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Lazy, Good for Nothing Obama-Cronies Caught Red-Handed Burning the Taxpayers

Barack Obama and company pumped a half a billion taxpayer dollars into the failed Solar Panel company, Solyndra. Big-time Obama donors were put on the “we get paid first” list while the taxpayers were basically told to eat dirt.($500 million dollars worth of it) With Solyndra pleading bankruptcy, the remaining assets were ordered to be sold so that past debts can be paid, albeit for pennies on the dollar, if at all. So how can anyone justify the following video, where we see Solyndra employees  dumping millions of dollars worth of special glass tubes used in the manufacturing of solar panels into a dumpster?


In that video, courtesy of CBS5 in San Francisco, they filmed Solyndra employees throwing away thousands of these high-tech glass tubes, representing millions of dollars worth of materials that surely could have been sold? According to the CBS5 report it gets even worse:

 Solyndra paid at least $2 million for the specialized glass. A CBS 5 crew found one piece lying in the parking lot. Solyndra still owes the German company that made the tubes close to another $8 million.

Neither the Germans nor the U.S. taxpayers can expect any effort on the part of Obama’s Solyndra cronies to pay back what they owe them. This is proven right in that video.  CBS5  also blows the lid off the lies and excuses being told to justify this lunacy:

An employee for Heritage Global Partners, the company in charge of selling Solyndra’s assets, told CBS 5 they conducted an exhaustive search for buyers but no one wanted them. But how exhaustive was that search? The tubes were never included on the list of Solyndra assets put up for sale at two auctions last year.If they were, David Lucky told CBS 5 he would have bought them. “We certainly would have bid on them, yes,” Lucky said. Lucky owns several large warehouses near Las Vegas. He buys and then resells manufacturing equipment and components all the time.

Meanwhile President Obama has the audacity to brag about his grand solar panel investments on behalf of the taxpayers, in these Liberal Green energy failures. When asked by Liberal fluff-master and Obama’s favorite softball server,George Stephanopoulos if he regretted his promotion of the bankrupt Solyndra solar panel company, the teleprompter in chief simply stated, “No, I don’t.” $500 million hard-earned tax dollars were thrown in the dumpster with nothing to show for it, and Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t regret it one little bit. Yet today there are still 47% of the uninformed masses in America today saying they want four more years of this. (in the form of Obama’s approval rate) Go figure.

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  1. I don’t know about other companies or how they deal with material they no longer need or cannot dispose of in any other manner. So private companies have policies that allow for such disposal of material whether they could have sold that material or not.

    This is just a small example of how companies can waste millions of dollars worth of material and products that are discarded in the dumpster every day in America. And we wonder why the prices are so high? Many years ago my mother-in-law used to work for J.C. Penney’s. One day my wife and I were in the back parking lot waiting for her to get off work so we could give her a ride. My yound daughter was little then and I had to change her diaper. I didn’t want to keep the diaper in the car so I went over to the big dumpster behind the store to throw the diaper away. I am not ashamed to admit that I do go into a dumpster from time to time, ha, ha, and I decided to climb up and take a look in Penney’s dumpster.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes as to what I found. There must have been twenty brand new back packs in there besides all the display cabinet glass, you know that real thick tempered glass that would cost us a fortune to buy, along with cabinets and all sorts of stuff I couldn’t get to. There were sheet after sheet of that glass so I could only get to seven or eight of the back packs. But they still had the lables on them. I grabbed them and took them to the car.

    Later on when I asked my mother-in-law what the deal was about all that material and products that were just thrown in the dumpster. She said that was their policy and that was to discard everything that was seasonal and that was all the seasonal stuff that was under the glass and cabintry, and what about the backpacks? She said they did not put “returned” inventory back on the shelf, instead they threw it away. Well, there might not be anything wrong with it, it may have just been the wrong color or something. In the trash! Think about how many Penney’s stores there are nationwide. And if they all did this it must amount to millions of dollars and that alone would keep prices high.

    Well, that was years ago and since I was in the dumpster just a month later Penney’s must have had a camera on the dumpster or something, but the dumpster was moved to another location and was mostly inside of a covered enclosure. I couldn’t get to any of it then. And don’t think that has stopped since my mother-in-law worked for Penney’s and she worked for them for over forty years. That was a long time ago and she’s deceased now.

    But throwing material and product is not uncommon with many companies these days. I don’t know why they do it, like, I haven’t talked to a high level manager lately to try and find out why the do what they do that dosen’t seem to make much sense to us. We’re so used to doing without that we don’t throw much of anything away, and repair as much stuff as is practical. Repair used to be a way of life in America. Maybe we need to go back to that. Maybe doing so would stop companies like Solyndra from doing what they are doing.

  2. We all know what is the common thing to do in America these days. It’s a throw away society. You keep something until it has a problem or stops working for some reason, and what is the next thing we do? We throw it away! America is a throw away society. We have a thousand times more waste now then ever before in our history. Whole industries have been created to deal with the waste of stuff we throw away. It’s recycling of sorts, and I can tell you right now that the recycling is not done to save the damn planet. It’s done to make a buck off the stuff that is thrown away that somebody figured out how to use. Maybe somebody picks that glass up and remelts it down and uses it for something else we’re not aware of. Maybe it’s just thrown in the land fill. I don’t know.

    But I can tell you this, if that German company would contact Solyndra and tell them that they saw this video, and maybe they know already and don’t care, and set up a contract with Solyndra and buy the glass tubes back that Solyndra doesn’t use or need? It’s just doing what everyone (not entirely) does in America these days.

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