we will do to childcare what we did to healthcare.” As if that’s a good thing.

The list of all that could go wrong in a country that provides free childcare is lengthy, but modeling such a program after Obamacare would be even more disastrous. Imagine a world where all parents are mandated to go back to work after having children, where it would be criminal to stay at home and raise your child yourself. Sounds a little like a piece of dystopian literature, doesn’t it?

This is not a new idea for Democrats. In fact, it’s one that began a very long time ago with free government education. K-12 morphed into government-funded pre-K programs, and now has evolved into the government wanting unfettered access to the minds of our children from birth. The Democrats, especially, want to indoctrinate our children to believe that Government is the true parent of all people in this country.

The concept of free “public” (read: government-funded) education for all originates in the famed Marxist document, the Manifesto of the Communist Party. This should raise the first flag. The Manifesto further decries one of its basic tenets as, “Abolition of the family!” Isn’t that precisely what the Democrats are working towards with the latest anti-family idea? On merit, yes, it is a better idea to have an educated population than an uneducated one. As an educator by trade, I cannot dispute that intellectual fact. I challenge the notion, however, that the government should be in charge of it. Competition drives excellence, and government control of anything quells competition.

Practically, free childcare for all does seem to fill a need that exists for all parents. This is where it is likely to gain public support. It’s not easy to make the decision to spend $1,000 a month from a $2,000 paycheck (after federal taxes, of course) for someone to keep our children all day while we work. For many, the financial equation just doesn’t make sense. As a result, many choose to forgo their career for a while and stay home with their children, and they make financial sacrifices until their children are school-aged. Others choose to stay home and raise their young children because they actually want to.

I know it may surprise some on the left, but there are people who have children because they actually planned a two-parent family and want to nourish that family by doing the hard work themselves. They want to work hard to provide for their spouse and children. They want to choose the best pediatricians to treat their babies when they’re sick. They want to save money and build a nest-egg that can be passed on to their children and grandchildren. They want to build a family business, despite the fact that it will require 80-hour work weeks. They want their children involved in the business, so they can teach them sound fiscal principles.

They want the government to get out of their way, so they can do these things that will make their lives meaningful. These family-centric Americans are perfectly willing to accept the personal responsibility for their decisions, even the failure that sometimes comes with autonomy.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the percent of the population that wants Father Government to be their provider. Can’t feed your children? Never fear, Father Government will come to the rescue. Lost your job and tired of looking for a new one? Don’t bother, because you can still have a car, a TV, a cell phone, even a home thanks to Father Government.

Personal responsibility seems to be the antithesis of how government operates. Even big corporations (i.e., General Motors and Solyndra) can now rely on the government to keep them from failing. Failure is ok, people. It builds character. Teach your children this. Teach them that once they reach voting age the only person they should expect to rely on when it comes to feeding, clothing and providing shelter for them is THEM. We need to stop asking what else our country can do for us, and begin recognizing all that we are perfectly capable of doing for ourselves.

MSM Ignores Latest Solyndra Scandal

 By now everyone knows that the Obama administration, through the Department of Energy (DOE), asked Solyndra to delay laying off 180 employees until November 3, 2010, the day after midterm congressional elections.

A memo prepared by GOP staff at the House Energy and Commerce Committee cites an October, 2010, email from an unnamed Solyndra investment adviser to another unidentified investment adviser. The email said DOE officials were pushing “very hard” to delay announcing the layoffs until November 3, 2010, – the day after the midterm elections. The email said, “Oddly they didn’t give a reason for that date.”

Solyndra CEO Brian Harrison told the DOE that he had “received some press inquiries about rumors of problems,” and also notified DOE that he wanted to tell employees about upcoming layoffs on October 28, 2010. According to the GOP memo, Harrison’s email was forwarded to Jonathan Silver, then head of the DOE Loan Programs Office, and to Energy Secretary Chu’s chief of staff. Silver forwarded the email to Ron Klain, then Vice President Biden’s chief of staff, as well as Carol Browner, then head of the White House climate change office.

An October 30, 2010, email in which an unidentified Argonaut executive tells Ken Levit, director of George Kaiser’s charity, “No announcement till after elections at doe request.” was released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s oversight subcommittee. Argonaut Private Equity, BTW, is the investment firm that backed Solyndra and is owned by Obama fundraiser George Kaiser.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said last week that GOP lawmakers have “cherry-picked” documents, trying to create controversy over a decision-making process that the White House insists involved no political influence.

While The Washington Post, no bastion of conservatism, gave front-page coverage to the latest Solyndra scandal development, the MSM ignored the layoff delay request. ABC, CBS, and NBC all ignored this latest Solyndra development in their November 15, 2011, evening newscasts, and on their November 16, 2011, morning programs. Both Fox’s Fox and Friends and MSNBC’s Morning Joe commented on the lack of coverage.The MSM has a history of ignoring Obama scandals.

SHOCKER: Obama Administration's National Emergency Test Fails

In light of disasters like Solyndra, Project Fast and Furious, and the unemployment rate, the Department of Homeland security figured it would have to step its game up, if it wanted to be recognized in this administration full of failures.  So, they botched the National Emergency Alert yesterday, and they botched it good.  ABC went so far as to ask if the alert was a “total failure”.  Check out these two videos below and tell us what you think.  One shows the EAS alert playing Lady Gaga music. (I can’t make this up)  And the other is a special video from the “president”, himself.

Lady Gaga on the EAS:

The President doing his own EAS test. (although this video has not been “confirmed” just yet)

What do you guys think?  It’s just our emergency broadcast system, right?  I mean who cares if it works?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

Beware of "C2ES" Climate Change Propaganda Group Retread

With the advent of super high speed internet and information sharing around the globe making it easier to expose nefarious groups and individuals that are spreading misinformation today, we are seeing the constant re-naming of those who are exposed to be propagandists/societal manipulators more frequently than ever before. This especially holds true in the Global Warming- which-is-now-Climate Change political propaganda arena.

It was recently quietly announced that a certain U.S. Climate change think tank had lost it’s main funding of charitable donations. The very same media manipulators who has previously deemed this group “a reputable think tank that sought solutions for climate change” seem to be a little miffed about how this particular group will now be getting their funding from big oil and green energy interests.  Notice how I wrote “a little miffed,” as opposed to furious there? The climate change scam supporters and pimps that faithfully promote the climate change biggest fraud to ever be perpetuated on the American public, will also be promoting this newly-named group 24/7, regardless of the fact that they are now being funded by big oil and green energy-government-connected- crony-capitalists. ( think Solyndra Light-Squared, and the rest of the entire solar/wind power-selling government-connected thieves)  

Meet the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, or C2ES

AFP Photo

C2ES is just a retread of one of the main originators of the then-titled Global Warming scam of the Clinton/Gore administration. C2ES was formerly known as the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. The President of the Clinton/Gore retread of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, which is now being called C2ES is none other than Eileen Claussen. In her fluffed up bio on the leftist-propaganda website, The Huffington Post, we see just how manipulative the media can be, not in what they print, but in what they purposely choose to leave out: 

Ms. Claussen is the former Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

Prior to joining the Department of State, Ms. Claussen served for three years as a Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Global Environmental Affairs at the National Security Council. She has also served as Chairman of the United Nations Multilateral Montreal Protocol Fund.

Ms. Claussen was Director of Atmospheric Programs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where she was responsible for activities related to the depletion of the ozone layer; Title IV of the Clean Air Act; and the EPA’s energy efficiency programs, including the Green Lights program and the Energy Star program.

Of note is that this Global Warming propagandist has held various positions in the Extreme Political Activists  group known as the EPA, which is 100% controlled by far left environmental radicals under the thumb of Lisa Jackson today.

What they fail to include in that Liberal libation posing as a “bio” is the fact that Ms. Claussen was a major plank in the Global Warming fraud initiated by the Clinton administration with a heavy does of Al Gore at the helm. Yes that Al Gore. The Huff-blow bio goes on to mention a bunch of fluffy awards Claussen received from her green energy bed-pals, along with the fact that she is a long time member of The Council of Foreign Relations, or CFR. Now that we have drug Ms. Claussen out of the Al Gore/Clinton closet for all to see, we also see that in an article by the AFP, Ms. Claussen now claims C2ES will be.. wait for it…an “Independent, non-partisan solution center.”  I can practically hear our readers laughing out loud when reading that ludicrous statement, no matter where they may be reading from.   If C2ES is in fact an independent, non-partisan solution center, then they surely will not be sucking the sludge from the same taxpayer-funded-money trough as the rest of the government crony-capitalists in big oil and green energy are doing today, right? Not quite.

In the C2ES coming-out-of-the-Al-Gore-closet-under-a-new-name announcement, Claussen named their three new “strategic partners” as Entergy, HP and Shell, adding that they had made “substantial multi-year funding commitments to the new organization.” ( except for the fact that this is not a new organization, but the same old Al Gore-type Global Warming, propaganda-spreading, puppet group that has changed names.)

Major contributors” were listed as the Alcoa Foundation, Bank of America, GE, The Energy Foundation, Duke Energy and last but certainly not least, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.  Pay attention folks, there is a new Climate Change propaganda group that isn’t really new at all, and it’s now called C2ES.   Brought to you by the Clinton/Al Gore administration and now funded by various government-connected crony-capitalists in the big oil and green energy sectors.  All under the guise of being “independent and non-partisan.”


2012 just can’t get here fast enough!

For the Left, Cain is Black Man Who Doesn't Know His Place

Last week on Bashir Live on MSNBC, Martin graced the airwaves with his special guest, DNC strategist (put on some makeup, earrings and get a TV gig and suddenly you’re a STRATEGIST!) Karen Finney.  Ms. Finney was there to talk about Herman Cain.  Of course! Its not like there are any other interesting and pressing issues to address, such as national debt, the Solyndra debacle or a disastrous, murderous gun running scheme perpetrated by the current administration.  Nope.  The real news is Herman Cain.  He’s Black, you see.  And a Tea Party-er.  And he’s running for President.  As a Republican.  This is NEWS, folks!  MSNBC says so because it is nearly all they ever “report” on these days.  Anyway, Finney had some pretty choice words regarding the Hermanator.  You can view the video here, but her quote is short and to the point.  On Cain, Finney says “One of the things about Herman Cain is, I think that he makes that white Republican base of the party feel okay, feel like they are not racist because they can like this guy.  I think he is giving that base a free pass. And I think they like him because they think he’s a black man who knows his place. I know that’s harsh, but that’s how it sure seems to me.”

No Ms. Finney, that’s not harsh. Its racist.  Also, I think you got a little tripped up over your words.  I do believe what you meant to say is “Herman Cain is Black man who doesn’t know his place”.  You have a place for Cain, don’t you Finney?  He belongs right there on that liberal plantation with all the other good, obedient little Negros.  He should be happy with the meager offerings of welfare dependence and broken families that the Democrat party has been serving up for decades.  He should be heard from only when the left needs to insert an angry Black person into some issue or debate and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are both busy siring children outside of their marriage or evading taxes.  Cain should be happy sitting on that porch, waiting for the next election cycle when the Democrat candidate can trot him out for a while and talk about how much the Black community needs them and why they are the only ones who care about the plight of poor Black Americans everywhere.  That’s Cain’s place in your world, isn’t it Ms. Finney?

I think people like Finney are the worst kind of racists.  They cloak their racism in garments of “activism” and “justice”.  They believe that Black people are simply incapable of thinking as separate, individual, diverse human beings.  They look at Black Americans as a herd of animals, like sheep or lemmings.  They look alike, dress alike, act alike, listen to the same music, watch the same movies and when it comes to politics think the same way.  I have no idea what race or nationality Finney claims, but it doesn’t matter.  What she said about Cain, and by extension Black Americans everywhere was reprehensible.  If this were a Republican personality making the same comments about Obama the news cycle would completely explode.  I reject the idea that her party affiliation should offer her some immunity.  Finney should be shamed and ashamed for her comments.  She should never have any credibility in the media again after such a disgusting statement.  She couldn’t have been more offensive if she had just flat out called Cain a step-n-fetch-it nigger.  The way I see it, Finney is the step-n-fetch-it, saying whatever she thinks Bashir wants to hear in order to be invited back to the show and to all the fancy liberal Winter Holiday Celebration parties coming up in the next few months.  She is selling hate, and I’m calling her on it.

Ms. Finney, did it ever occur to you that Cain actually believes what he says?  Did it occur to you that perhaps there are people out there who don’t see the color of his skin when he speaks, but judge him on the quality of his words and the content of his character?  The racism in this case is not coming from those of us on the right.  Cain has a message that resonates.  If you disagree with the message, attack the man on that.  But you can’t, because you’re a racist.  You’re a racist because when you look at Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice or other Black conservatives you see the color of their skin first and foremost, and you judge them according to that pigmentation.  If that is not racism, I don’t know what is.  I’m sure Bashir and the other couple hundred MSNBC viewers were quite tickled by your song and dance the other night, but I wasn’t.  I was shocked, saddened, and disgusted.  So were many other Black conservatives, conservatives of all races for that matter.  When you’re finished your overseeing duties for the day at the liberal plantation, maybe you should go crawl into the same hole Lawrence O’Donnell makes his home in.  Or maybe I’m just being harsh.

John Dummett and Liberty Legal vs. “Conservative” Media and Politicians

World Net Daily has just published a story involving John Albert Dummett and his quest to have Barack Obama declared ineligible to serve as President of the United States of America.  The suit centers around the “natural born citizen” status requirement as stated in the Constitution, the Naturalization Act of 1790, and an 1875 Supreme Court decision, Minor vs. Happersett (88 US 162).  This link will take you to the story for all of the details:.

John has teamed up with the Liberty Legal Foundation in this effort to remove what I see as one of the most insidious attempts to subvert the Constitution in this nation’s 235 year history.  The article points out that John has been given standing to sue by the 9th Circuit Court, the most liberal in the nation.  If that bastion of liberal thinking agrees with John there must be something to the case.  Where there is smoke there is fire and this fire is hot.

It has long been known that Obama is not eligible but was certified by Nancy Pelosi and other federal and state officials in what this writer sees as a totally unlawful and treasonous disregard for the Constitution of the United States of America and We the People.  The long form birth certificate issued by the White House is such a poor forgery that I can see it and I am not a computer forensics expert.

If the title of this article surprises you I can explain.  I expect the Democrats, especially the far left like Obama, Pelosi, and their ilk, along with the lame stream media, to ridicule and criticize this action.  That can be expected by anyone with ability to reason.  However, it is surprising to me how many “conservative” politicians and pundits dismiss this case, and those cases leading up to this one as nonsense.

I was listening to the Neal Boortz radio show this morning and heard sit-in host Eric Erickson ridiculing anyone who agreed with the ineligibility position and calling us all “nut cases”.  He went on a long diatribe describing “native born citizen” and attributed the parameters he stated to “natural born citizen”.  There is a great deal of confusion about this although I don’t know why.  I don’t have a college education and I understand the parameters just fine.

Other “conservative” media pundits, including Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, have dismissed the “birther” stand as nonsense also.  Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), a 15 year member of the United States Senate, also dismissed the eligibility question stating that the State Department said Obama was eligible and the Constitution has nothing to do with eligibility to run for president.  HUH??? Apparently Sen. Sessions, in addition to not reading legislation passing his way, has also not read or does not understand the Constitution he swore an oath to uphold and defend. That problem seems to be rampant in both parties in Washington.

My question is: Why do they dismiss this so off-handedly?  I can’t begin to imagine how so many “conservative” pundits and politicians can dismiss a decision against Obama by an extremely liberal circuit court.  This decision could not only prevent Obama from running again, it could lead to everything he has signed being nullified.  Obamacare gone; czars gone; Elena Kagan gone; Sonia Sotomayor gone; what is there to not like about this?  On the surface this doesn’t make one bit of sense to me.

I think, however, that I can answer the question quite easily.  It has recently come to my attention that Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico, thereby bringing his eligibility into question.  However, as it relates to Romney, his father’s birthplace is the least of my objections.  Mr. Erickson also brought up Marco Rubio, the heir-apparent to the Republican throne, as another person mentioned as not eligible.  I have researched Mr. Rubio and found him to be ineligible also.  I have written about the Rubio case more than once.  The sad thing is that I really like Marco Rubio and everything he stands for.  Even though I respect and admire him, and his positions, my loyalty is to the Constitution first.  I have also looked into Bobby Jindal, another man I admire very much, but guess what.

The question here is: Do we follow the Constitution when it is convenient or do we live by its tenets completely?  I understand that the politicians have strayed far from the original letter and intent of the document and find it easier to do what is in their best interests rather than follow what our founding fathers laid down as the guideposts for our nation.  I don’t need any further explanations about what is wrong with America today.  We the People do not matter, power matters.  Both parties fight over who will control government with no regard for the people they are supposed to be SERVING.

Both parties have taken young Muslim men who can’t count to ten with both hands in front of them, set them up with fake bombs and targets, and then arrested them in the name of “Homeland Security”.  I think they call that entrapment!!  Officials hail themselves as doing a wonderful job protecting our homeland but are they?  Not in my book.  They break their arms patting themselves on the back for playing poor idiots as patsies.  The only two attacks I know about that weren’t planned by federal agents, the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber, were thwarted by private citizens alert to something amiss and the incompetence of the would-be attackers.

This isn’t only about Barack Obama; it is about politics and the corruption that permeates every pore of it.  This is about We the People once again gaining control of our future and restoring America as the “shining city on a hill” described by John Winthrop in the 1700’s.  It is about honor, integrity, and the rule of law.  It is about following the blueprint given to us by those who fought valiantly and defeated the strongest nation in the world at the time.

The Solyndra scandal is not the sole property of the Democrat Party.  Under Republican rule we had Enron, questionable money going to Halliburton, and on and on. Political corruption and vote buying has been a part of Washington as long as I have been around and I date back to the middle of the last century (1950).  Cronyism has long been the font of the ruling class, making sure those who give money to politicians of either party get their money back with interest.

Our forefathers, the men who wrote two of the greatest documents ever written, pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to establish the United States of America.  Generations of men and women have fought and died to preserve this nation.  We have strayed so far from what they established with the help of Divine Providence, that they would not recognize this nation today.

John Dummett is a common man, not a politician, not a wealthy wanta-be looking for a title to make him a legend in his own mind as most of the ruling class tends to be.  His desire is to live by the Constitution and bring this country back to its design.  I support him, as do many other “commoners”, the “country class” of America.  We have been ruled by the Ivy League know-it-alls for much too long.  Our nation has turned into a quagmire of evil, increasing poverty, class envy, and divisiveness by those who seek to rule rather than govern.  Both parties enrich their friends while promising We the People the moon.  You know the old saying, “divide and conquer”.

The goal of John Albert Dummett, Liberty Legal Foundation, and many common American citizens is to restore our nation to what it was designed to be, government OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People.  God and our founding fathers gave us a wonderful way of life, full of freedom, full of liberty, full of promise, and what have we done with it?

It is up to We the People to take our country back.  Unfortunately we will have to fight a war on two fronts.  We have to fight the liberals, George Soros, and the “Occupy Wall Street” morons who aren’t smart enough to put two sentences together, as well as the so-called conservative media and politicians who do not want to give up their gravy train to those of us “too stupid to know what is good for us”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ruling elites are all around us.  They are found on both sides of the political aisle and until we get enough common people into office to blunt their agenda we are in danger of dictatorship and slavery.  Remember, it was George W. Bush and a Republican Congress that gave us the Patriot Act, a misnamed law if I ever saw one.  In the name of protecting us they turned the noose of slavery one notch tighter.

John Dummett and the Liberty Legal Foundation are working for us, the common citizen of all colors, all economic categories, and all ethnic groups.  They are trying to restore We the people as the arbiters of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We need to support them.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.


Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
October 29, 2011


Heil Obama: Is This America’s Future?

We are finding the anointed one, Barak Obama, gaining confidence in his ability to circumvent the Constitution and Congress to implement any rule he desires.  In the last week he has gone on the campaign trail, at taxpayer expense of course, to tell We the People that if Congress is reticent in its willingness to implement the changes he wants that he will do it by executive order, in spite of what the Constitution says. He first suggested he would bypass Congress to implement new home loan guarantees backed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, at the expense of We the People of course, and now has floated the idea that he will minimize payment requirements or forgive student loans by executive order.  Of course, when you get to the meat of the student loan idea it turns out to be a lie to deceive them.  Obama wants to bypass Congress to get the support of these student loan people but not really help them when the rubber meets the road.

I find it alarming that Obama sees himself as the only arbiter of law in the United States, and that he believes he can totally bypass Congress and implement anything he wants to implement.  Does anyone besides me see any similarities to despots around the world, past and present?  Obama’s own party has refused to consider his “jobs bill”, and they aren’t likely to jump into the middle of this rerun of the housing problem this close to an election.  I believe that Democrats in Congress, or at least most of them, see the handwriting on the wall and fear another shellacking like 2010 coming.  Have you noticed there are no sponsors of this “jobs bill” in either house of Congress, not even from Democrats?  If the Republicans, who only have 47 votes in the Senate, are willing to vote on Obama’s “jobs bill” why doesn’t Harry Reid bring it to the floor for that vote?  Could it be that Reid doesn’t want to put Democrats on the spot, knowing that this tax hike disguised as a “jobs bill” is a disaster waiting to happen?

I find it interesting that the same people who called George W. Bush a fascist support the government funding of banks, stock brokerage houses, and automobile companies.  When the government bailed out the automobile companies the unions received the bulk of the money.  Taxpayers and secured bondholders, those first in line by law, got the shaft.  When the government bailed out the banks and brokerages much of the money went to branches or subsidiaries outside the country, and what stayed in the country went to those in charge of the companies in the form of huge bonuses, financed by We the people.  Now the billions of taxpayer money that have been sunk into the phony “green energy” companies go to shareholders, people like George Kaiser, a billionaire and bundler for Barak Obama.  Kaiser says he never spoke to anyone in the Obama administration about Solyndra, and it probably can’t be proven whether he did or did not have those conversations, but it certainly doesn’t pass the smell test with this taxpayer.  Since the Solyndra scandal surfaced we find cases of other companies in the same situation and our tax money supporting those who have questionable ties to government officials.  Is this a case of crony capitalism helping with the process of destroying capitalism?

We face a danger not previously seen in my lifetime and too many people either can’t or won’t see what is going on.  The very people in the Democrat Party who decried the TEA Party, i.e. Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi, as Nazi’s and violent angry mobs see the Wall Street protestors as patriots, true American heroes standing up for their “rights”.  It is truly amazing to me to see the contrast between the TEA Party rallies and this mob of morons.  When you look at the litter, public sexual activity, public nudity, open drug trafficking and use, defecating on police cars in the Wall Street protests, and don’t get me started on the interviews with the media, I find the contrast to the TEA Party rallies to be staggering.

The Wall Street nuts are a problem but not our main problem.  Those people are only the pawns, the “useful idiots”, of those who seek to enslave all of us, including those protesting.  I wonder why they aren’t in Washington protesting against the graft and corruption that is so apparent that they should be able to see it easily and clearly.

Governor Beverly Perdue of North Carolina, Jesse Jackson Jr., Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, and their ilk are also a part of our problem.  And how about the Congressman from Georgia, Hank Johnson, who is afraid Guam will “tip over and capsize” if we put too many Marines on it?


The people who have called for Obama to suspend elections, suspend the Constitution, and just “do what he needs to do” are part of the problem.  These people advocate the idea of throwing our system of government away to suit their Marxist ideology, with them in control of course.

Another part of the problem is the deafening silence from Republicans.  Obama threatens to bypass Congress, taking actions that are clearly outside his grounds according to the Constitution of the United States of America and they say little or nothing.  Why are they silent?  Are they afraid of being called racists or are they willing accomplices to his tyranny?  Anyone see Venezuela coming our way?


Governing does not include passing out edicts to get things done.  It seems to me we had a disagreement with King George III about edicts and became a free and autonomous country as a result.  The freedom of the United States of America was won, and has been sustained, at a terrible cost in lives and property but it was won because We the People decided freedom was worth fighting for.

Today we face the same kind of tyranny.  We find ourselves living at the whim of bureaucrats who make rules without any regard to the law of the land.  If they can’t get what they want by legislation they get it by fiat regulation and Obama ignores court decisions that don’t suit him, as in the Gulf of Mexico drilling issue.  We have politicians who pass legislation without reading the content and then tell us that they are doing this “for our own good” and that we “don’t know how to best live our lives”.

I have recently discovered that the federal government is going to take complete control of ALL radio and television signals for 3 minutes on November 9, 2011 to test the new National Emergency Alert System.  As an older citizen I am familiar with these tests as they have been going on for many years.  The difference is that instead of testing at the local level as has been done in the past this one is going to be a national test, controlled by federal government officials, with government agencies taking control of every signal emitted throughout the nation.  When the system was started the federal government notified state and local governments of an issue and they sent out the emergency notifications.  Now we have FEMA, Department of Homeland Security (what a misnomer), and other federal agencies in direct control of our over-the-air communications.

Is this an answer to the calls by Democrats for the suspension of the Constitution, suspension of Congress, and hints of the implementation of martial law?  Is this more preparation for use of the FEMA camps that have been built across the nation?  Add this to the attempt by Joe Leiberman and Susan Collins to give Obama authority to seize control of the internet on a whim (S. 3480) and you have a cocktail for disaster for We the People and the freedom we have known for generations, a freedom paid for in blood and death by generations of our predecessors.

The communistic style of government in America has been growing for many years while We the People slept. They seem to think they now have within their grasp the final step needed to take over our nation and install the tyrannical government they have been working towards.  Taken one at a time these things are frightening but when I put them together I find a conspiratorial plan to subvert our way of life, our form of government, and replace it with an oligarchy such as in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other despotic kingdoms.

We find ourselves at a crossroads.  Do we continue down the left fork to tyranny, despotism, and slavery, or do we move over to the right fork and fight for freedom once again?  Obama, his 47 Czars, Democrats, and all too many Republicans are on a path to install the oligarchy they desire.  They believe they can do so without any real protest from We the People.

Will you sit idly by until you have no choice but to accept the globalist elites who desire to control every aspect of your life?  If you don’t have a job now you will when America is a dictatorship.  Of course it won’t be a good paying job, probably not a paying job at all, and you won’t have your own house, your own car, a bank account or the freedom to come and go as you wish.

I have seen the results of tyranny in many places around the world.  A nation can go from wealthy to poor, from freedom to slavery in a very short time once tyrants gain control.  We are not far from that point and when Barak Obama and his minions gain the level of control they want it is over for all of We the People, not just the rich.  As a matter of fact, if you look around, the rich are the ones who will come out good because they have the money to buy their freedom, I don’t.

It is past time to stand up and be counted. We can no longer afford to “hope” for “change” in a nation that is teetering on the edge of tyranny.  Acceptance of a mediocre candidate to oppose Obama is not enough to insure the freedom of future generations.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.


Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
Oct. 27, 2011

Dartboard Vetting

If you aren’t furious, you aren’t paying attention. In case you’ve missed it, your money has been the fodder for some of the most poorly vetted investments ever, and not by Wall Street or the banking industry.

Thanks in part to this article by Doug Stewart ( @dmatthewstewart on Twitter) and further conversation on the growing list of failed Green energy investment projects during a recent interview , I have become completely convinced that vetting, if any, for funding potential Green energy products was performed by a few guys eating pizza and throwing darts at applications taped to the wall.

While not the first project to fail miserably, even after an injection of stimulus funding, Solyndra is probably the the poster child for failed vetting and cronyism, that are apparantly the norm for deciding where to spend taxpayer dollars. Add in Shepherds Flat ( which, we don’t even *need* to fund since GE HAS the capital!) , SunPower’s PAC action win , the EPA approved TR Auto Truck Plaza mess, The failed job delivery and inanity of the Fisker Motors investment, the likely march of the Chevy Volt into both fiscal and progressive failure, and the likelihood that Doug is correct about Alstom, and you have a laundry list of failures that exceeds anything that can be pinned on the private sector. Each of these investments inherently contained an easily verifiable history of risk that should have been a red flag for any review panel, if they had bothered to check into them at all ( or hadn’t been told to ignore the flags) I’d be willing to bet that the woodwork is crawling with plenty more evidence of the complete waste of taxpayer money due to non-existent vetting processes.

Johnathan Silver, the Energy Department’s loan program director, has stepped down, most certainly as a sacrifice to the indignant, but there needs to be full on public rage at this outright failure and deception by our government to even attempt responsibility with our economy. Silver’s resignation is an appeasement offering, and I am not appeased. It’s time to take the dartboard away and for us to get more involved in keeping an eye on our money. I have an idea of a replacement past-time..

MSNBC, MSM Ignoring Solyndra Scandal

Not that I ever personally watch MSNBC, but that network has totally ignored for the past six weeks the filing for bankruptcy of Solyndra and the ensuing scandal. As of October 14, 2011, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, and Al Sharpton have said absolutely nothing about the Solyndra scandal on their prime time “news” shows. Only Rachel Maddow mentioned the scandal, filing just one report.

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan decries “crony capitalism,” but not in the case of Solyndra. Ratigan has been very silent on the Solyndra congressional investigation.

Speaking of crony capitalism, the MSM couldn’t get enough of any scandals within Halliburton and always made sure to connect them to Dick Cheney. Yet they don’t seem to care much about the Solyndra scandal. Halliburton was and Solyndra is a case of crony capitalism. I wish I understood why the MSM thinks they should only report on GOP crony capitalism and not equally on Democrat crony capitalism. The MSM loves to remind people of Dick Cheney’s connections to Halliburton, yet refuse to mention President Obama’s political connections to Solyndra.

The MSM is not much better. A review of the ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news shows by the Media Research Center found just fifteen stories mentioning the Solyndra scandall since its August 31, 2011, bankruptcy filing. Total network coverage over nearly six weeks: just 25 minutes, 30 seconds, less than 0.2% of the available news airtime. A study by the Media Research Center finds that the three broadcast networks are providing virtually no coverage of the Solyndra scandal. This is not the approach the networks took after the collapse of Enron, an energy company with Republican ties. In just the first two months of 2002, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts broadcast 198 stories about Enron, compared to just eight so far on Solyndra, a 24-to-1 disparity. When two Solyndra executives took the Fifth Amendment before a congressional committee in late September, ABC and NBC spiked that news, while CBS offered 25 seconds of coverage.

As an aside, Republicans have pointed to one e-mail from Mary Miller, an assistant Treasury secretary, who wrote in an August 17, 2011, e-mail that Treasury’s “legal counsel believes that the statute and the DoE regulations both require that the guaranteed loan should not be subordinate to any loan or other debt obligation.”   [emphasis mine]  That is exactly what happened with the Solyndra loan.

BTW, on a personal note, the only television I watch is NASCAR racing, and I pull for Tony Stewart (14), Kurt Busch (22), Kevin Harvick (29), and Carl Edwards (99) to win “the chase.” Why, you ask? Well, back in August, 2011, they chose to boycott a meeting with Barack Obama. So I am a conservative NASCAR fan. Does that make me a redneck?

But that’s just my opinion.

The Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Caucus

Has anyone else wondered why there isn’t one single Democrat speaking out against the Solyndra Campaign slush fund scandal that cost taxpayers over half a billion dollars, or is it just me? What happened to the idea of the Democratic Party being “The protectors of the people in America” as EX-Speaker, Nancy Pelosi likes to say? Stealing half a billion taxpayer dollars to give to a proven failing Solar panel company, (who just happens to fill Democratic campaign coffers) is supposed to be protecting the people? Where is the outrage from the Democrats on this issue? Hint: There is none.

How about the silence from the Democratic Party concerning the Fast and Furious government gun-running fiasco? Hundreds of citizens on both sides of our Southern border, along with two border agents, have been murdered with assault weapons that our very own DOJ and ATF allowed to be sold to drug cartels from Mexico. Where is the outrage from Democrats in Congress demanding justice for this case of proven Government malfeasance? There is none.

Where are the demands of the Democratic voters, political operatives and DNC power-brokers for people to be held accountable for these obvious travesties of injustice against the American people today? Again the silence is deafening.

When it comes to the wide-ranging examples of corruption, big government abuse of our Constitution, and over-all illegal activity stemming from the Solyndra pay for play fraud, and the Fast and Furious government assault weapons to drug cartels fiasco, it now appears that the Democratic Party is indeed content to play deaf, dumb and blind. Apparently, so are their supporters that continue to chant “Four more years” while staring in the face of these examples of government abuse. (While also choosing not to speak out against them simply because it is their Party leader, Barack Obama and his appointees that are responsible for these criminal injustices being done to We the people.) People have been murdered by guns sold by our own government and half a billion tax dollars were siphoned into Democratic campaign coffers in another failed green energy scam, yet not one Democrat in Congress has the honesty or integrity to condemn these actions. Maybe they really are the deaf dumb and blind caucus. 2012 just can’t get here fast enough.

In an ironic, perfectly-timed episode of flaming hypocrisy, House Democratic Leaders, Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi just came on CSPAN talking about how they are going to restore the people’s confidence in the United States Congress. Oh really?

Solyndra Scandal Update

Just so you know, Solyndra was the dream of Chris Gronet, who received a Ph.D. in semiconductor processing at Stanford University, and had spent 11 years as an executive at Applied Materials Inc. He adopted as the company’s motto, “What we do here will someday change the world.” He was forced out in July, 2010.

In September, 2011, I posted an article about Solyndra, the government’s rush to back loans, its bankruptcy, and the beginning of the investigation into its activities. I now propose to update the investigation. However, my update may not be current since new revelations are uncovered literally daily.

Details of the Scandal

President Barack Obama is treating the entire Solyndra scandal as an irrelevant non-event, and is being (uncharacteristically for him) very silent about it. Records show that Obama was briefed about Solyndra and other “green” projects, indicating that he was specifically warned about the hazards of expediting the “green energy” loan program. Among those warning Obama were Larry Summers and Tim Geithner (see below), but he ignored their advice and green lighted the loans.

Obama Knew About Solyndra

Before Solyndra went bankrupt, President Obama was warned of risks of the Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee program. At a meeting with Obama in late October, 2010, Lawrence H. Summers, Steven Chu, and Timothy F. Geithner expressed concerns that the selection process for federal loan guarantees wasn’t rigorous enough. Chu wanted less scrutiny from the Treasury Department and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Still, the Obama administration went ahead with loan guarantee program as part of the 2009 stimulus law, despite disagreements on the program.

Administration officials took their opposing views to President Obama in October 2010. A memorandum, drafted by Lawrence Summers, explained different concerns and options to fix a “broken process” for getting loans approved. A July, 2010, report by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) found that DOE committed to back loans without completing required studies of market, legal, and technical issues.

White House e-mails show Obama aides discussing Solyndra’s finances and fears that the loan could be a political embarrassment. One e-mail suggested that DOE appeared “ill-equipped” to identify worthy “green” companies.

DOE Loan Guarantee Program Head Resigns

Jonathan Silver, head of DOE’s loan program announced on Thursday, October 6, 2011, that he was stepping down. DOE officials said that Silver decided to leave the job in July because funding for the loan guarantee program was expiring. Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee said that Silver’s resignation failed to address concerns that other troubled loans may be among 38 projects the program that he led has funded.

Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA) asked Silver why the government chose to invest in Solyndra’s “thin-film” solar-panel technology. Solyndra’s technology is one of the most complex and riskiest forms of solar technology. Silver dodged the question, then said, “I’m not a solar technical analyst.” Solyndra’s “thin-film” technology, said Bilbray, is rare and still in the early stages of development, making it a risky investment, but that fact didn’t stop DOE from putting taxpayer dollars at risk. Silver argued that the US needs to invest in solar energy in order to “keep up with China.” While China subsidizes its own solar industry, almost none of the Chinese funding of $30 billion per year goes to thin-film technology.

Solyndra Executives Plead Fifth Amendment

Solyndra CEO Brian Harrison and CFO W. G. Stover repeatedly refused to answer questions about Solyndra’s DOE loan guarantee, citing the US Constitution’s fifth amendment. Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) asked, “I want to ask Mr. Harrison if he thinks the American people who invested over a half a billion dollars deserve to know what happened to that money?” Harrison and Stover declined to answer, invoking their Fifth Amendment rights. The CEO and CFO of bankrupt Solyndra sat before a Congressional committee and invoked their Fifth Amendment rights, rather than explain how they blew through $535 million in taxpayer money.

How Solyndra Spent Tax Money

Bilbray, while in his office, questioned Solyndra’s choice of land on which to build its new facility. The site chosen was one of the most expensive pieces of land in the country. Solyndra chose to build on 30 acres of farmland in Fremont, Calif., on a site that was classified by the EPA as a “non-attainment zone,” meaning that air quality did not meet certain federal standards. He also questioned Solyndra’s decision to build a brand-new manufacturing facility, citing the availability of several buildings in the area. The going rate for industrial properties in Silicon Valley, where Solyndra built, is the fourth-most expensive in the U.S.

The new factory that Solyndra built with public money had a conference room with glass walls that turned a smoky gray to conceal the room’s occupants. Hastily purchased state-of-the-art equipment ended up being sold for pennies on the dollar, still in its plastic wrap.

As Solyndra’s new $344 million factory went up near its leased plant in Fremont, CA, workers watched as pallets of unsold solar panels accumulated. Former Solyndra engineer Lindsey Eastburn said, “After we got the loan guarantee, they were just spending money left and right. Because we were doing well, nobody cared. Because of that infusion of money, it made people sloppy.” Putting some work on a 24-hour, seven-day schedule, the facility was up and ready for equipment installation in 10 months. The project employed more than 3,000 union construction workers.

When completed at an estimated cost of $733 million, Solyndra’s new facility covered 300,000 square feet, the equivalent of five football fields. It had robots that whistled Disney tunes, spa-like showers with liquid-crystal displays of water temperature, and glass-walled conference rooms. The facility had 19 loading docks, four electric car charging stations, and landscaping of wild grass and a rock garden. An automated rail system moved parts through the assembly process. Robots that resembled “a big freezer with wheels” maneuvered around the factory transporting panels from one machine to another. The Disney tunes alerted workers of the robots’ presence.


Tax-payer money wasted? It sure sounds like. And all at the alter of “green, renewable energy.” But this is what we have come to expect from the Obama administration.

But that’s just my opinion.

Another Speech to Grow the Economy: You’re Welcome!

The President graced America with another campaign speech from the White House Thursday morning, and this time he took questions.  There was nothing surprising about Obama’s speech.  There was no new information or provoking thought.  It was simply a rehash, not much more than taking all the key words from previous speeches and stringing them together – millionaires and billionaires, fair share, pass this bill, teachers, construction workers, Japanese tsunami, previous administration,etc.  He actually did add two new buzzwords – independent economists.  Yes, Obama wants the hateful Republicans who refuse to pass his totally coherent and viable “jobs” bill to offer their own plan to review by “independent economists”, because “independent economists” all agree that the “jobs” bill is the best thing ever and will heal America’s economy for all time, forever and ever; plus, “independent economists” think Obama is just the bees knees.  He’s super-awesome, super-concerned about the middle class, super-compassionate and super-smart. If Republicans would just get off their high horses and ask “independent economists” , they would understand that.

Obama’s comments were brief and unsurprising.  He spent most of this presser taking questions from the peanut gallery…oops…White House press corp.  For the most part, the reporters at the White House simply confirmed what most Americans already know – they are completely complicit in this administration’s failures and the Democrat party in general.  For all the scandals and lunacy coming out of the White House in recent weeks, the amount of softball questions thrown at Obama was staggering.  Each question seemed to have no other purpose than to allow the President to spout off another round of key words problems and remedies.  Only one reporter (thank you Jake Tapper) asked a question about Solyndra and Fast & Furious and it was barely probing in any way.  It was more of a “can you please explain why unknown entities in the far,far reaches of your administration keep trying to circumvent your awesomeness with these bad decisions” sort of question.  Something like that.  In nearly an hour of questioning, only two reporters actually dared to ask real questions that required real answers.  Perhaps the most revealing was from CBS’ Bill Plante, who asked the President if being in constant campaign mode and blaming Republicans for everything was productive.  It was the one illuminating moment of the entire presser.  The question sent Obama into a tail spin almost immediately.  He seemed angry and lost, stammering his way through a barely coherent answer that included a lot of “uh”s and “I”s and glares.  Its a good thing that the white-haired Mr. Plante seems to be closer to the end of his career than the beginning, because he will never be allowed to address the President again.  BO was PO’d and the mood permeated the remainder of the presser.  His stammering only became worse, and his defensiveness was almost uncomfortable to witness.  It is clear why Obama’s handlers don’t allow him to answer more questions during his speeches.  Off the teleprompter Obama is unprepared, rambling and clearly unused to facing anything but glowing admiration and worship from those in front of him.

The presser lasted for over an hour.  Most of that time was filled with softball questions from “journalists” and Obama’s key-word answers.  Here are a few highlights from Obama’s checklist:

-the Japanese tsunami really put a damper on the roaring economic recovery.  Water in Japan will do that.

-the “Jobs Bill” is paid for, but in order to pay for it, we need a new national surtax (yeah, wrap your head around that one!)

-millionaires and billionaires need to start paying their fair share.  Its not fair to poor people that the top 50% of Americans pay 99% of the taxes.

-Occupy Wall Street crowd are simply “frustrated” citizens exercising their freedom to assemble and express their disappointments with Congress and cheating, stinking corportations.  Unlike the tea partiers, who are nothing more than racist, anarchist, violent sons-of-bitches.

-government must enact regulation in order to foster competition among businesses.  Solyndra?

-“folks” who are doing the right thing are frustrated because they are not rewarded while those who do the wrong things are rewarded heavily.  Solyndra?

-Obama has been “very clear” regarding Solyndra and Fast & Furious and has full confidence in Attorney General Holder.  Is that clear?

-Solyndra predates Obama, so stop asking about it! Bush did it! Hopefully you won’t check to see that Bush rejected the loan.  That’s not part of the campaign platform.

-Obama understood when making green energy loans that some would fail.  Americans should be comforted to know he willingly wasted billions of their tax dollars in surefire failures.  What a guy!

-Obama doesn’t understand why banks would react to Dodd-Frank by adding fees to make up for the losses imposed by the law.  Clearly banks hate the middle class.  And Barack Obama.

–construction workers and teachers.

-a huge part of a stable economy is buying things and selling things.  Those words were actually spoken out loud by our President. This just in:  water is wet.

-Obama wants reporters to do their homework regarding evil Republican stalwarting.  Also, eat their peas and take off their bedroom slippers.

The President ended by saying he would love for Congress to pass his tax, er…”Jobs” Bill so he didn’t have to campaign against a do-nothing Congress in the next year; admitting that his strategy would be to campaign against Congress instead of on his own record.  Inspired yet? No?  Well, maybe it will just take some more speeches.  Not to worry, America may be poor in jobs, money and progress, but we are rich in speeches! Stay tuned…

Obama Delivers "Pass My Jobs Bill" Speech ( #19 in 2 weeks)

 President Obama just wrapped up his most recent speech  (112 minutes of it) in which he both started and ended with the temper-tantrum-like, “Pass My Jobs Bill Now” obvious 2012 reelection style campaign rhetoric. President Obama spent an ample amount of his TV time today towards blaming Republicans for not passing his jobs bill already, even though it is in fact, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats who have refused to vote on it. Last we heard Mr. President,  it is a known fact that Congress is made up of both parties, and your Liberal Democrats hold the majority in the U.S. Senate today, just in case you weren’t aware of that fact. It is nothing short of amazing in how the lead- mouthpiece of the Liberal Party USA, Barack Obama can never seem to find a thing that Democrats are responsible for during the last 5 straight years of Congressional rule. ( 2007-2010 plus Senate rule today ) When it comes to any criticism, it is like they don’t exist in Obama’s world. It was just announced that, after being exposed by Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell yesterday on the Senate floor in his refusal to act on Obama’s demands to vote on the jobs bill, Harry Reid has now agreed to hold a vote on Obama’s supposed jobs bill. Good luck Harry. Last we heard, Obama’s supposed jobs bill has bi-partisan opposition in the U.S.Senate.



President Obama was asked if he would sign the current Chinese Currency Manipulation bill in Congress which has bi-partisan support , which he totally dodged by talking about the history of China’s doing just that, yet once again he refused to be clear as to whether he would sign the bill as asked. That non-committal to denounce China as a currency manipulator is exactly how China has gotten away scott-free for decades without any firm repercussions.

When asked about the current Solyndra pay-for-play scandal where half a billion tax dollars were funneled into Democratic campaign coffers, Obama stayed on message in denying any wrong-doing, and also said it is up to the Dept. of Energy to take these risks on behalf of the taxpayer in so many words. FYI, Mr. President, the political appointees in fact, do not have authorization to “make bets” with taxpayer dollars any where in the U.S. Constitution. As a much-ballyhooed Constitutional scholar, one would think you would know better than to to try to sell that load of bunk there.

President Obama once again defended his political operative over at the DOJ,  Eric Holder in trying to convince the public that Holder knew nothing about the Fast and Furious government-sponsored gun-running program that resulted in the murder of 2 border agents and hundreds of citizens .E-mails and other correspondence prove Holder and the Obama administration were in fact informed about that program and allowed it to proceed. Again we see that President Obama refuses to hold anyone accountable for this travesty of injustice. Simply denying the facts will not make it go away Mr. President, as you are starting to see by Rep. Darell Issa now demanding a special prosecutor, promising to “get to the bottom of it, no matter what it takes.”


President Obama took some parting shots again at the GOP towards the end of his latest TV appearance, where he demanded that they tell him what they do not agree with in his jobs plan several Republicans have already expressed these concerns, but maybe Obama missed them, considering he has been on the campaign trail for the better part of two straight weeks now. As a voting citizen, I have one simple problem with Obama’s supposed jobs plan and a very simple way to solve what I see as the biggest problem with his supposed desire to “create or save” jobs in America. Pass the bill on one condition: Every contract funded by this jobs bill must be put up for bids in order to ensure the taxpayer gets the most bang for their buck. That way, all of the infrastructure, road-building and new construction projects in Obama’s new jobs plan, will not be used to buy Union crony-capitalists votes for his 2012 reelection campaign. What say you Congress? Draw up the amendment and then take that message to “We the people” that you will in fact, pass Obama’s jobs bill as long as it does not cut out the 85% of the workers in this country who do not belong to Unions.  That’s all Obama’s latest stimulus plan 2.0 is, that he is trying to sell to Congress so heavily recently.  As far as We the People running Republicans out of town if they don’t pass your fake jobs bill, the main target to be run out of town as of right now is you Mr, President, which is backed up the recent number of your very own 55% disapproval ratings show. Gosh, how I hate having to watch these retreads of Obama’s campaign speeches that always contain a heavy dose of blaming everything under the sun for his blatant failures as the leader of this country, instead of taking one ounce of responsibility. 2012 just can’t get here fast enough.



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